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Try to get out of this creepy place!

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game throws you right into this creepy maze where you will be roaming without any idea of where Khủng go & what mập bởi. You don’t know what kind of place it is – you just fall through the wall và over up here. You are also told that your watch is the only thing lớn keep you from losing sanity. So try not mập forget about it otherwise you might experience some really unsettling visual effects that can really throw you off !
Basically, what you need bự vì here is just walk into each of the doors và scrape your head figuring out what bự vì with all the things you see inside. Also there is some kind of an evil creature that wanders around the labyrinth – sometimes you will see a dark shadow looming ahead & then you need béo change the direction of your movement or quickly hide somewhere lớn avoid an unpleasant encounter. Otherwise you can feel totally safe – of course, if you can khuyến mãi with the growing feeling of paranoia that’s hard not béo get when you’re surrounded by these monotonous yellow walls và rows of doors. Cheer up, the exit might be just behind the next one !

Solve all the puzzles in the shortest possible time!

Talking about the puzzles, they are all very different & it’s hard béo classify them và come up with an algorithm for each type. You’ll have béo interact with the variety of objects waiting for you in the rooms intuitively trying different ways of connecting them into some kind of a solution. However, that only makes it more interesting mập play the game !

The Backrooms will really thrill you with the atmosphere of suspense. It’s not the kind of a horror game that will scare you with some screamers và sights of blood sprinkled end the walls. Everything here is based on confusion & anxiety. You can try và phối a record of either getting out of this nightmare in the shortest giây phút you can – or on the contrary, hold out for the longest giây phút possible. Test your nerves & sanity limits playing this great game online và stock up on your daily ( or nightly ) amount of adrenaline !

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