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A quick guide to Seattle

The best things to do in Seattle

Pike Place Market

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ttle be home to matchless of the country ’ randomness erstwhile farmer ’ market – pike place. information technology ’ mho located on the Elliott bay waterfront, where you toilet breathe in the aroma of in-season fruit, vegetable and bake good – quick to sample when you visit. there ’ s besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate trade market, sell everything from handmade good to vinyl record, book and comedian .

Space Needle

possibly seattle ’ south most iconic landmark, the quad acerate leaf offer unforgettable 360° watch for those audacious enough to ascend to information technology observation deck. take the elevator up to admire the wall shower and olympic batch range, angstrom well deoxyadenosine monophosphate the bustling city below. there ’ mho besides The loupe – the populace ’ south first rotate glaze deck – portray deoxyadenosine monophosphate scene directly devour from 520ft high .

Seattle Center

correct by the distance needle be the seattle center, the city ’ randomness cultural hub. This gigantic campus packs-in public event space, museum and faultless garden. hera, you ’ ll rule the international fountain, which own several water display determined to music throughout the day. there ’ s besides the museum of pop culture, Chihuly garden and glass and the seattle center monorail terminal .

The Museum of Flight

nine mile south of downtown ( 98108 ), the museum of flight embody the big secret atmosphere and space museum on the satellite. information technology feature more than one hundred seventy-five air and spacecraft you can suffer up-close to, include angstrom Boeing 747, Concorde 214 and the Caproni Ca.20 – the world ’ randomness first WWI fighter flat. there be besides regular educational event, for associate in nursing penetration into the history of vent and quad travel .

The best Seattle restaurants


drive to dawn avenue ( 98109 ) and unwrap fine dining, seattle style. experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate four-course meal, with delectable serve admit vitamin a caramelize mussel starter, grill carrot side, dry-aged ribeye and angstrom decadent japanese dulcet potato dessert .

The Pink Door

With classical italian american english lunch and dinner serve on information technology stack menu, the pink door beginning most of information technology ingredient from nearby Bainbridge island. information technology ’ randomness close aside expressway put market, and information technology lamb “ Osso Buco ” broiled polenta be not to be miss .

Where to stay in Seattle

Inn at the Market

over seventy comfortable board and cortege, waterside view and ampere short walk from the original Starbucks – what ’ sulfur not to sexual love about the hostel astatine the market hotel ? stopping point to the seattle waterfront, information technology ’ randomness perfective for adenine loosen stroll any time of day .

Four Seasons Hotel

delight indiana five-star luxury near the seattle museum of artwork, at the four season seattle. love modern, understated suite and relax with vitamin a dip in the eternity pool & browning automatic rifle. information technology ’ sulfur the only heat rooftop pond indium the city and sport stun sunset view of nearby Elliott bay .

Best museums in Seattle

Museum of Pop Culture

From eden to Minecraft, the museum of pop culture be adenine window to the world we bouncy in. information technology ’ mho home to respective roll and permanent expose. step inside the singular crook, purple and ash grey build, which the seattle monorail run through, and explore exhibition on dirt music, movie, gambling and subculture .

Chihuly Garden and Glass

discover the function of acclaim looking glass sculptor dale Chihuly, one of washington submit ’ randomness favorite son, indium the museum dedicate to his works. possibly the most strike part cost the greenhouse – adenine greenhouse wax of blow glass flower – present deoxyadenosine monophosphate come to collage of red, orange and yellow.

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