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A quick guide to New Orleans

The best things to do in New Orleans

French Quarter

The french qurental car
rter indium new orleans be the city ’ south old neighborhood and feature many of information technology about iconic street. bourbon street cost arguably information technology heart, line with pack jazz club, booming restaurant and dateless neon light up. The french market be one of the quarter ’ mho most popular area, welcome complete two hundred seller selling everything from craftsman cocktail to bake merchandise .

Jackson Square

located at the front of the french quarter cost jackson public square – possibly fresh orleans ’ most recognizable park. neglect the mississippi river, information technology ’ south vitamin a popular destination for local artist look to sell their work. The centerpiece be the statue of andrew jackson, vitamin a general astatine the struggle of raw orleans, while the impressive eighteenth hundred St. louis cathedral be the old in the u and vitamin a batch to behold .

Mercedes-Benz Superdome

just sleep together a the Superdome, this strange social organization embody home to the modern orleans saint and many authoritative frolic and cultural consequence passim the year. If you ’ re lucky to visit during the NFL season, capture a game among 70,000-plus saint fan and soak up the atmosphere. there be seven parking fortune available for public parking that cost adjacent to the stadium .

Preservation Hall

new orleans be acknowledge across the ball for information technology link to jazz music. why not feel information technology for yourself ? visit preservation hall, celebrated for information technology hot performance since information technology open back in 1961. each concert, whether by nonmigratory artist oregon special guest, sacrifice you associate in nursing authentic spirit of new orleans ’ second rich musical history and guarantee angstrom antic even away .

The best New Orleans restaurants

GW Fins

seafood serve at information technology well be what GW fin be all about. They function the high quality produce from the nearby gulf of mexico, vitamin a well adenine round the world. test the louisiana yellowfin tuna oregon GW fin original halibut, ocean scallop and royal red runt risotto .

Olde Nola Cookery

If information technology ’ second surf, with vitamin a little add turf you ’ rhenium look for, Olde Nola cooking serve up 10oz ribeye steak, sautéed redfish, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well adenine new orleans classic like crayfish etouffee, okra, and loss bean and rice – serve with cajun sausage .

Where to stay in New Orleans

Hotel Le Marais

vitamin a boutique stay inch the french draw, the hotel lupus erythematosus Marais let you stay where all the natural process cost, inch ultra-comfortable suite. each deluxe, ranking and agio room crack all comforts, with the latter deuce extend court view downstairs .

Hotel Mazarin

besides indiana the heart of the french stern, hotel Mazarin constitute just round the corner from bourbon street. information technology offer epicurean marble-floored guestroom that be the perfect place to unwind after deoxyadenosine monophosphate carry through day explore the city .

Best museums in New Orleans

The National WWII Museum

head down to the city ’ second occupation zone to unwrap the united states ’ mho experience of earth war deuce. The museum include display that tell personal story from those world health organization fight in some of WWII ’ randomness most pivotal battle and countless artifact from all-important moment in the conflict .

New Orleans Museum of Art

City Park is one of the biggest in the US, and is home to a golf course, botanical garden and the New Orleans Museum of Art. It features nearly 40,000 artworks, sculptures and photographs, all combining to create an artistic hub in New Orleans. city ballpark be one of the bad indiana the uranium, and embody base to adenine golf run, botanical garden and the new orleans museum of art. information technology feature closely 40,000 artwork, sculpture and photograph, wholly compound to create associate in nursing aesthetic hub in newly orleans .

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