21 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Video

Today I’m going mập show you EXACTLY how béo thiết kế visual sân khấu
s .
( Step-by-step )
The strategies in this post helped take my channel from zero views và zero subscribers Khủng end 13 million views và 451K subscribers :

Backlinko – YouTube subscribers
So if you want béo get more views on every video that you publish on YouTube, you’ll love the strategies in this post .

It’s no secret that YouTube SEO is HUGE .
The only problem is :
Most keyword on YouTube are super competitive .
And if you have a small channel, it’s going mập be tough Khủng rank above the big guys .
Fortunately, there’s a simple solution phệ this issue : optimize your videos around mới nhất, trending từ khoá .
Here’s how :
First, type a topic idea into YouTube .
YouTube – "kettlebell" search
Then, take a look at the từ khoá that YouTube suggests mập you .
YouTube – "kettlebell" search suggestions
Thes e are all keyword that people are searching for right now on YouTube .
( Which means they’re not super competitive yet. )
You can also use a không tính tiền công cụ called KeywordTool. io .
Keyword Tool
KeywordTool. io collects hundreds of these suggested từ khoá within seconds .
Keyword Tool – Suggested keywords
This leads us lớn …

2. Promote Upcoming Videos In a Community Post

The YouTube Community Tab is an underrated place bự promote your upcoming videos .
All you need béo vì is create a post that explains WHY people should look forward phệ your video .
Then, preview what that video will cover .
Here’s an example :
Community section example
That way, when your video goes live, your audience will be PRIMED phệ kiểm tra it out .
In fact, when I previewed an upcoming video the day before, that video racked up 24 thousand views in 11 days .
Community promotion traffic spike

3. Try “The Sequel Technique”

The Sequel Technique is a mới ra strategy designed béo help you get more views from “ Suggested Video ” .
YouTube – Suggested Videos
I outline the entire process ( with a real-life case study ) in this video .

But if you prefer bự read, here are the steps :
First, find a popular video in your niche .
For example, this video on my channel has end 760 k views .

Second, take what’s good about that video … và make it even better .
You can improve the original video’s :

  • Graphics and animation
  • Audio quality
  • Pacing
  • Overall video content quality
  • Content delivery
  • Lots more

Basically : bởi vì anything you can lớn create a video that’s 5-10 x better than the popular video .
Last up, optimize your video using some of the same từ khóa that the popular video uses .
For example, you can see that this video is optimized around the từ khóa “ how bự get more subscribers on YouTube ” & “ YouTube subscribers ” .
Video keyword optimization
So as long as those từ khóa accurately describe your video’s nội dung, you want lớn use those terms in the video tiêu đề, mô tả tìm kiếm, & YouTube tags .
Why ?
YouTube wants lớn show related videos in the Suggested Video section .
Match tags to popular videos to rank in "Suggested Video"
And when your video metadata is super similar lớn a popular video, you have a good chance of your video showing up next lớn that popular video .
Did you know that YouTube gives every channel three không lấy phí video promotion tools ?
It’s true .
Unfortunately, most people don’t take advantage of these awesome tools .
So if you’re looking for an easy way bự promote your YouTube video, make sure béo spend a few minutes with these three features .

  • YouTube End Screens: These are a GREAT way to feature other great videos from your channel… and boost your subscriber count.YouTube End Screen example
  • Cards: YouTube cards aren’t as powerful as End Screens. But they are a great way to send people to some of your best content.YouTube Cards example
  • Branding Watermark: Lets you add a subscribe button to every single video.YouTube branding watermark example

5. Promote Your Videos On Forums and Q&A Sites

Forums, Reddit and Q&A sites ( lượt thích Quora ) are some of the best places mập promote your videos .
Why ?
People visit these types of sites for two main reasons :

  1. To see new content
  2. To get their questions answered

And your video can help with both of these things .
For example, let’s say that you just published a hot nhất video about the Paleo Diet .
Your first step is Khủng find places where Paleo followers go béo find mới nhất nội dung about the Paleo Diet ( lượt thích the r / paleo subreddit ) .
Find places to share new content
Then, chia sẻ your video with that nhóm .
Share video on Reddit
You don’t want mập just drop a liên kết lớn your video. Make sure lớn write a đầy đủ post that outlines what the community could learn from your video. And hang out phệ answer questions & participate in the discussion .
You can also use your video as a way lớn answer questions on Quora .
Just tìm kiếm for open questions on your video’s topic :
Quora "link building" search
Then, answer the person’s question. Finally, embed your video at the kết thúc of your answer in case people want bự learn more .
Here’s an example of how your answer should look :
Quora – Great answer example

6. Improve Your Video’s Click Through Rate

Your video’s click-through rate ( CTR ) is important for two main reasons .
Reason # một : A higher CTR = more views on your video .
For example, let’s say you have a video that ranks # tam in a YouTube search .
Your video ranks #3 in YouTube search
And that video has a bốn % CTR .
Your organic CTR for that keyword would be 4%
Well, if you can bump up that CTR Khủng 10 %, you’ll get 2.5 x more views … without needing lớn vì anything else .
Two and a half times view increase
Reason # 2 : YouTube’s algorithm uses your video’s CTR as a ranking factor .
In fact, inside of The YouTube Creator Studio they state that :
YouTube – Creator Studio statement
Here are a few ways you can get more clicks on your videos :

  • Create colorful, compelling thumbnails that stand out.
  • Make sure your title and thumbnail work together and complement each other.
  • Write interesting titles (without using clickbait).

7. Double Down On Your Best Traffic Sources

“ Traffic Sources ” are the different places that people use phệ find your videos on YouTube .
The most common lượt truy cập sources are :

  • YouTube search
  • Suggested Video
  • Browse features
  • External (Social media sites)

And if you find a specific lượng truy cập source that’s working well for you, double lao dốc on it .
You can see your best lượng truy cập sources in the “ Reach ” tab in YouTube Analytics .
Channel analytics – Reach tab
As you can see, my # một lượt truy cập source is YouTube Search .
Traffic sources for Backlinko videos
( With suggested videos coming in as second. )
That’s why I use strategies lượt thích The Sequel Technique lớn get more views from the Suggested Videos section .
But if you’re crushing it with suggested videos, then you probably want phệ spend more thời gian on SEO .
You get the idea 🙂

8. Focus On The First 24 Hours

When it comes Khủng YouTube promotion, the first 24 hours after a video goes live is SUPER important .
That’s because YouTube tends béo promote hot nhất, popular videos on users ’ homepages .
So if you get traction on your video right after it goes live, you can get a huge spike in views from YouTube’s homepage .
First 24 hours traffic spike
For example, here’s the lượng truy cập source báo cáo for one video from the Backlinko YouTube channel :
Traffic Source report
See how 38 % of that video’s views come from “ Browse Features ” ?
“ Browse Features ” basically means “ views from YouTube’s homepage ”. As your video gets older và older, the views that you get from “ Browse Features ” drop significantly .
But in the early days of your video, as you just saw, “ Browse Features ” can be a MASSIVE source of views .

9. Share Your Videos On Social Media With “The Preview”

Social truyền thông is still one of the best ways phệ promote mới nhất YouTube videos .
This is why I always chia sẻ my hot nhất videos with my followers on Facebook, Twitter, và LinkedIn .
Share videos on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
The one catch about sharing your videos on mạng xã hội truyền thông is that most mạng xã hội truyền thông algorithms favor nội dung that keeps people on that mạng xã hội network .
( aka “ Native content ” )
So if your post is just a liên kết phệ your latest video, sites lượt thích Facebook are going lớn BURY that post .
Fortunately, there’s a simple solution Khủng this problem : The Video Preview .
Thes e are the exact steps :
First, grab a 30-60 second clip of your video. This clip should be able mập stand on its own. For example, your clip can be a tip from your video or a funny moment that represents your video .
Then, chia sẻ that clip on mạng xã hội truyền thông as a video post. Here’s an example :
Share clip on social media
Finally, liên kết Khủng the đầy đủ video on YouTube as the first bình luận :
Comment the link to the full video
Because your post isn’t just a links Khủng YouTube, it can get GREAT reach .
And if your clip is good, it will entice people mập want lớn see your entire video … which they can easily bởi vì thanks bự the links in the comments section .
Promoting YouTube videos on mạng xã hội truyền thông is great .
But if you want lớn get the most amount of eyeballs on your video, NOTHING beats tin nhắn .
Here’s how mập bởi it :
First, write an enticing newsletter gmail that describes why your video’s topic is important. Here’s an example :
Email describes why your video is important
Then, transition into how your video can help people … và liên kết phệ your video :
Email – How your video will help
Now, there are two ways phệ liên kết béo your YouTube video from your newsletter :

  1. Send people a link directly to the YouTube watch page.
  2. Embed your video in a blog post. And send people to that blog post.

Personally, I send people directly béo my video on YouTube .
That way, I maximize my views, comments, subscribers và other engagement signals that YouTube pays attention phệ .
But there’s a case béo be made for sending newsletter subscribers béo a video that’s embedded on your trang web .
In fact, Marie Forleo sends her tin nhắn subscribers béo a blog post that features her latest YouTube video :
Blog post with YouTube embed
The upside of sending people phệ your blog is that you’re sending people phệ your own trang web … not sending them Khủng YouTube .
+ Plus, when people chia sẻ your video, they chia sẻ your site, which sends lượng truy cập your way. Also, the conversation và community happen on your site .
The downside is that you’ll probably get fewer views on that video .
+ Plus, when someone leaves a phản hồi on your post, they’re not leaving one on YouTube. And considering that comments can help your YouTube rankings, those lost comments really hurt .
With all that said : There’s no “ best ” way mập promote your video béo your newsletter subscribers .
Both approaches have pros và cons. So it’s ultimately up Khủng you .

11. Re-Optimize Old Videos

Most people upload a video mập YouTube, reply bự comments for a few days, và chưa bao giờ look at that video again .
Well, one of the best ways Khủng get more views is phệ re-optimize old YouTube nội dung that’s collecting dust .
Unfortunately, you’re super limited with what you can change for videos that you’ve already uploaded bự YouTube .
Limited editing after video has been uploaded
That said, you can still change the video’s :

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Thumbnails

In fact, a while ago I went back béo some of my old videos & updated their metadata và thumbnails .
Update old video metadata and thumbnails
Which helped give those old videos some mới nhất life .

12. Collaborate With Other Channels

This is lượt thích guest posting … but for YouTube .
So, find a channel in your niche that’s about your kích thước ( or slightly bigger ) .
Then, create an amazing video for that channel .
This simple approach can get your channel in front of thousands of hot nhất people. And because publishing a video on another channel is an implied endorsement, these people are super likely béo subscribe phệ your channel .
For example, a while back I filmed a “ Guest video ” for Noah Kagan’s YouTube channel .
Noah Kagan guest video
And because Noah has a slightly different audience than me, it got my channel in front of LOTS of hot nhất people .
Positive feedback on video
The key Khủng a successful “ collab ” is lớn have a specific idea in mind BEFORE you reach out .
In other words, you want béo send the channel that you want bự collab with :

  • Reasons why they should collab with you
  • What type of video you’ll create for their channel
  • Why their audience will love your video
  • A timeline of when you’ll send your guest video

Big channels get bombarded with requests all day long. So when you send a pitch that emphasizes what they get out of the collaboration, you have a good chance of getting a “ yes ” .
This is one of the easiest ways bự get more subscribers from every video .
( Subscribers that will help promote your future YouTube videos ) .
All you need Khủng vì here is directly ask viewers Khủng subscribe phệ your channel .
In fact, YouTube themselves recommends this exact approach .
YouTube recommends asking viewers to subscribe
For example, I ask people bự subscribe lớn my channel at the over of every single video .

Which is one of the main reasons that my channel generates 7 k + subscribers every month .
Monthly traffic increase
Pro Tip : Ask your audience Khủng subscribe AND cơn sốt the bell icon. When they bởi, they’ll get a notification when you publish a mới ra video .
YouTube Notifications
In fact, you can see how many of your subscribers are signing up for notifications in your YouTube Studio Analytics .
Subscriber notification count

14. Boost Your Video’s Average View Duration

Increasing your view duration is a GREAT way phệ promote your YouTube video .
Why ?
Well, when you upload videos that keep people watching, YouTube will promote your videos across the platform automatically .
High watch time can lead to more visibility on YouTube
And the best way lớn increase Average View Duration ?
Upload long videos .
Seriously .
Longer videos will almost always have a higher Average View Duration compared bự short videos .
Why ? Because math 🙂
If two videos have similar Audience Retention, but one is longer, the longer video is going Khủng rack up a higher Average View Duration .
Longer videos rack up higher average view duration
For example, kiểm tra out this video from my channel .

That video is 15 minutes long … significantly longer than most videos about YouTube SEO .
And the fact that it’s long is one of the main reasons the video has racked up end 516 k views béo date .
YouTube SEO – Video views
I’m not alone .
Almost every video that Mr. Beast puts out is around 15 minutes long .
Mr Beast – Video length
chú ý : Obviously, you don’t want phệ pad your video with fluff or filler. That’s gonna bởi more harm than good .
Instead, you want béo cover pretty much everything there is bự know about that topic in a single video .

15. Promote Your YouTube Channel On Other Platforms

In other words :
Promote your YouTube channel on your own blog .
Backlinko Footer
On other blogs ( via guest posts ) .
Promote video on other blogs
And podcast interviews .
Podcast interview promotion
Basically : whenever you bởi something phệ promote your brand, promote your channel too .
In fact, I even promote my YouTube channel when I bởi vì guest interviews on other channels .
Guest video YouTube promotion

16. Add New Videos To Playlists

This couldn’t be any easier :
Whenever you upload a mới ra video, add it bự a popular playlist from your channel .
For example, I published this video a while ago .

And one of the first things I did was add that video Khủng this playlist .
Backlinko – Power playlists
That way, more people could find it ( including folks that aren’t subscribed yet ) .
YouTube even lets you add your video béo a playlist as you upload .
Add video to playlist as you upload
If you want mập get extra exposure lớn that video, you can even push it mập the top of that playlist .
In fact, that’s what I did with my SEO checklist video. When I added mập my playlist, I also made it the first video in that playlist .
First video on playlist

17. Try Video Ads

No danh sách of YouTube promotion strategies would be complete without ads .
Personally, I prefer bự promote my videos using organic channels ( lượt thích YouTube search, tin nhắn newsletters, & mạng xã hội truyền thông ) .
But there’s a phút giây & place for ads … especially if your channel doesn’t have an audience yet .
The most popular way lớn promote YouTube videos with advertising is YouTube Ads ( which run through Google Ads ) .
YouTube ads
This allows you Khủng promote your videos on the YouTube platform ( including the top of the tìm kiếm results & directly bự people in your target audience ) .
YouTube ad at top of search results
I take the phút giây lớn leave helpful, positive comments on other channels all the giây phút .
Brian Dean comments on other people's videos
This helps with YouTube promotion in two ways :
First, it gets you và your channel in front of that person’s audience .
A certain percentage of people that see your bình luận will nhấp chuột kết thúc mập your channel & watch your videos .
Comments = Traffic to your channel and your videos
And the better your bình luận is, the more engagement it will get ( upvotes và replies ). This engagement will help push your bình luận Khủng the top of the comments section .
Second, it helps build relationships with other YouTubers .
As someone that runs a semi-popular channel, I can tell you firsthand that I see và remember people that consistently leave great comments .
In fact, getting on another YouTuber’s radar màn hình hiển thị can increase the odds of a collab xuống dốc the line .
Pro Tip : If you’re going phệ use this approach, make sure you have a chất lượng, professional Channel Icon. Your Channel Icon shows up next lớn your phản hồi. So you want it Khủng be something that represents your channel’s branding .

19. Use Consistent Branding

Your channel’s overall branding và positioning is HUGE .
For example, I recently helped my friend Heini Zachariassen with his YouTube Channel : Raw Startup .
At the thời gian, his channel was struggling bự get views. And a big reason for that was that his channel’s branding was all kết thúc the place .
His channel art, video graphics, video intro didn’t remotely match .
So, one of the first things I did was work with Heini mập get his custom thumbnails, intros, & channel art all mập match .
Heini Zachariassen YouTube channel
And this simple approach helped give Heini’s channel a strong, professional brand presence .
Nice .

20. Find Untapped Keywords From The “YouTube Search” Report

To execute this strategy, head end béo the “ Traffic Source : YouTube Search ” section of your YouTube Analytics .
YouTube Analytics – Traffic source
Then, kiểm tra out all of the từ khoá that you rank for .
YouTube Analytics – Traffic source keywords
If you’re optimizing your videos around specific từ khóa already, you probably won’t be surprised by the terms that show up at the top of the danh sách .
But when you scroll lao dốc bự the bottom of the danh sách, you can come across từ khóa that you’re “ accidentally ” ranking for .
YouTube Analytics –Traffic source keywords – Bottom of list
When I find a từ khóa lượt thích this, I usually create a mới ra video optimized around that term .
But you can also just sprinkle the mới nhất từ khóa you found into an old video’s tiêu đề, tags và mô tả tìm kiếm .
Either way works .

21. Make a New Video Your Channel Trailer

It’s no secret that a YouTube Channel Trailer can help you turn viewers into subscribers .
That said :
Your ló mặt takes up prime real estate on your Channel Page .
Channel trailer
So if you want béo promote a specific YouTube video, consider swapping out your hé lộ và putting that video in that spot .
In fact, that’s exactly what the Dude Perfect YouTube channel does .
They don’t have a traditional channel ló mặt. Instead, they use the ló mặt section mập feature their latest stuff .
Dude Perfect – Featured section
Very cool .
Now I’d Like lớn Hear From You
I hope today’s post showed you how Khủng promote YouTube videos .
Now I’d lượt thích mập hear what you have phệ say .
Which tip from this post are you going lớn try first ?
Are you going béo promote mới nhất videos as a channel hé mở ?
Or maybe you add mới nhất videos bự playlists .

Either way, let me know by leaving a bình luận below right now .

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