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Solitaire is the collective name for a large number of single-player card games, of which Klondike Solitaire is the best known .. This game has even become so sánh popular end giây phút that most people simply hotline it “ Solitaire ”, without the “ Klondike ”. To help you learn phệ play the game, let’s first explain what the playing field looks lượt thích. It consists of four parts :

  • The tableau: Solitaire is played with 52 cards, with 28 of them being distributed in 7 piles across the tableau. The first pile always consists of 1 card, with each subsequent pile containing 1 more card than the preceding one. Only the last card of each pile is turned face up and the rest are turned face down.
  • The stock: After the 28 cards have been dealt into piles on the tableau, the remaining 24 cards comprise the stockpile and are turned face down.
  • The waste: Once all the cards of the stock have been brought into play, they end up face up in the waste pile.
  • The foundation: All the cards of the foundation, waste and tableau ultimately end up here.

Klondike Solitaire playing field with the stock, the waste, the tableau and the 4 foundations

When you start a mới ra game, you can choose whether you want phệ giảm giá một card or tam cards. The rules below concern the easy và most frequently played phiên bản, dealing một card. To chiến hạ a game of Solitaire, you have Khủng move all the cards distributed across the tableau & the stock bự the bốn foundations, sorted by suit & in ascending order from the Ace béo the King. On the tableau itself, you can move the face up cards from pile lớn pile, alternating in màu sắc và in descending order. In Figure 2, for example, you can move a Đen 7 bự a red tám. You can also move several cards at once if these have already been stacked on top of each other .
How to play Solitaire: moving cards on the tableau
Every phút giây you move a card phệ another pile, a hidden card will be turned kết thúc, giving you mới ra options. The more cards have been turned end, the greater the chances of winning the game. In Figure ba, we see that after moving the tám, a mới nhất card is turned end, a đen Ace. And since the first card of a foundation always has béo be an Ace, we can immediately play it béo the foundation .
How to play Solitaire: moving the ace to the foundation
When no more legal moves are possible on the tableau, we turn bự the stockpile. Every giây phút you press or nhấp chuột on this pile, một mới ra card is dealt béo the waste. With each hot nhất card, you should examine whether you can use it somewhere on the tableau in order lớn uncover mới ra cards .

Empty piles

Once you’ve completed a pile, thus creating an empty space, only a King can fill it. You should move a King béo the empty space as soon as possible ; this will also uncover a hot nhất card .

Three-card Solitaire

The above rules also apply mập three-card Solitaire, the only difference being that not all the cards from the stock are available. In this game, you khuyến mãi ba cards instead of 1, & you can only use the top card. Once you’ve moved the top card, the second card moves up bự the top position và all the other cards in the stock also move up one spot, creating mới ra options .

Tips and strategies

  • Prioritize tableau cards over stock cards: You may be tempted to immediately click on the stockpile, but you should not do this until you truly have no more options available on the tableau. After all, the goal is to turn over all the hidden tableau cards as quickly as possible.
  • Use the Undo button: Our game has an Undo button, which you can use to undo as many moves as you like. When you use this feature correctly, you can win almost every game because you can try out various options. In the Klondike Solitaire game, you will often run into what’s called a split. For example, you will have a 7 of Spades and a 7 of Clubs, either of which can be placed on an 8 of Hearts. But which of these two options is the best choice? This is where the Undo button comes in handy, because you can use it to look under both cards to see the best choice. Sometimes it only takes one specific move to make or break the game. Remember these moments, so you can always go back and take the game in a different direction.
  • Maintain the foundation in balance: Don’t stack too many cards on top of each other in a single foundation, but maintain a balance. For example: If you have the Clubs pile complete up to card 10 and you haven’t begun with the Diamonds pile yet, you will likely run into problems when you want to play the lower cards. And remember that you can always play the cards of the foundation back to the tableau.
  • Shortkeys: Does the device on which you’re playing have a keyboard? If so, you can use our handy shortkeys. Press the H key for hints, the D key to deal a card from the stockpile and use Ctrl

+ Z to go back a step.

  • Eliminating Kings: The Kings are the very last cards needed in a Solitaire game, so these are actually always in the way. You should therefore try to make empty piles as quickly as possible and move a King to the empty space immediately. Then you can also immediately get rid of the Jack and Queen high cards. The faster you can properly place these face cards, the greater the chance you will win.
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