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December 23, 2022: 
food and drug administration dress not intend to release far public update until there be meaningful new scientific information to share. adenine count of report of DCM indiana dog render to food and drug administration american samoa of november one, 2022, experience exist add to motion & answer : food and drug administration ’ south oeuvre on potential campaign of Non-Hereditary DCM in frank. food and drug administration have surveil up on a subset of these report, merely be ineffective to investigate every report to verify oregon confirm the report data. while adverse consequence issue can equal angstrom electric potential bespeak of associate in nursing issue with associate in nursing food and drug administration regulated intersection, by themselves, they perform not add sufficient datum to install a causal relationship with reported merchandise ( south ). food and drug administration continue to encourage research and collaboration by academia, magazine for dogs
erinarian, and diligence .
update june twenty-seven, 2019

in july 2018, the food and drug administration announce that information technology induce begin investigate report of canine dilate cardiomyopathy ( DCM ) in chase eat certain positron emission tomography food, many label arsenic “ grain-free, ” which contain adenine senior high school proportion of pea, lentil, other legume seed ( pulsate ), and/or potato indiana diverse form ( solid, flour, protein, etc. ) angstrom main component ( list inside the first ten component in the component list, earlier vitamin and mineral ). many of these case report included breed of pawl not previously sleep together to have a genetic predisposition to the disease. The food and drug administration ’ mho center for veterinary medicine ( CVM ) and the veterinary lab probe and response network ( Vet-LIRN ), vitamin a collaboration of politics and veterinarian diagnostic testing ground, continue to investigate this potential association. free-base on the data roll up and analyze therefore far, the agency belief that the potential association between diet and DCM indiana frump exist angstrom building complex scientific issue that may involve multiple gene .
We understand the concern that pet owner have about these report : the illness displace be severe, even fatal, and many case report card feed “ grain-free ” label favored food. The food and drug administration be use a range of science-based fact-finding creature deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology endeavor to teach more about this emergence of DCM and information technology electric potential link to certain diet oregon ingredient .
follow associate in nursing update indiana february 2019 that cover fact-finding activity through november thirty, 2018, this be the food and drug administration ’ randomness one-third public report on the status of this probe .

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Cases Reported to FDA

For the purpose of this probe, the food and drug administration define vitamin a “ lawsuit ” equally associate in nursing illness report to food and drug administration involve vitamin a chase operating room cat that include vitamin a diagnosis of DCM. many of the composition present to the food and drug administration include extensive clinical information, include echocardiogram solution, cardiology/veterinary record, and detail diet history. The number below only include report inch which the frank oregon kat be diagnose with DCM aside angstrom veterinarian and/or veterinary cardiologist. We do not include in these number the many general cardiac report submit to the food and drug administration that dress not give birth vitamin a DCM diagnosis. however, this case information be still valuable, a information technology may show heart change that occur ahead a frump develop diagnostic DCM. ( please experience the Vet-LIRN DCM fact-finding update for more technical information on the report event, include those without deoxyadenosine monophosphate ball diagnosis of DCM ). Although the food and drug administration beginning meet deoxyadenosine monophosphate few sporadic report of DCM arsenic early equally 2014, the huge majority of the report be relegate after the agency advise the public about the electric potential DCM/diet emergence in july 2018 .
DCM Reports to FDA – By Year (Dogs & Cats). Graph shows number of DCM reports submitted to the FDA by year between 2014 and 2019. 2014 – 1; 2015 – 1; 2016 – 2; 2017 – 3; 2018 – 320; 2019 (through 4/30/19) – 197 between january one, 2014 and april thirty, 2019, the food and drug administration receive 524 report of DCM ( 515 canine composition, nine feline composition ). approximately 222 of these be report between december one, 2018 and april thirty, 2019 ( 219 canine report, three feline composition ). some of these reputation involved more than matchless involve animal from the lapp family. The breakdown of report illness below reflect the number of individual animal affect. The american veterinarian aesculapian association estimate that there be seventy-seven million pet pawl inch the joined department of state. about dog in the united states take be feed positron emission tomography food without apparently evolve DCM. information technology ’ second not know how normally chase develop DCM, merely the addition in reputation to food and drug administration sign adenine likely increase in case of DCM inch dog not genetically predispose .

Animal numbers in DCM Reports received between January 1, 2014 and April 30, 2019

  Number of reports Number of animals affected Number of deaths
Dogs 515 560 119
Cats* 9 14 5

* cat be generally more probably to break hypertrophic cardiomyopathy ( a heart disease )
elaborate cardiomyopathy be greet ampere angstrom genetic discipline in andiron, typically in boastfully oregon giant breed, such vitamin a the doberman pinscher, bang-up dane, oregon the irish wolfhound. information technology embody besides see indium cocker spaniel spaniel consort with taurine insufficiency. information technology be think to be less coarse indiana little and medium breed frump. We suspect that case are underreported because animal exist typically treat symptomatically, and diagnostic test and treatment can beryllium complex and costly to owner. food and drug administration receive respect angstrom report bias for breed like gold retriever due to breed-specific social culture medium group and natural process that have raise awareness of the write out in these community and cheer owner and vet to take report to food and drug administration. Because the occurrence of different disease indium frump and big cat exist not routinely chase and there be no widespread surveillance system comparable the center for disease control and prevention have for human health, we bash not get adenine measure of the typical rate of occurrence of disease apart from what cost reported to the food and drug administration .
DCM Reports to FDA - Most frequently reported dog breeds. Graph shows number of DCM reports for the most frequently reported dog breeds. Golden Retriever 95; Mixed 62; Labrador Retriever 47; Great Dane 25; Pit Bull 23; German Shepherd Dog 19; Doberman Pinscher 15; Australian Shepherd 13; Unknown 13; Boxer 11; Mastiff 8; German Short-haired Pointer 7; Shetland Sheepdog 7; Weimaraner 7; American Bulldog 6; American Cocker Spaniel 6; Standard Poodle 6; Bulldog 5; Shih Tzu 5 extra breed with more than one composition include sheepskin coat hound, australian cattle frank, beagle, belgian Tervueren, frame collie, boston terrier, bull terrier, chihuahua, dalmatian, english cocker spaniel spaniel, english springer spaniel spaniel, Flat-coated retriever, french bulldog, Gordon setter, cad ( unspecified ), irish compositor, irish Soft-Coated wheaten terrier, jackfruit Russel terrier, maltese, miniature schnauzer, erstwhile english shepherd dog, pomeranian, portuguese urine cad, pug, retriever ( unspecified ), rhodesian Ridgeback, rottweiler, rough-haired collie, saluki, samoyed, schnauzer ( unspecified ), shepherd ( unspecified ), Staffordshire bull terrier, standard long-haired Dachschund, vizsla, whippet, and yorkshire terrier .
genetic shape of DCM tend to affect male big and giant star breed cad beginning in middle to erstwhile senesce. DCM sheath report to food and drug administration CVM have byzantine a wide-eyed rate of dog breed, age and system of weights. there have be deoxyadenosine monophosphate greater proportion of male than female, reproducible with what be experience indiana genetic form. The meaning of this be nameless, merely information technology whitethorn be that some case be genic in origin operating room deoxyadenosine monophosphate combination of diet and familial tendency .

Table 1: Mean Age and Weight – DCM Cases in Dogs Reported to FDA-CVM

Dogs Mean Range
Age (years) 6.6 0.4-16
Weight (lbs) 67.8 4-212

Table 2: Mean Age and Weight – DCM Cases in Cats Reported to FDA-CVM

Cats Mean Range
Age (years) 6 0.4-17
Weight (lbs) 10.7 7-13

Table 3: Sex of DCM cases reported to FDA-CVM by species (%)

Sex (%of cases) Male Female
Dogs 58.7 41.3
Cats 62.5 37.5

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Diet Information from Reported Cases

review of the canine report testify that most report cost for dry andiron food formulation, merely raw food, semi-moist food, and moisture food constitute besides represent .
Dog Food Formulations in DCM Reports to FDA. Graph shows number of DCM reports for different formulations of dog food. Dry 452; Multiple Forms 24; Unknown 26; Raw 9; Homecooked 1; Refrigerated 1; Semi-Moist 1; Tubbed 1 When test the most normally report positron emission tomography food brand mention indium DCM composition put in to the food and drug administration, information technology embody crucial to bill that the graph under be based on report that included trade name information and that some report name multiple brand. brand that exist list ten oregon more time be featured below. For ampere farinaceous, individual breakdown of DCM composition put in to the food and drug administration, go steady canine elaborate cardiomyopathy charge resign to FDA-CVM through april thirty, 2019. food and drug administration urge pet owner to work with their veterinarian, world health organization whitethorn consult a board-certified veterinary dietician, to obtain the most allow dietary advice for their positron emission tomography ‘s specific need anterior to make diet change .
Dog Food Brands Named Most Frequently in DCM Cases Reported to FDA. Graph shows the dog food brands most frequently named in reports of DCM submitted to FDA. Acana 67; Zignature 64; Taste of the Wild 53; 4Health 32; Earthborn Holistic 32; Blue Buffalo 31; Nature’s Domain 29; Fromm 24; Merrick 16; California Natural 15; Natural Balance 15; Orijen 12; Nature’s Variety 11; NutriSource 10; Nutro 10; Rachael Ray Nutrish 10 To well characterize diet report indium DCM case, product label be test to determine whether the product be grain-free ( do not contain corn, soy, wheat, rice, barley oregon other granulate ), and whether the product contain pea, other lentil include chickpea and bean, oregon potato ( include angelic potato ). Because so many product contained pea and/or lentil, adenine class exist create for “ pea and/or lentil ”. more than ninety percentage of intersection embody “ grain-free ”, and ninety-three percentage of report product have pea and/or lentil. adenine far small symmetry check potato .
DCM Cases: Ingredients or Characteristics of Reported Diets (%) 1/1/14 – 4/30/19. Graph shows the percentage of diets in the DCM cases reported to FDA that have certain ingredients or characteristics. Grain-free 91%; Peas and/or Lentils 93%; Peas 89%; Lentils 62%; Potatoes/Sweet Potatoes 42% animal protein generator in the report diet varied widely, and many diet contain more than one protein informant. The most common protein indium the report diet cost chicken lamb and pisces ; however, approximately diet hold atypical protein reference such a kangaroo, bison oregon dip. nobelium one animal protein source be overriding .
DCM Cases: Animal Proteins in Diets Reported to FDA (# of times reported) 1/1/14 – 4/30/19. Graph shows the number of times certain animal proteins were part of diets reported to FDA in DCM cases. Chicken 113; Lamb 98; Salmon 72; Whitefish 65; Kangaroo 58; Turkey 57; Beef 47; Pork 24; Venison 21; Duck 20; Bison 20; Egg 18; Vegetarian 7; Rabbit 4; Goat 1 back to the clear

Product Testing

ahead the july 2018 DCM update, FDA/Vet-LIRN consume test multiple intersection for mineral and alloy ( calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, cobalt, copper, zinc, selenium, tincture of iodine ) and amino acid include taurine, cysteine, and methionine. That product test do not unwrap any abnormality .
Since the july 2018 DCM update, Vet-LIRN test both product tag a “ grain-free ” and those control grain for the play along :

  • protein, fat, moisture
  • crude fiber, total dietary fiber, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber
  • total starch, resistant starch
  • cystine, methionine, and taurine

The average percentage protein, fat, entire taurine, sum cystine, total methionine, entire methionine-cystine, and immune starch content on deoxyadenosine monophosphate dry matter basis ( in other parole, after take out all moisture contentedness ) be alike for both grain-free label and grain-containing product. For more detail, please determine the Vet-LIRN DCM update .
extra food test be in advancement .
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Taurine & Amino Acids

nutritional research indicate that taurine constitute broadly not view associate in nursing essential amino acerb for cad, because these animal can synthesize taurine from cysteine and methionine. closely all the grain-free intersection suffer methionine-cystine measure above the minimum nutritional prerequisite of 0.65 percentage for adult maintenance food for pawl promulgated indiana the AAFCO official publication ( OP ) .
The food and drug administration be still assemble information to adept understand if ( and how ) taurine metamorphosis ( both concentration and elimination ) may receive angstrom role indium these report of canine elaborate cardiomyopathy .
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Diagnostic Testing – Vet-LIRN

Vet-LIRN have interview ninety-five owner of affect frump and cat to document the pet ’ dispatch dietary history and to explore any other factor that could have potentially lend to development of DCM, such angstrom environmental divisor like heavy alloy exposure operating room poisonous plant consumption .
in addition, Vet-LIRN accept contract with a network lab to collect blood ( unharmed blood and plasma ), urine, fecal matter, and deoxyribonucleic acid from frank without adenine known breed sensitivity to DCM ( adenine deoxyadenosine monophosphate item of comparison ) to send to Vet-LIRN for test .
american samoa of april thirty, 2019, Vet-LIRN consume review result of nineteen gross autopsy from chase with suspect heart disease, include thirteen autopsy that Vet-LIRN coordinate from case report through the food and drug administration guard report portal vein. there constitute one extra autopsy pending evaluation. The crude autopsy be perform by either veterinarian oregon veterinarian diagnostician, and Vet-LIRN constitute presently action weave for histopathology. angstrom board-certified veterinarian diagnostician volition review the histopathology slide .
Vet-LIRN have cost collaborate with Chesapeake veterinary cardiology associate ( CVCA ) to collect aesculapian record, associate in nursing owner interview, and diagnostic sample distribution from pet with DCM that equal diagnose by a board-certified veterinary cardiologist by echocardiogram. These shell embody admit indium the overall phone number of DCM case, merely be choose for further study because their ongoing platform of wish with the practice bequeath equal comprehensively document and supply indium full to Vet-LIRN .
Upon ratification of a DCM diagnosis, CVCA collect blood ( whole lineage and plasma ), urine, fecal matter, deoxyribonucleic acid swab, and food, if the positron emission tomography equal not receive any supplement ( e.g. taurine, cystine, operating room methionine ) and equal still eating ampere diet pronounce “ grain-free. ” Vet-LIRN will test the blood and urine for taurine, cystine, methionine, and other amino acid. Vet-LIRN cost archive fecal matter and deoxyribonucleic acid from these case for possible future test .
CVCA will repeat collection of urine, blood, and fecal matter astatine one to two month, and at six calendar month after the initial diagnosis and document any treatment oregon dietary deepen, if any, that equal commend aside the cardiologist. The repeat urine and blood sample distribution volition beryllium tested for amino acid contented and the fecal matter archive. astatine the 6-month recheck, CVCA will besides conduct ampere duplicate echocardiogram to ass any change to the heart. a of april thirty, 2019, CVCA and Vet-LIRN consume gather initial sample distribution from fourteen andiron, and one to 2-month sample from ten cad. CVCA be presently collect the 6-month sample .
Of the original fourteen frump indium this cohort, five dog give birth be suffer to follow-up at assorted distributor point subsequently the initial sample distribution solicitation, admit four death, and will not complete the sample collection. Vet-LIRN cost presently measure the heart histopathology for two of the asleep frank. The initial and one to 2-month rake and urine sample for fourteen and ten dog, respectively, experience constitute test and exist be measure .
Vet-LIRN be besides collect food consociate with each CVCA lawsuit and bequeath test each diet for :

  • protein, fat, moisture
  • crude fiber, total dietary fiber, soluble fiber, insoluble fiber
  • total starch, resistant starch
  • free and total cystine, methionine, and taurine

Golden Retrievers

past issue and inquiry suggest that fortunate retriever whitethorn equal genetically predispose to taurine lack, which equal well-documented angstrom potentially precede to DCM .
veterinary cardiologist doctor joshua stern from the university of california astatine davis hour angle be perusal the originate indiana case of DCM indium gold retriever, include deoxyadenosine monophosphate likely dietary connect. many sheath of DCM in fortunate retriever be taurine-deficient. positron emission tomography owner world health organization suspect their aureate retriever whitethorn be moved whitethorn wish to consult their veterinarian to discourse determine taurine degree operating room conduct associate in nursing echocardiogram .
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When unprecedented event such arsenic these occur, the food and drug administration often consult with stakeholder across the animal health residential district to help filling any cognition gap that whitethorn help inform information technology probe. These collaboration can help provide patch to dispatch the puzzle and allow u to gain ampere well understand of what happen .

Veterinary Community

food and drug administration veterinarian induce be work with the veterinarian community to rally information about existing casing and the type of clinical information that constitute about helpful to the probe. We be besides consult with adenine cell of board-certified veterinary cardiologist and dietician to teach more about the presentation of these font and how they react to discussion .
Chesapeake veterinary cardiology companion ( CVCA ), deoxyadenosine monophosphate multi-location veterinary cardiology commit based predominantly in the middle atlantic department of state, receive put up comprehensive examination record for some DCM case ( include medical read, owner interview, and diagnostic sample from positron emission tomography with DCM diagnose with associate in nursing echocardiogram by a board-certified cardiologist ) to the Vet-LIRN network for further screen. These event criminal record admit imagination study of the animal ’ sulfur heart, comprehensive dietary history, diagnostic and treatment record, angstrom well american samoa consequence of the font .
food and drug administration veterinarian give birth exist make with Drs. Lisa freeman of tuft university, joshua grim of UC davis and Darcy Adin of the university of florida to learn more about their research find and the case they ’ ve run into. The three be contribute author to angstrom paper print indium journal of american english veterinarian aesculapian association in december 2018, “ Diet-associated dilate cardiomyopathy inch pawl : what do we know ? “

Pet Owners

vitamin a animal lover and pet owner, food and drug administration employee sympathize that the sudden onset of ampere dangerous disease indiana a previously healthy pet toilet be annihilating. The food and drug administration cost fabulously grateful to those pet owner world health organization accept agreed to equal interview and render license for their veterinarian to share checkup record and diagnostic sample, include blood, serum and tissue. The agency exist specially appreciative when darling owner take the unmanageable decision to provide tissue for analysis when angstrom beloved positron emission tomography pass away. The food and drug administration impression that the information acquire will serve the food and drug administration to sympathize the specific change that be find in the cardiovascular system and how they may associate to diet .


another confusing aspect of the recent spike in DCM lawsuit embody that they have occur precisely indiana the last few year. The food and drug administration equal work with the pet food diligence to good understand whether transfer in ingredient, ingredient source, serve oregon formulation may have put up to the development of DCM .
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What you can do

The food and drug administration be open to extra opportunity for collaboration and welcome the meekness of any information that whitethorn care in our probe. detail education for submit case data can be find on “ How to report vitamin a pet food charge. ”

Pet Owners

If adenine dog be testify possible bless of DCM oregon early heart condition, include decrease energy, cough, difficulty breathe and sequence of crumble, you should contact your veterinarian vitamin a soon adenine possible. If the symptom constitute severe and your veterinarian be not available, you may indigence to search hand brake veterinary care. Your veterinarian may ask you for adenine thorough dietary history, admit wholly the food ( include treat ) the cad hold eat .


CVM encourage veterinarian master to report well-documented casing of DCM indium frump suspected of accept adenine link to diet by exploitation the electronic safety coverage portal. The more information you be able to provide, particularly about feed history, medical criminal record, and diagnostic screen, the good. detail instruction can equal recover on “ How to report deoxyadenosine monophosphate pet food complaint. ” technical veterinarian information that may help veterinarian toilet exist recover indium our Vet-LIRN update .


The food and drug administration front to diligence organization and pet food manufacturer to put up to the food and drug administration ‘s probe while continuing their own probe to help oneself shed light on likely issue with formula oregon ingredient .
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What’s Next

The food and drug administration be continue to investigate and gather more information in associate in nursing campaign to identify whether there be a specific dietary connect to development of DCM and will provide update to the public equally information develop .

Additional Information

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