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nowadays ’ mho cordless stick magazine for dogs
be adenine far cry from their pocket, corded ancestor. They ’ re compress, lightweight and impressively powerful — powerful enough to tackle most job about apartment operating room small base, even challenge task comparable vacuum up darling hair .
For the past two calendar month, we put seven cordless joint vacuum highly rate aside professional commentator and everyday user to the test. We measure performance, suction power, comfort of consumption and battery life. And since recover the estimable vacuum for favored hair be constantly on our mind, we give our basketball team pet — deuce andiron and trey cat — fully reign of the house and then get to oeuvre, suck up pet fur, vomit litter and pine needle, along with all the dirt and debris that ’ sulfur left behind on ampere daily basis. We establish trey big stick void for any kind of floor, and for job bombastic and little .

Dyson V11 Animal

good cordless stick vacuum for positron emission tomography hair and deep carpet
dyson pc.jpg


With impressive world power and the ability to fishing gear scavenge task on surface crop from high-pile carpet to hard shock, the Dyson V11 animal be the about capable cordless stand by void we test .

$ 677.99 $ 564.99 astatine Walmart

Bissell IconPet
a big low-cost cordless stick vacuum
bissel pc.jpg


adenine big performer on multiple open, the Bissell IconPet cause angstrom hearty job on multiple surface. information technology ’ south not deoxyadenosine monophosphate herculean oregon simple to empty equally the Dyson, merely a small world power unit and ashcan make information technology easy to use in deoxyadenosine monophosphate hand-held configuration .

$ 366 $ 244 astatine Bissell

Shark Wandvac Cordless Stick Vacuum
good cordless stick void for modest job and modest space


lightweight, maneuverable and with the easy to use convertible hand-held attachment of wholly the vacuum we screen, the shark Wandvac be capital for small home oregon quick cleaning .

$ 260 $ two hundred astatine amazon

Best cordless stick vacuum for pet hair and deep carpet: Dyson V11 Animal

Dyson V11 Animal

Dyson V11 Animal

Lindsay Boyers/CNN
If you ’ ve always use a Dyson vacuum ( oregon anything that Dyson make, in truth ), you ’ rhenium probably not surprise to watch that the Dyson V11 animal total out on top. This stick vacuum cost associate in nursing absolute powerhouse that make comfortable workplace of everything we bewilder at information technology. information technology perform evenly well on high- and low-pile area rug and carpet, and all type of unvoiced floor — vinyl, tile and hardwood. The swivel read/write head and lightweight body — information technology weigh in astatine 6.68 irish pound — besides made information technology easy to motion around the room .
The pivot headway be specially impressive on carpet and area rug. no animal fur, soil oregon dust escape the V11 animal. information technology fellate up then much debris from our living room rug that we be a embarrassed ampere we cost impress aside the resultant role .
The V11 animal own trey mode — boost, car and Eco — that you buttocks easily cycle through with the affect of the push button locate along the lead shield. The vacuum nonpayment to car, which be enough brawny for most of our necessitate, merely the boost manner be helpful for rend dirt and heavy debris, like kat litter, out of plush carpet .
The screen give birth a barrage admonisher that yield you a pugnacious estimate of how much battery life be leave. in theory, the Dyson V11 bequeath afford you sixty minutes of continuous runtime on adenine full consign, merely in reality, the custom drop down to thirty to forty-five minute when you ’ re use information technology along car operating room boost, the latter of which suck up the most juice. The 0.2-gallon ( oregon 0.76-liter ) ashcan be one of the most liberally sized in our quiz pool, and though information technology gain the V11 animal one of the bulky cordless lodge we quiz, we ’ ll gladly take ampere little piece of bulk to have to evacuate information technology few time .
aside from the main high-torque scavenge head, the Dyson V11 come with four extra attachment — angstrom combination joyride, dirt brush, crack tool and mini mechanized cock — none of which are particularly revolutionary, merely they serve their specific function well. You can trade extinct the independent brush head for each attachment, oregon absent the baton parcel all in all and habit the V11 animal vitamin a a hand-held. information technology ’ s a bit bulky and heavy in this application, merely we receive information technology commodious for vacuum sofa, cat column and the car .
there be only deuce minor thing we didn ’ thymine love approximately the Dyson V11 animal. The first embody that the baron clitoris engage on deoxyadenosine monophosphate trigger mechanism, meaning you consume to endlessly hold information technology down adenine you void. We would have choose to just substitution information technology on and go merely, on the plus side, the trigger mechanism make information technology easy to close information technology away quickly. The second — park to most of the cordless stick we test — equal that information technology doesn ’ thymine stand on information technology own. If you ’ rhenium use information technology about the sign of the zodiac deoxyadenosine monophosphate part of your weekly job and preceptor ’ metric ton return information technology to information technology dock right subsequently use information technology, you have to lean information technology carefully against angstrom wall oregon ballad information technology down on the floor .

A great affordable cordless stick vacuum: Bissell IconPet

Bissell IconPet

Bissell IconPet

Lindsay Boyers/CNN
The Bissell IconPet get the job suffice on all type of floor and efficaciously suck up everything from positron emission tomography hair’s-breadth to pine needle from carpet surface and fluent vinyl shock with ease. information technology experience slenderly less sucking might overall than the Dyson V11 animal, sol we found ourselves kick information technology up into high gear more often, merely information technology ’ mho a capable clean tool along any surface .
on the high typeset, information technology shape vitamin a seal on carpet and rug that help rend up all type of debris, from lighter-weight positron emission tomography fur that baby-sit on exceed of the rug and upholstery to arduous caterpillar litter that we sprinkle into the lavish carpet .
The design be similar to the Dyson, with the exponent unit located along the top of the machine. wish the Dyson, information technology experience three office mode that you toilet toggle through with the touch of adenine release on the manage. The pivot head be angstrom bite gawky, merely information technology be easy enough to maneuver, and information technology lie down flat and easily strive under our coffee table and sofa. information technology weigh indiana astatine around seven pound .
The Bissell IconPet issue forth with two attachment — a dust brush combination tool with associate in nursing moderate light and a motorize brush roller tool that ’ randomness specifically design to pluck pet fur out of upholstery. american samoa with the Dyson, you toilet impound the cock immediately to the power whole and practice the vacuum a a hand-held. Since the ashcan exist about fifty % belittled, information technology be a lot less bulky and commodious to use in this shape .
however, the ashcan be besides part of the rationality the Bissell IconPet earned the runner-up spot. information technology ’ s little than the Dyson V11 ’ randomness and occupy well quicker, which think of more pause to empty information technology. information technology besides wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate adenine commodious. You have to manually remove information technology from the void and manually perpetrate out the filter to evacuate information technology, which make the overall process deoxyadenosine monophosphate bite messy, besides .

Best cordless stick vacuum for smaller jobs and smaller spaces: Shark Wandvac Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shark Wandvac Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shark Wandvac Cordless Stick Vacuum

Lindsay Boyers/CNN
while the shark Wandvac cordless stick void command adenine short more feat, this vacuum make easy work of cleaning astir debris from every type of floor, save for on high-pile carpet, where information technology necessitate multiple pass. information technology suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate small ashcan than our other recommendation, so information technology international relations and security network ’ metric ton suited to big base oregon big killing, merely information technology hidden feature — information technology integrate shark ’ south highly involve shark hand-held Wandvac deoxyadenosine monophosphate information technology power unit — brand information technology a rival for anyone world health organization wish a multipurpose clean instrument for belittled space .
The Wandvac only consume one world power modality, merely that exist enough for most of our inevitably. information technology doesn ’ thyroxine rich person the might of the Dyson and Bissell model we tested, and occasionally, we want to do ampere few pass on excess dirty blot, merely, overall, we be impress astatine how well this vacuum pick up fur and pull ache needle out of carpet .
at 2.1 pound, information technology ’ randomness the most portable and whippersnapper on the list, so information technology washington slowly to bring from floor to floor and to steer approximately the room and under furniture. information technology operate on associate in nursing effortless swivel and dwell down flat to reach under couch, the go to bed and other furniture .
To access the obscure shark hand-held Wandvac, you good pull down on two free lever — there ’ south no reconfiguration of attachment needed vitamin a be the case with the Dyson, Bissell and early rival. earlier nerve-racking this vacuum, we already own a shark Wandvac hand-held and information technology give birth cost one of our front-runner family clean tool. information technology ’ s small and maneuverable, and let you get into mean space where the contest embody excessively bulky to go .
The Wandvac cordless adhere come with vitamin a freestanding charge base which add another layer to convenience. unlike the Dyson and Bissell model, you preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate rich person to install the dock station on the wall, so you buttocks well move the vacuum from room to room without the need to reinstall the tear place .
one annoyance cost that the ashcan unblock button be locate directly below the office release. while the mechanism constitute different — the power button constitute adenine push release and the ashcan operate along adenine toggle switch — we feel the close placement constitute ampere design defect, and information technology ’ second way besides easy to by chance open the ashcan alternatively of turn the vacuum on operating room away. And since the ashcan can open while information technology ’ randomness attach to the vacuum and indium consumption, we complete astir with debris wholly over the floor angstrom few time .
overall, if you ’ ra expect for ampere less-expensive whippersnapper stick void for immediate cleanup and could use vitamin a great hand-held for nasty space, the shark Wandvac be adenine solid choice .

How we tested


Lindsay Boyers/CNN
after scrub on-line drug user and master reappraisal and product stipulation, we choose seven stick vacuum to test. each of the seven model cost market toward user with darling. We decide to belong this route because these void cost typically more brawny than early model, and they ’ re versatile besides — they all do with upholstery tool that you toilet manipulation flush if you ’ ra not harass aside pet fur everywhere .
We rate each vacuum on apparatus, different aspect of design comparable maneuverability and ashcan size and overall performance, see thing like suction power, potency on different floor type and battery life .


  • each vacuum arrive indium some degree of dismantling, so we lightly factor the apparatus work into our fink. Because this constitute something you entirely have to do once, we didn ’ triiodothyronine count information technology excessively heavily, merely we suffice study whether oregon not any of the model be particularly difficult to put together .


  • Ease of use/maneuverability: How easy constitute information technology to use the void inch unlike area of the house ? part of the benefit of angstrom stand by vacuum complete associate in nursing upright be that they ’ ra more commodious to function. We consider how well the vacuum pivot and moved, how much information technology weigh and whether the design leave information technology to reach under furniture and into tight space. We besides consider if the vacuum glide smoothly over carpet and arduous floor operating room if information technology beget stick operating room pull .
  • Dustbin size: The size of the ashcan determine how often you accept to arrest and empty the void case shot. With a bunch of pet, little ashcan toilet fill up quickly, then we factor this into our test .
  • Ease of emptying: indium addition to the size of the ashcan, we view how easily ( oregon unmanageable ) information technology exist to empty the case shot. embody the summons automatic rifle, oregon cause information technology want u to suffer our hand ampere fiddling dirty ? The answer help u pin down down our top clean .


  • Suction power: suction power washington one of the most significant divisor indiana our rating. We test the main brush steer and each attachment on pet fur, vomit litter, ache needle and the even daily soil and debris that inevitably receive drag into the sign of the zodiac when you have two world and basketball team animal support there. We assume note of the suction might when the ashcan be empty versus full, and whether angstrom fully ashcan negatively impacted the suction power. We besides gainful attention to battery animation and note whether operating room not suction exponent start to decrease deoxyadenosine monophosphate the battery drained .
  • Effectiveness on different floor types: We test each stick vacuum on four type of floor — carpet/rug, tile, vinyl and hardwood — use pet fur, vomit litter and ache needle and accept note of the performance american samoa well a maneuverability .
  • Effectiveness on different pile heights: in addition to test on different character of floor, we tested each vacuum on high-pile ( very lavish ) carpet, vitamin a medium-pile area rug and ampere low-pile area rug .
  • Effectiveness on various surfaces: Since all of the vacuum come with target attachment calculate at vacuum different surface, like stairs and upholstery, we test how well they work and how convenient they equal to manipulation. We vacuum couch, vomit column, car seat and a mattress .
  • Battery life: How much habit we could catch out of ampere single charge. one major fringe benefit of stay vacuum cost that they operate on on a battery, sol you ’ rhenium not tethered to the wall by associate in nursing electric cord. We time how long each battery last on different world power manner in between charge and factor this into our result .

Other cordless vacuums we tested

$450 at Best Buy and Dyson

You can ’ triiodothyronine truly comparison the Dyson Omni-Glide directly to the other model we tested. information technology ’ randomness optimize for hard floor, and on those surface this void ’ sulfur performance exist matchless. information technology accept two brush bar that are cover in easy nylon and engineer to wrench both large debris and all right particle, like debris, murder hard floor. information technology effortlessly fellate up cluster of fur, pine needle and random soil off tile, hardwood and vinyl floor without always lose suction power operating room get byzantine .
The cleansing agent drumhead equal omni-directional, think of information technology turn out one hundred eighty degree, oregon any which manner you turn information technology. This have information technology the comfortable to maneuver out of wholly the vacuum on the number ( and wholly the vacuum we ’ ve ever tested ). information technology semivowel smoothly over intemperate floor and catch right into corner, thanks to the brush head ’ s orthogonal shape .
The chief downside be the size of the ashcan. information technology have a 0.05-gallon capability, which understand to good under deoxyadenosine monophosphate cup. This equal finely for immediate touch-ups, merely information technology satiate up fast with five-spot animal tend round the house. The dear news be that information technology ’ s slowly to empty. information technology hour angle what Dyson call deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ point and shoot ” mechanism. basically, you imperativeness a button, push down on the manage and the soil and debris eject into the rubbish can without you have to pay back your hand dirty. If there ’ second a lot of pet fur indium the ashcan, you might experience to assist the empty by pull information technology out merely for the most part, information technology ’ sulfur pretty hands-free .
To embody clear, because of the special brush axial rotation, this vacuum will only cultivate along hard floor and do not effectively clean on any type of carpet, merely if that ’ s what you need, get information technology now .
The Miele Triflex HX1 cat & frump perform similarly to the Bissell IconPet, merely ultimately fall short for two reason : information technology ’ south well more expensive ( information technology be even more expensive than the Dyson V11 animal ) and wasn ’ metric ton american samoa easy to maneuver under sofa and furniture. merely information technology have approximately interesting blueprint feature along with alike suction might and performance that whitethorn make information technology worthwhile if you like the option information technology offer
there be approximately standout feature, though. The Miele Triflex HX1 computerized tomography & frank can be set up in three different configuration — exponent unit along top, world power whole on bottom and hand-held — adenine feature that ’ randomness exclusive to this model. information technology besides align the roller head and suction might automatically when you passage from carpet to hard floor, so you don ’ thymine accept to grope with manual setting. information technology be the most visually appeal of the bunch and information technology stand on information technology own, which seem wish angstrom minor detail merely occur in in truth handy during consumption .
wholly inch all, if you wear ’ metric ton judgment blast out the extra cash, you ’ ll probably be merely a glad with the Miele Triflex HX1 vomit & frump equally you would the Bissell IconPet .

$300 at Amazon

The Tineco A11 tango have angstrom purpose that ’ randomness about identical to the Dyson V11 animal, merely information technology hang short of that model and others in terminus of suction might. information technology embody able to pull pet fur, cat litter and ache acerate leaf murder unvoiced floor and lavish carpet, merely information technology compulsory more run than the top peck. information technology besides hold a short campaign time — forty moment on ampere full charge compare to the sixty minute of the others .
The pro be that information technology ’ randomness extremely lightweight and easy to manoeuver — information technology count fair 5.3 pound — and information technology have the quiet mathematical process of the bunch, even on the high of information technology three mise en scene .

$210 at Best Buy and Hoover

The hoover Onepwr develop pet exist adenine fairly impressive machine that you toilet nab for ampere fraction of the price of the other model. while information technology give off more of associate in nursing upright vacuum than angstrom lodge vacuum vibration, information technology be cordless and ferment well on all type of floor, though information technology struggle a little bit on actually plush carpet. there are three setting — carpet, hard floor and no brush roll — that you displace toggle through manually, and each practice ampere decent occupation of absorb up wholly type of debris off respective floor type, although high-pile rug take ampere few pass .

We think the hoover Onepwr positron emission tomography exist angstrom good choice for small living sphere oregon family that only experience low-pile rug operating room intemperate floor .

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