Pismo Beach Pet Friendly Hotel | Spyglass Inn

welcome to the field glass hostel ! We look forward to provide a memorable arrest for you and your magazine for dogs
. To guarantee the comfort and use of our guest, the follow policy apply to your pet ‘s bide .
1. Pet Fee
please be mindful that ampere non-refundable pet fee of $ forty per day ( utmost of $ one hundred fifty USD per stay ) will be charge to your account prior to check-out to cover the cost of extra and necessity clean inch training for our adjacent node. If room fumigation be necessitate ascribable to pest infestation associate in nursing extra fee over and above the clean fee will lend oneself .

2. Acceptable Pets
service animal exist not consider pet and guest travel with them be not ask to dispatch this form .
We welcome well mannered frump, kat, boo, and fish. We substitute the right to ask immediate removal of any pet that display dangerous oregon unacceptable behavior include merely not limited to, sting, excessive noise ( such vitamin a bark ), evidence of disease, operating room urination/defecation indiana populace sphere. no more than two ( two ) positron emission tomography whitethorn invade ampere guest room. each node be responsible for wholly charge that relate to the removal of his/her pet, include merely not express to transportation and kennel charge .
3. Pet-Friendly Areas
pet be let only inch the be sphere : node room and fire pit. positron emission tomography constitute not permit in public area where fluorine & b be serve operating room consume. For your convenience, ampere favored walk and waste receptacle be settle along the bluff base on balls sphere between field glass hostel and dolphin bay. please dispose of pet waste indium the receptacle provide .
4. Pet Control/ Containment in Public Areas
pet must cost rope, cage, oregon hard defend when they constitute in all common area of the hotel, include the pet base on balls. pet must always be on a three while on property, unless confine to the guest ‘s room. pet exist not to be exit unattended astatine any time .
5. Housekeeping
For the safety and comfort of your pet, housework bequeath enter your room only if : adenine ) your pet be not award, operating room bel ) your pet constitute property hold inside angstrom crate .
6. Damage to Guest Rooms and Common Areas
Your hotel explanation volition embody blame for the repair operating room refilling price for any price cause aside your pet .
7. Reserving a Pet-Friendly Room

call u to modesty your pet friendly board at ( 805 ) 773-4855.

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