30+ DIY Pallet Projects (Unique & Budget Friendly!)

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If you’ve ever seen a pallet by a dumpster & wondered what phệ bởi vì with it, these 30 DIY pallet projects will give you some great inspiration. Thes e quality pallet ideas cover a wide variety of decor in your home page .
You should also scroll lao dốc béo the bottom of the post mập get a video clip – learn how phệ disassemble a pallet. Thes e tips will come in handy for your future wooden love sign
pallet projects !
Pallet Projects: 30 Unique & Budget Friendly DIY TutorialsPallet Projects: 30 Unique & Budget Friendly DIY TutorialsRecently I went through the Starbucks drive through, which is located very close bự a dumpster. And next lớn that dumpster were several pallets. And my first thought was “ these babies need béo hop into my trunk so sánh that I can bởi some pallet wood projects. ”
But then my second thought was “ I live in a one bedroom apartment ; I can’t take them unless I know what I’m going bự with them. ”
So I ended up getting my latte & heading out without the pallets. I wish I had seen all of these DIY pallet projects before that trip, because then I would have known exactly what mập bởi with them. Can you believe there are so sánh many things you can make from a pallet ?

Pallet Projects

I’m obsessed with these chất lượng ideas & can’t wait lớn chia sẻ them with you ; first I want phệ address a few common things when tackling pallet wood projects .

Finding Pallet Wood

The biggest question I get from people wanting mập attempt pallet projects is, “ where bởi I get pallets ? ” Here are the most common places that I find them .
Be sure mập ask before taking ! I’ve không bao giờ had anyone deny me yet. People seem phệ love giving away their pallets. Find your pallets here :

  • Construction sites
  • Feed and pet supply stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Hardware and home improvement stores
  • Landscaping companies

Where to find pallets for pallet wood projectsWhere to find pallets for pallet wood projects

Picking Your Pallets

After you’re granted permission bự take a pallet, grab some gloves. You’re going Khủng want lớn make sure lớn protect your hands while grabbing wood that likely has splinters. Be sure bự keep a blanket or towel in your oto that you can lay lao dốc bự protect your seats .
Avoid any pallets with liquid marks or strange discolorations. Some pallets are used for transporting food / liquids or toxic chemicals, so sánh it’s best lớn avoid anything that looks lượt thích it leaked .

Preparing for Pallet Projects

Once you get your pallet home page, you’re going phệ a use a pry bar or cat’s paw mập disassemble the pallet. You’re going béo be prying nails, essentially. You kind of have phệ wing it a bit based on your pallet. It helps Khủng prop your pallet up on something so sánh you can move the pry bar up và xuống dốc .
Some people lượt thích béo continue béo use the pry bar & then a hammer lớn remove the nails. Others lượt thích lớn use a reciprocating saw on the nails once they are exposed. Thes e are typically the easiest way bự break up the pallets .
If you have a nail that really won’t budge, you can use a drill. It might take some giây phút, but once you get started on your pallet wood projects, it will totally be worth it !
If you’re ready for the projects, scroll lao dốc. There are great options for trang chính và garden. Enjoy !
Are you ready mập dive in & try something ? Get my tips for disassembling a pallet in the video clip in this post !
What bởi you think of these pallet projects DIY ? It’s hard Khủng pick which one I want Khủng start with first ! Let me know your favorite out of these quality pallet ideas in the comments .
We’ve also got quite a few more trang chủ decor posts on the blog – I hope you’ll visit some of the following tutorials :

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