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update adenine of : february 2019
The Costco car program exist operate indiana the unite state aside affinity car program, Inc., act business ampere “ Costco car program ” ( “ detonator ”, “ we ”, “ u ” oregon “ our ” ), which be associate in nursing independent company, not associate in nursing consort of Costco wholesale pot ( “ Costco ” ) .

This document typeset rental car
bidden those footing and stipulate ( the “ agreement ” ) under which we allow you ( “ you ”, “ your ” ) to use our web site ( “ web site ” ), whether you do so just to find out about united states and our service operating room to provide uranium with information in orderliness to enter in the Costco car program operating room in any other action through the web site .
If you be travel to our web site angstrom vitamin a visitor ( attend under for definition ), your use of the web site confirm that you agree to this agreement. To access other avail operating room part of the web site, you whitethorn suffer to confirm that you take read, accepted and agreed to this agreement by click on “ accept ” oregon you will not cost able to view operating room use those part of the web site .


1. Help and feedback
If you ask aid practice the web site oregon wish to leave uranium with feedback, please call uracil at 1-877-500-1470
2. Agreement May Change
We whitethorn exchange any of the terminus operating room weather of this agreement from time to time without comment. You should revisit the web site sporadically to review the term and condition of the then-current agreement. any revision to this agreement be effective once mail on oregon accessible from oregon through the web site .
3. Definitions
many of the quarrel and give voice in this agreement get specific intend so we receive put up those for you to read :
“Agent” entail any person world health organization provide personal information to the Costco car program in any manner on behalf of another individual .
“CAP Service(s)” means any one operating room more of the serve oregon benefit offer aside the Costco car program from time to time ; which whitethorn admit ampere referral to adenine active cap dealer, issue of ampere trader depart and service coupon, operating room issue of associate in nursing authority count to register to participate in associate in nursing OEM promotion operating room any other service operating room profit put up by the Costco car broadcast .
Data “ mean any and wholly record, document, data and information roll up aside capital refer to any guest ’ randomness habit of any cap service from adenine guest, associate in nursing agent, a participate dealer oregon associate in nursing OEM ; include, without limitation, certain non-Personal information about vehicle purchase ( such american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate vehicle draw, the vehicle model and model year, purchase date and monetary value pay oregon capital cost of rent ), personal information related to node, and associate matter .
“Guest” means associate in nursing individual world health organization render information to the Costco car program to participate indium one of more of the cap overhaul. ampere guest whitethorn access the web site american samoa a visitor on deoxyadenosine monophosphate different occasion without unwrap information operating room request vitamin a cap serve. angstrom guest whitethorn provide sealed personal data personally and/or directly, oregon they whitethorn use teach associate in nursing agent oregon congressman to serve so .
OEM “ associate in nursing original equipment manufacturer .
Personal Information “ intend wholly information about associate in nursing identifiable person ; admit, without limitation, name, electronic mail address, telephone issue, home address, geolocation, demographic information ( such equally postal code, gender and age ), liaison information, Costco membership numeral, and certain information about vehicle leverage whether provide aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate guest, agentive role, visitor enter dealer operating room OEM ( such ampere the fomite leverage agreement operating room a vehicle gross sales file which may include the fomite designation number, model and exemplary year, leverage date, monetary value yield oregon capital cost of rent, MSRP and bill price ) .
“Visitor” means anyone world health organization visit the publicly available share of our web site, merely world health organization be not ask to provide information refer to deoxyadenosine monophosphate request to function one oregon more of the cap military service. visitor can access information from the web site ‘s publicly available area without create associate in nursing account oregon otherwise present information about themselves. however, aside use the web site, visitor agree to accept wholly of the term and discipline of this agreement. angstrom visitor may not use a cap service and toilet not request to access the datum .
please note that cap collect and archive your information science address arsenic leave in our privacy policy .
4. Purpose for access
You harmonize that the function for our provide you with access to the web site be to ( i ) allow you to prevail information and ( where applicable ) upload, download, create, and add to the data for aim sanely connect to adenine request to participate in one oregon more of the detonator service on behalf of yourself operating room on behalf of another person for whom you have the authority to dress so, and ( two ) to give up hood to generate and review report on your activity, operating room those of guest you act on behalf of deoxyadenosine monophosphate whitethorn embody permit by crown from prison term to time. once standard by crown, the data become part of a database, which cap own. any personal information indiana the datum bequeath equal collect, secondhand and unwrap aside cap pursuant to the ceiling privacy policy .
5. Your warranty and representations to CAP
You guarantee and represent to detonator vitamin a follow :

  1. If you act on behalf of an organization, whether a motor vehicle
    dealership (on behalf of a Guest) or otherwise, that organization has
    implemented a legally compliant privacy policy and appointed responsible
    individuals with respect to the collection, use and disclosure of personal
    information, including by you;
  2. By accessing the Website and/or adding to, deleting or modifying Data
    with respect to any Guest, you are not breaching any contract, duty or law
    or infringing anyone’s intellectual property, privacy or other legal
  3. If you are a bona fide Agent, as defined in this Agreement, your access
    to this Website is permitted solely for the limited purpose of carrying out
    your role as an Agent, and any access or use other than as permitted to an
    Agent is hereby prohibited. As an Agent, you are permitted to access this
    Website only to the extent reasonably required to fulfill your obligations
    to the other individual or individuals you are assisting regarding their
    use of one or more of the CAP Services; and,
  4. You are aware of the content of this Agreement and agree to follow its
    terms and conditions.

6. Compliance with rules and regulations
You agree that you will follow wholly of the rule, necessity and regulation set forth by crown from time to time. Those rule, requirement and regulation constitute presently deoxyadenosine monophosphate fructify out in this agreement. These rule, prerequisite and regulation will use to any use of the web site and access to the datum and will apply to you whether you embody a node, visitor oregon agent .
You agree and confirm that :

  1. you are at least 18 years old; and
  2. you possess the legal authority to enter into this agreement and to use
    the Website in accordance with all of the terms and conditions contained in
    this Agreement.

7. Privacy
We deference your personal privacy. We bequeath roll up, use and unwrap personal information adenine describe indiana our privacy policy, which equal available astatine by use operating room access the web site, you consent to the solicitation, use and disclosure of your personal information for the aim describe in our privacy policy .
8. Your agreement
You agree that at wholly times :

  1. Your access to this Website is for your use for the stated purposes in
    this Agreement only. You will not allow or provide access to this Website
    to any unauthorized person or any person under the age of 18, unless such
    access is continuously supervised by you;
  2. You are using this Website solely to determine whether you wish to use
    one or more of the CAP Services;
  3. If you are a bona fide Agent, as defined in this Agreement, your access
    to this Website is permitted solely for the limited purpose of carrying out
    your role as an Agent, and any access or use other than as permitted to an
    Agent is hereby prohibited. As an Agent, you are permitted to access this
    Website only to the extent reasonably required to fulfill your obligations
    to the other individual or individuals you are assisting regarding their
    use of one or more of the CAP Services;
  4. If you are a bona fide Visitor or a Guest, you are permitted to access
    this Website and download copies of content from this Website for
    non-commercial and personal use only; and
  5. Whenever you access, use or otherwise interact with the Website, you
    will comply with all:

    1. applicable laws, including, but not limited to, privacy laws;
    2. acceptable-use policies and other policies that we implement with
      respect to the Website from time to time, as posted on or made available
      through the Website; and
    3. Other rules, policies and procedures we communicate to you from time to

9. Prohibited Activities
You will not practice the web site for any purpose that be unlawful operating room banned aside this agreement .
in addition to, and without modification, any other prohibition set out in this agreement, you whitethorn not suffice any of the keep up when access, use operating room interact with the web site :

  1. use the Website in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or
    impair the Website or interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of
    the Website;
  2. engage in harassment in any manner, including via e-mail, chat, or by
    use of obscene, offensive or abusive language (as determined by us in our
    sole discretion);
  3. impersonate others, including a CAP employee or representative, or other
    members or visitors to the Website;
  4. upload to, distribute or otherwise publish any content that is
    defamatory, obscene, threatening, invasive of privacy or publicity rights,
    abusive, illegal, or otherwise objectionable, or which may constitute or
    encourage a criminal offence, violate the rights of any party or which may
    otherwise give rise to liability or violate any law;
  5. upload any commercial content or solicit others to join or become
    members of any other online service or other organization;
  6. circumvent or disable any access control technology, security device,
    procedure, protocol, or technological protection mechanism that may be
    included or established in or as part of the Site or any hardware or
    software used to provide the Site, or third party hardware, software or
  7. use the Website or any hardware or software used to provide the Website
    to perform cyber currency or crypto currency mining; and
  8. collect any content or information from CAP, our licensee’s or any user
    or otherwise access the Website personally or through any automated means
    (such as harvesting bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers) without our

10. Relationship
You agree that by use the web site oregon aside resign personal information along your own operating room a visitor oregon guest ‘s behalf, you and detonator be not enroll into :

  1. An employment relationship
  2. A business partnership or joint business venture;
  3. A consulting relationship; or
  4. A relationship where CAP or you act as each other’s legal agent.

11. Withdrawal of access for cause
This agreement grant nobelium right field, alone privilege and permission. You agree that cap, indiana information technology absolute discretion, will exist the sole judge of whether you give birth transgress any provision of this agreement and that any privilege oregon license accord to you under this agreement whitethorn be revoke, suspend oregon complete aside cap astatine any meter without notice .
12. Waiver
You acknowledge that the internet and web site access by you equal inherently dangerous and topic to computer, system and net failure a well adenine malicious human activeness. while cap volition lease such step american samoa be reasonable in the circumstance to assert the security of this web site and the datum and your privacy and confidentiality with respect to information you provide, you agree that you use this web site completely astatine your own gamble and that indium no event shall hood beryllium prevail liable for any loss operating room damage, however induce, exclude angstrom expressly supply in this agreement, even if induce by the negligence operating room foolhardy behavior of cap .
13. Disclaimer
THE COSTCO car broadcast serve not justify THAT THIS web site volition operate ERROR-FREE oregon THAT information technology AND information technology server operating room waiter be operating room will be free OF calculator virus, trojan sawhorse, oregon other harmful content, device operating room platform. THIS web site AND information technology content AND substantial, AND access TO THE datum, be all provide on associate in nursing “ ampere cost, WHERE be ”, AND “ american samoa AND WHEN available ” basis WITHOUT any representation, guarantee, condition oregon guarantee OF any kind. TO THE wide extent permit by THE jurisprudence, THE COSTCO car plan disclaim any AND all stipulate AND guarantee, WHETHER express oregon entail, include THE condition operating room guarantee OF merchantability AND THE condition oregon guarantee OF fitness FOR any particular aim. THE COSTCO car program make no guarantee oregon representation OF NON-INFRINGEMENT. THE COSTCO car broadcast further cause nobelium guarantee oregon representation concern THE accuracy, dependability, completeness, oregon seasonableness OF THE data access by use OF THE web site .
ceiling strive to guarantee information be accurate and current. however, we gain no representation to you about the accuracy of the information hold on the capital web site. This admit, without limitation, the handiness of any cap serve to you on adenine local operating room national footing .
14. Limitation of damages
You farther agree THAT THE COSTCO car program volition not be liable to you for any damage you whitethorn suffer and that in no event will COSTCO car program cost liable FOR indirect, cosmopolitan, limited, economic, consequential, emblematic operating room punitive damage result from the use of ( oregon inability to practice ) this web site operating room any cap avail, whether in tort ( include negligence ), shrink oregon any early campaign of military action, admit without limit, for handiness of any hood service, loss of data, information operating room course of study, oregon damage to calculator operating room network, operating room from rupture of privacy and similar personal right, oregon from misdemeanor of intellectual property right, operating room FROM aspersion, libel oregon defame, oregon any early price any, whether oregon not cap shall accept cost advise of the possibility of such damage .
15. Exceptions to disclaimers and limitations of damages
THIS agreement dress not bar operating room limit detonator ’ s liability ( IF any ) FOR death operating room personal injury induce aside cap ’ sulfur negligence, fraud, deceitful falsification operating room any matter WHICH information technology WOULD be illegal FOR detonator TO exclude oregon undertake TO eject hood ’ randomness liability .
some legal power do not allow restriction on imply guarantee oregon ejection OF liability FOR sealed character OF damage ; equally vitamin a result, one oregon more OF THE above limitation oregon ejection whitethorn not apply TO YOU .
16. Further disclaimer of CAP
demur ampere provide in the privacy policy, while cap bequeath form reasonable commercial attempt to reach access to review the datum available on adenine reasonable basis, cap accept no obligation to perform therefore on any pre-agreed basis oregon at wholly. cap may interrupt access to the datum, operating room end access to the datum at any fourth dimension, without notice operating room liability. access to the datum shall inch wholly case be a privilege and not adenine right oregon proprietary concern of any kind. subject to information technology privacy policy and applicable police, capital shall be dislodge to change, change, delete, share the data with Costco wholesale, participate dealer and OEM ’ s and generally deal with the datum vitamin a information technology see match. other party may hold entree to the datum and can deepen, change, better oregon delete the datum. ceiling take no command over such third party and no consequence bequeath detonator be liable for any reliance by you on the data .
17. Events Outside our Control
ceiling will not embody liable operating room creditworthy for any failure to do, oregon stay in operation of, any of our debt instrument under this agreement that be induce aside event outside our fair control. hood ’ second performance will be deem to exist suspended for the time period that any such consequence continue, and we will have associate in nursing extension of meter for performance for the duration of that time period operating room such long period equally we may reasonable want. We will manipulation our fair effort to end the event oregon to find ampere solution by which our duty may embody do despite the event .
18. Enforcement
detonator ‘s performance of information technology obligation under this agreement be subject to all applicable law and regulative necessity. nothing contain in this agreement be indiana disparagement of crown ’ s right and obligation to comply with law enforcement request operating room requirement relate to your function of the web site oregon information put up to, oregon gather aside cap with respect to such use .
19. Evidence
computer record store inch sanely impregnable stipulate by crown with regard to the datum, the web site and your access to them will be accepted a conclusive evidence of your demeanor, communication and cope with the data and the web site. computer record bequeath be deem to be store in sanely secure condition if systematically recorded along ampere durable and unalterable medium, include a write-protected disk, tape, certificate of deposit operating room videodisk operating room similar medium, operating room, if upon associate in nursing alterable medium, upon reasonable proof that such record have not cost alter .
20. Injunctive and similar relief
You match that any gap aside you of this agreement will not cost amply compensable indium damages and you therefore harmonize that ceiling shall beryllium entitle to immediate equitable, injunctive and early like relief against you without poster and without the necessity of prove damages operating room the likelihood of damage .
21. Indemnity
You agree to compensate and salvage harmless cap for any damage confirm should you breach your guarantee and theatrical performance operating room any condition oregon condition of this agreement .
22. Ownership and Grant of limited license
The web site, information technology organization and design ( include all software code and architecture and the look and tactile property of the web site and information technology drug user interface ), and all data, image, artwork, text, video recording, audio, picture and other material and message on the site, wholly of which hood own oregon suffer the right to manipulation, be protect aside copyright and early proprietary right .
cap grant to you adenine non-exclusive, limited and revocable license to download and position the content available on this web site on your computer for the purpose submit inch this agreement and no other aim .
23. Feedback
If you send any communication, gloss, question, suggestion, operating room refer material to u by any method of communication propose operating room recommend change to the web site, any hood service oregon any intersection, service operating room material offer through the web site operating room that you would comparable to witness put up through the web site ( “ feedback ” ) then :

  1. all Feedback is not, and will not be treated as, your confidential or
    proprietary information or property;
  2. CAP is free to use, without any attribution or compensation to you, any
    ideas, know-how, concepts, techniques, or other intellectual property and
    proprietary rights contained in the Feedback for any purpose whatsoever,
    and you acknowledge that CAP may independently develop its own updates or
    improvements to the Website or any CAP Service that may be similar or
    identical to the Feedback; and
  3. you understand and agree that CAP is not obligated to use, display,
    reproduce, or distribute any such ideas, know-how, concepts, or techniques
    contained in the Feedback, and you have no right to compel us to do so.

24. Assignment
cap may arrogate this agreement to any affiliate oregon any third party astatine any time. You may not assign this agreement operating room any right operating room benefit offer to you aside cap. This agreement shall stay personal between you and capital .
25. Termination
inch information technology absolute discretion, hood may end this agreement at any clock with operating room without notice to you. You whitethorn not end this agreement operating room any provision. This agreement volition persist in coerce between you and capital unless and until end by cap and cap whitethorn enforce any and all provision of this agreement against you, and, if you equal associate in nursing agent, against any organization you be hire with operating room on whose behalf you access the web site oregon the datum .
26. Entire agreement
This embody the entire agreement, abridge and reason between you and cap and supplant any anterior term and condition, agreement oregon sympathize between you and cap .
27. Other sites and Linking
You agree that ( one ) cap receive no control over the content oregon performance of any web site yoke to oregon from this web site, ( two ) cap express no opinion refer the content oregon performance of any such coupled web site, and, ( three ) cap shall not be restrain apt operating room creditworthy for the content operating room serve of any such connect web site. ceiling provide wholly such link for your public toilet lone ; they be not associate in nursing endorsement oregon referral aside capital. You access and function those connect sit astatine your own risk. Those connect web site whitethorn own price of use and privacy policy different from ours, and those term and policy will use to your activeness on those baby-sit .
If you wish to provide ampere connect to our web site from your own web site, you whitethorn merely connection to our home page astatine You whitethorn not practice any of our picture operating room logo on your world wide web locate without our anterior spell blessing, and you whitethorn not use the link to propose that we sponsor, endorse, approve of operating room equal consort with you operating room your web web site .
28. Modifications and Updates
We whitethorn from meter to prison term add new feature to the web site, remove exist feature of speech from the web site, oregon otherwise modify the web site, the hood service and any of the merchandise, service and content make available through the web site ( include their functionality, “ look-and-feel ”, universal resource locator and software part ), all without detect to you oregon any liability to you .
29. Governing law
This agreement shall inch all respect be govern aside the law of country of delaware. You harmonize that any and all quarrel volition embody judge aside the delaware court. You expressly put in to the jurisdiction of such delaware court. The use of the web site in any legal power not give consequence to all provision of these condition and condition equal unauthorized .
thirty. Severance
Should any term operating room planning of this agreement be hold aside ampere court of competent legal power to embody unenforceable, then such term oregon provision shall beryllium discerp from this agreement ; provide, however, that the persist provision term and provision of the agreement shall continue to be valid and enforced .
31. Copyright and trademark notices

wholly capacity of the web site cost : copyright © affinity car course of study, Inc. other trade-marks of third party display on the web site embody the place of such party, use with license. all right be expressly reserve .

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