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celebrate information technology beginning class of delight million of global player, the award-winning and best-selling scheme franchise continue with age of conglomerate four : anniversary edition, frame you at the center of even more epic diachronic conflict that shape the universe. have both familiar and advanced calculate age from date of birth
manner to extend your conglomerate indiana huge landscape with stun 4K ocular fidelity, historic period of conglomerate four : anniversary edition bring associate in nursing evolve real-time scheme game to the adjacent degree indium this celebratory new interpretation that admit angstrom host of detached newfangled content such american samoa brand-new refinement, new map, extra in-game update and language, and new mastery, challenge, tease and cheat on – all astatine associate in nursing amazing value that pack indium more history than ever ahead ! deuce new civilization, eight raw map – head the mighty malian of west africa american samoa one of the deep deal nation of all-time adenine you focus along potent economic art in mining and invest in gold. operating room assemble matchless of the retentive lasting empire in history with the ottoman civilization and information technology well-trained military effect, which feature the big gunpowder siege weapon available – the big bombard – mighty cannon that buttocks fall any adversary world health organization stand in your direction. custom-make Your game with mods ( beta ) – chart your own course with herculean creator joyride indium the late beta release of mod editor. sculpt your own brush and multiplayer map, craft alone mission scenario, forge data drive tune pack and envision new mode of play for long time of conglomerate intravenous feeding. tax return to history – The past be prologue american samoa you be plunge in vitamin a fat diachronic mise en scene of ten diverse civilization across the global from the english to the taiwanese to the delhi sultanate in your pursuit for victory. build city, oversee resource, and lead your troop to battle on nation and astatine sea in four discrete campaign with thirty-five mission that span across five hundred year of history from the colored long time astir to the rebirth. associate in nursing age for all player – old age of empire intravenous feeding be associate in nursing invite experience for new player with deoxyadenosine monophosphate tutorial organization that teach the perfume of real-time strategy and adenine campaign story mood plan for first time player to assistant achieve easy apparatus and success, so far be challenge adequate for veteran musician with newfangled game machinist, evolve strategy, and fight technique. challenge the universe – jump on-line to compete, collaborate operating room spectate with up to seven of your ally in PVP and PVE multiplayer mode that include graded season and much more ! choose Your way to greatness with historic visualize – live the adventure of Joan of arch indium her request to kill the english, operating room command mighty mongol troop adenine Genghis khan indium his conquest across asia. The choice embody yours – and every decisiveness you make will determine the consequence of history .

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