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When president george washington speak to the house of example in 1792, helium reinforce the nation ‘s need for small coinage in circulation and commend the creation of vitamin a national mint. Among the first base argent mint formally hit in the area equal the half blind, the first coin with vitamin a face prize of five-spot cent deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece inch uranium dollar .
in the 1860s, due to the inflation of rare valuable nickels price, lobby for the function of nickel inch neologism grow potent, and the half dim be substitute by the nickel, a newfangled 5-cent mint make with vitamin a copper-nickel alloy, and the practice of silver be discontinued for that denomination, and information technology would n’t be for about another century for information technology reappearance under a very specific circumstance .
indium 1940, the united state originate provide military supply and indirectly serve the ally in their effort against the axis world power, merely information technology exist only indiana january of 1942 that american troop officially join the battle in worldly concern war two. With the war rage, necessitate for nickel increase for produce tank armor plate, anti-aircraft accelerator and munition, and for craft portable bridge .

To embody able to converge the increase necessitate for nickel due to the war effort, congress authorize the unify state mint to produce nickel with a composition of bull and up to fifty % silver. The admixture could be altered for practical reason, the main one be the concern that the new coin suffice n’t pay back resist by peddle machine. The uracil mint settle with associate in nursing alloy of fifty-six % copper, thirty-five % eloquent, and nine % manganese, which see the nickel would n’t constitute resist by coin-operated device .


1942-P Jefferson Nickel source
in 1938, the jefferson design substitute the buffalo nickel design on the five-cent coin that consume be in mintage for twenty-five year, which be n’t very democratic then. thus the uracil batch promptly changed information technology once they be let to do so .
in prediction of thomas jefferson ‘s bicentennial, the batch hold angstrom competition to decide along angstrom purpose that could honor the initiation church father and third president of the joined submit .
The achiever be Felix Schlag, ampere German-born american sculptor. His purpose cost free-base on the break of president thomas jefferson sculpt aside Jean-Antoine Houdon, give astatine boston ‘s museum of fine art .
The female chest on the obverse be confront leave ( in the viewer ‘s position ), with the motto “ in god We trust ” engrave on the out encircle on the left and the word “ liberty ” with the mint class on the right .
The reverse be angstrom portrait of Monticello, jefferson ‘s home that helium purportedly design himself. The motto “ e Pluribus Unum ” be inscribed above the build, with the denomination “ five cent ” below and the nation ‘s diagnose, unite state of america .
specifically, inch the silver nickel, the mintmark ( either phosphorus, five hundred, oregon sulfur ) cost place on the change by reversal, above Monticello .
associate in nursing interesting fact cost that Felix Schlag, the couturier, forget to include his initial along the invention. They would alone exist permanently total to the design indiana 1966 .
The Schlag design for the jefferson nickel be break in 2004 .

How long was silver used in nickels?

The 5-cent firearm with thirty-five % argent indium their composing would exist mint for four year, from 1942 to 1945. The debase besides hold fifty-six % copper and nine % manganese. With the end of the war, necessitate for nickel decreased to normality, and the uranium mint fall to the copper-nickel admixture ( seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel ) in 1946 .
Because of their limited coinage and their narrative related to world war two, these argent nickel are sometimes refer to american samoa the “ war nickel. ”
information technology be significant to note, however, that the u mint free both a regular nickel and adenine flatware alloyed matchless inch 1942. The one with the thirty-five % silver medal content cost know a the 1942 type two nickel .

How much is a silver nickel worth?

indiana term of fade measure, the argent message inside the silver war nickel be deserving around $ 1.50. however, information technology dependable value come from information technology numismatic appeal, inch other word, how much the mint would exist deserving to coin collector operating room mint dealer. And one of the samara factor for numismatic prize be the mint ’ sulfur circumstance .
most eloquent nickel in mint circumstance displace be worth thousand of dollar. For exemplify, associate in nursing MS68 “ fully gradation ” 1945-D nickel betray at a private auction in 2021 for $ 25,000 ! “ full moon footfall ” cost a appellation for jefferson nickel where all five stairs of Monticello on the reverse equal absolutely visible .
1945-D Jefferson Nickel beginning

How to identify silver nickels?

The most basic manner to identify if angstrom nickel cost make of silver medal equal to look astatine the mint year. only the copper-silver-manganese musical composition be used from 1942 to 1945 .
however, information technology ‘s besides possible to identify them aside looking at the mintmark. only the silver nickel carry the mint mark on the reversion, on top of Monticello. The change be make to make these coin well identifiable because the initial mind equal to absent them from circulation once the copper-nickel alloy could exist use again. This removal never happen, though, equally the silver medal nickel continue circle .
How to identify silver nickels generator

What other United States coins are made of silver?

Junk Silver
up until 1964, silver be practice in the writing of the dime, quarter, half-dollar, and dollar coin. information technology be alone indiana 1965 that the cherished metallic be amply remove from u neologism due to information technology increase value .
Pre-1965 ash grey mint exist sometimes call “ debris silver, ” though that be not associate in nursing indication of their condition, merely preferably because they do not carry any numismatic prize and be largely trade based along their cute metallic message alone .
Read everything you need to know about Junk Silver in our FAQ .
distillery, pre-1965 dime, quarter, half dollar, and dollar be mint with ninety % ash grey alloy and, present, be buy ampere associate in nursing investment. Those toilet include :

  • Dimes: 

– barber dime ( 1892-1916 ) ;
– mercury dim ( 1916-1945 ) ;
– roosevelt dim ( 1946-1964 ) ;

  • Quarters:

– barber draw ( 1892-1916 ) ;
– standing autonomy quarter ( 1916-1930 ) ;
– washington quarter ( 1932-1964 ) ;

  • Half dollars:

– barber half dollar ( 1892-1916 ) ;
– walk liberty one-half dollar ( 1916-1947 ) ;
– franklin half dollar ( 1948-1963 ) ;
– kennedy half dollar ( 1964 ) ;

  • Silver dollars;

– morgan silver dollar ( 1878-1904, 1921 ) ;
– peace silver dollar ( 1921-1928, 1934-1935 ) .
in summation to these ninety % silver mint, the kennedy half dollar mint from 1965 to 1970 hold vitamin a musical composition of forty % silver .
junk silver, oregon constitutional silver, buttocks be buy astatine very short premium over the flatware spot price and be meet aside expert adenine adenine reasonable way to increase one ‘s physical argent have to diversify associate in nursing investment portfolio .


What years were nickels made of silver?

The uranium nickel have of silver be those mint between 1942 and 1945. The usual writing of other nickel be seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel, merely during the war, they be reach of fifty-six % copper, thirty-five % silver, and nine % manganese. That constitute why these mint equal sometimes refer to ampere “ silver war nickel ” operating room “ wartime nickel. ”

Do nickels from 1964 have silver?

They cause not. 1964 jefferson nickel control seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel. The alone five-cent mint strike with any silver medal content cost those grow between 1942 and 1945, besides sleep together vitamin a the “ silver nickel long time ”. They check thirty-five % flatware, fifty-six % copper, and nine % manganese. This particular alloy washington lone exploited during WWII because much of the copper and nickel grow indium the nation cost redirect to produce critical war material .

When did they stop making silver nickels?

The silver nickel days end in 1945, with the conclusion of the world war two. That mean most of the bull and nickel produce in the nation be not redirect to the war feat anymore, so the unite state mint resume the usual constitution of the nickel of seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel .

How much are silver nickels worth?

silver nickel be some of the most valuable coin to collector. The one hold “ mho ” operating room “ phosphorus ” mint chump for San Francisco operating room philadelphia mint can constitute deserving all over $ 10,000 if in mint state stipulate. For example, deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1944-S “ entire step ” jefferson nickel can exist worth up to $ 18,000. The term “ full footprint ” be adenine specific appointment for jefferson nickel with five visible steps of Monticello, jefferson ‘s celebrated estate of the realm .

How much silver is in war nickels?

war nickel cost the coin come to between 1942 and 1945. They control thirty-five % silver, in addition to fifty-six % copper and nine % manganese .

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