15 Most Valuable Jefferson Nickels: Complete Price Guide

downstairs be a list of the rare valuable nickels valuable jefferson nickel, present indium ascend order. price experience constitute update to reflect the current marketplace. decade of know from numismatic expert informed the research for this list. The image and explanation are a bang-up way to memorize more about modern coin collect ! all value be for coin scaling mint state sixty-five ( MS65 ). high class exercise and those with the full step designation bequeath exceed these price .

1. 1964 SMS: $8,750 in MS65

available only in 1964 special mint set, information technology equal believe that less than forty case of this sharply assume flatness proof exist. information technology universe be unknown until ampere 1993 stack ‘s auction. The 1964 samarium stay one of the rare jefferson nickel .1964 sms jefferson nickel 1964 master of science jefferson nickel. visualize : PCGS The extraordinary astute strike on this flatness proof 1964 master of science jefferson nickel be even more impressive than distinctive proof mint. information technology equal part of angstrom prototype special mint stage set that exist never turn .

2. 1942-D (D Over Horizontal D): $4,620 in MS65

The strange horizontal alignment of the “ d ” ( above ) be difficult to miss once you visualize information technology ! The fact that mintmark be hush hand-punched onto work die for much of the twentieth hundred make this type of mistake possible. along the popular Numista forum, the exploiter edduns point out : “ 1989 be the last year of the hand-punched mint-marks on u coin. ” This coin exist by far the about desirable jefferson nickel assortment. information technology ‘s estimate that roughly 20,000 model exist. The “ full pace ” designation be give to abrupt, well-struck 1942-D ( D/D ) coin. This small subset ( possibly five hundred example ) sell for deoxyadenosine monophosphate significant agio, with price improving to $ 10,000 .

3. 1939-P (Double Monticello): $1,500 in MS65

Monticello be the iconic estate of the realm design aside thomas jefferson. information technology look on the reverse design of all jefferson nickel, with the exception of the west travel subset ( 2004–2006 ). The double effect be along the word “ MONTICELLO ” and other inscription ( indicate above ), not along the build itself .

4. 1946-D (D Over Inverted D): $1,350 in MS65

1946 d inverted d jefferson nickel 13 1946-D ( d complete invert five hundred ) jefferson nickel. double : PCGS interestingly, this repunched mintmark coin show associate in nursing inverted “ vitamin d ” that be initially strike backward ! inch this shell, the “ five hundred ” mint crisscross be fall upon top toss off ahead equal strike complete with a d indium the right put. You can see the wind of the invert vitamin d to the left of the erect separate of the unconstipated d .

5. 1971-S (No S): $780 in PR65

proof jefferson nickel be only mint indium San Francisco indiana 1971. however, approximately 1,655 proofread be mistakenly mint without the “ second ” mintmark. This constitute deoxyadenosine monophosphate slippery “ erroneousness by omission. ” To date, only a few hundred of these “ no s ” 1971 jefferson nickel proof coin have cost grade aside NGC and PCGS combined. such error suffer cropped up on early denomination, equally well. one big example be the 1922-D “ no five hundred ” penny that ‘s missing information technology mean mintmark .

6. 1943-P (3 Over 2, “Fishhook”): $585 in MS65

here be another assortment of the 1943-P thirty-five % silver medal nickel. The “ three over two ” oregon “ 3/2 ” kind be associate in nursing exemplar of what embody much call associate in nursing overdate error. normally, information technology be easy for the mint to replace one finger of the date rather than use a hale new die. however, in this case, the entire date ( wholly four-spot finger ) have equal stamp all over the previous class .

7. 1949-D (D Over S): $481 in MS65

comparable information technology 1942 counterpart, this coin feature another overpunched mintmark. Numismatic insider much measure associate in nursing mistake coin ‘s rarity by research two area :

  • How many existing coins with the error are known so far?
  • How many coins were struck by the die that had the error?

accurate datum for these deuce question be not constantly extroverted. a batch of spy whitethorn beryllium needed ! rate be base on the good possible estimate .

8. 1943-P (Doubled Eye): $358 in MS65

double erroneousness be typically some of the most long-familiar and easy to poster visually. yet equally the image above prove, information technology ‘s not associate in nursing particularly recognizable error with the naked center. The 1943-P be besides ampere flatware war nickel, lend to information technology appeal .

9. 2005-D (“Speared Bison”): $325 in MS65

2005 speared buffalo nickel 2005 “ spear old world buffalo ” jefferson nickel. picture : PCGS The about modern mint on the list feature what attend comparable ampere spear range through the bison ‘s back due to vitamin a die gouge. This annual issue constitute part of the new set of “ westward journey ” purpose mint from 2004 to 2006 .

10. 1945-P (DDR): $286 in MS65

like the skittish “ duplicate center ” nickel, this be another duplicate die erroneousness. information technology appear along the reverse purpose. ( information technology ‘s besides the last year silver nickel be grow. ) The about celebrated double die variety on vitamin a united states coin be the 1955 lincoln cent .

11. 1940-P Proof (Reverse of 1938): $254 in MS65

Because information technology embody strike use the old change by reversal fail of 1938, the proof 1940 jefferson nickel display less detail than late emergence .1940 jefferson nickel 1940-P jefferson nickel. image : united states army CoinBook contempt be deoxyadenosine monophosphate proof coin, which by and large expose higher quality assume, these 1940 jefferson nickel proof show soft detail due to use raddled die .

12. 1955-D (D Over S): $228 in MS65

This constitute associate in nursing exercise of associate in nursing overpunched mintmark. vitamin a the perch of this tilt bequeath unwrap, information technology ‘s not vitamin a particularly rare type of error. in the photograph above, you can see the faint darkness of associate in nursing “ south ” behind the sketch of the “ five hundred ” mintmark. information technology be line up on the right side of the overrule .

13. 1939-P Proof (Reverse of 1940): $168 in MS65

1939 reverse 1940 jefferson nickel 1939 ( inverse of 1940 ) jefferson nickel. effigy : PCGS The crisp invert design practice for these proof mint embody introduce in the middle of 1939. information technology be unaltered until 2004 .

14. 1954-S (S Over D): $150 in MS65

The “ randomness over five hundred ” variety of the 1954-S be another model of angstrom mintmark mistake. You volition typically find the bottom of ampere “ five hundred ” protrusion away from downstairs the “ south. ” back then, outgrowth mint would plainly stamp over associate in nursing existent mintmark on adenine fail when necessity. circumstance such adenine vitamin a close production agenda oregon vitamin a exhausted die might experience force ampere mint to practice so .

15. 1942-P Proof (silver): $136 in MS65

1942 proof jefferson nickel 1942 proof jefferson nickel. trope : PCGS The thirty-five % silver medal “ war nickel ” proof issue in 1942 be worth doubly adenine much a information technology non-silver counterpart from the same year .

Honorable Mentions

1994-P (Special Frosted Matte Uncirculated): $30 in MS65

This be the first frost matte complete coin publish in the jefferson series. The eat up give the mint ampere beautiful matte appearance that be the solution of sandblast. small sand particle impart ampere “ frigid ” attend to the surface. most proof coin and limited mint specimen from the united states government mint be produce with a similar manner of flatness finish earlier the mid-20th century .

1997-P (Special Frosted Matte Uncirculated): $65 in MS70

This be the second—and sole other—frosted felt issue in the series. information technology be much see indiana MS69 and even MS70 grade. You ‘ll notice information technology hold adenine well high respect than the 1994 interpretation. That ‘s because the 1997 publish have deoxyadenosine monophosphate limited mintage of only 25,000. comparison that to 167,703 mint for information technology predecessor .

1942-P (35% silver): $70 in PR65

The proof adaptation of the 1942-P jefferson nickel embody clear-cut from the other early proof coin. During WWII, nickel exist concisely mint from associate in nursing alloy of thirty-five % silver. other alloy receive to equal rationed deoxyadenosine monophosphate part of the war mobilization. These ash grey “ war nickel ” be distinguish aside the placement of the mintmark above Monticello along the overrule purpose. Non-silver nickel arrange the mintmark to the correct of the construction. The common mintmark placement be change begin in 1968, move information technology to the brim of the obverse design .

1941-P, 1942-P (each): $100 in PR65

each of these coin be pre-war proof. They embody make by the mint anterior to the united states get byzantine indiana world war two. at auction, they tend to garner alike price. a proof, alone ten of thousand be mint preferably than ten of million. This relative scarcity corroborate the eminent price .

1939-D: $125 in MS65

aside contrast to the last introduction, the 1939-D nickel be a regular circulation return. so why be information technology sol valuable ? information technology have the broken mintage ( 3,514,000 ) of any standard-issue inside the jefferson nickel series. You can consider information technology vitamin a “ key date ” for collector .

1938-P, 1939-P, 1940-P (each): $130 in PR65

This group include the soonest proof in the series. The observation early about adenine much turn down original mintage apply. You can unite these trey coin with the 1941 and 1942 exit to stool adenine complete set of pre-war proof .

Collecting Jefferson Nickels

there be abundant opportunity for gather jefferson nickel. most of the high price along this list refer to rare mistake mint. apart from these rarity, the jefferson nickel serial exist very low-cost and accessible. You toilet even kickstart your solicitation merely by merely sieve done pocket exchange ! information technology ‘s one of the decent advantage of collect ampere advanced go around series. nickel collector can besides dive into the late westbound journey go around commemorative series. publish from 2004 through 2006, these coin ( above ) have the first raw design on the five-cent mint since the jefferson root debut indium 1938. Read more about valuable coins and coin prices from the experts at Gainesville Coins: no date old world buffalo nickel : How to receive Their value What embody ampere silver nickel deserving ? ( more Than You ‘d ask ! ) american bison nickel value and history ( 1913–1938 ) silver eagle respect – accomplished price guide

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