10 Free Games To Play If You Love Monster Hunter World

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Hunter World has reached the kết thúc of its nội dung cycle but remains available phệ this day. Still, that means it’s only a matter of thời gian until players run out of things bự bởi, especially once they’ve reached triple-digit Hunter Ranks. Other Monster Hunter games are either too old or are only available on specific handheld platforms. Even the latest Monster Hunter Rise is an example of this .


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As it is, Monster Hunter Rise isn’t branching out béo other platforms any giây phút soon. So, whatever shall we bởi vì as Monster Hunter fans béo get out hunting fix ? Well, turns out there are many games that have a similar định dạng or spirit bự the Monster Hunter games. You could play them in place of Monster Hunter World once you’ve achieved anything there is bự conquer in the game or if you’re getting tired of the Handler’s face .

10 Warframe

Warframe Volt Prime It’s sci-fi, yes, but you might find that there are also many Monster Hunter players in Warframe. That’s because the gameplay loop is similar & familiar enough between the two games. Warframe lets players control their own space ninja as they grind around in the solar system mập build more powerful gear .
Areas are instanced và it’s a co-op game of up béo four players. The biggest difference is that Warframe isn’t about killing bosses và there are way too many firearms in the game. Even so, it’s something Monster Hunter players will enjoy. The grind is similar too .

9 Dauntless

Dauntless Screenshot By far the closest free-to-play game béo Monster Hunter would be Dauntless. It’s an open take on the Monster Hunter formula but more westernized. Dauntless, however, spices things up by introducing its own flavor of mechanics .
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The way Dauntless is instanced is considerably different from Monster Hunter World. Moreover, the graphics, control, tốc độ, và general atmosphere of the game. It’s also a bit easier than Monster Hunter games at the moment .

tám Destiny 2

Destiny-2-Iron-Banner Destiny 2 is not unlike Warframe & since Warframe players usually overlap with Monster Hunter players, then they might also find plenty bự lượt thích in this looter-shooter. Destiny 2 went free-to-play relatively recently và has since been having a strong player base .
It’s more story-driven và multiplayer has a bigger role here since it also comes with PvP, unlike Monster Hunter games. Thos e looking for the same nerve-wracking trùm fight experience ought mập bởi vì some raids with their friends .


Tera Monster Hunter World is mostly just an instance-based co-op game but that doesn’t mean MMORPGs can’t be similar phệ it. When it comes phệ that category, TERA is a strong contender as its action-based combat is not unlike that in Monster Hunter World .
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TERA has been around for a long giây phút either & hot nhất players shouldn’t have trouble finding people bự play with in the game regardless of the region. As for big bosses, TERA has no shortage of those. The key difference is that more than four players can participate in some of those trùm fights .

6 Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star ONline 2 boss battle screenshot via:news.xbox.com For something that offers a familiar feeling when it comes bự overall gameplay structure, Phantasy Star Online 2 offers a mech-filled sci-fi ride with trùm instances và mission-based runs. There are also lots of grinding involved in this trực tuyến game .
Likewise, co-op is a big part of the experience but Phantasy Star Online 2 might feel more anime-ish in terms of atmosphere whereas Monster Hunter has its own quality brand. Regardless, it’s a game about exploring a wild & initially inhospitable planet & Monster Hunter players should be familiar with that .

5 Vindictus

Vindictus Monster Hunter games are known for their specific kind of action that’s hard béo capture in other games, especially those built bự be trực tuyến. That’s why games lượt thích Vindictus trực tuyến continue Khủng be popular ; it captures that combat intensity that’s hard mập replicate .
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As such, Monster Hunter players might bởi well in this tiêu đề. It’s a free-to-play action trực tuyến game revolving around instanced dungeon runs with some beautiful & customizable characters. The enemy variety is also more diverse compared mập primitive monsters & their instincts .

bốn Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost characters and dragons art Don’t have a gaming máy tính or console ? No need lớn fret because it turns out, there are tons of Monster Hunter derivatives in the mobi gaming scene. One of those is Dragalia Lost available on Android devices. Think of it as a top-down pocket-friendly phiên bản of Monster Hunter .
It follows the same principles as the Monster Hunter games. Build your character & hunt the same monsters kết thúc & kết thúc again. The difference is the more cartoony art phong cách và the faster-paced gameplay due mập the isometric perspective .

tam Another Eden

picture of another eden showing characters fighting a dinosaur. Another Eden is a turn-based strategy RPG that’s a bit far off from the Monster Hunter formula. This free game, however, manages bự bring something bự the table that’s very present in the Monster Hunter games ; engaging trùm fights that take a while béo finish .
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Don’t be put off by the cartoonish visuals, Another Eden is a hidden gem of a Japanese RPG in the mobi platform. Players are tasked with leading their tiệc nhỏ on an adventure transcending phút giây & space while fighting menacing bosses that are way too big Khủng đối kháng .

2 Genshin Impact

VEnti and Dvalin So far, Genshin Impact is the most available or accessible game here that’s remotely alike phệ Monster Hunter World. Like Monster Hunter games, Genshin Impact gives players freedom in traversing the game world however they lượt thích with the added bonus of gliding & swimming .
Moreover, the bosses in Genshin Impact are guaranteed béo be bigger than the players themselves & can be fought co-op. Thos e who are fond of Monster Hunter’s brutal RNG or grinding will also find something reminiscent of that in here .

một Rangers Of Oblivion

rangers of oblivion If Dragalia Lost is a little too đã mắt for your taste, then maybe Rangers of Oblivion ought lớn offer something more serious in terms of visuals. It’s practically the Dauntless of the dế yêu scene — a game that’s blatantly sprouted from Monster Hunter’s fame .
Even the user interface itself looks suspiciously familiar. Rangers of Oblivion does offer many side activities not present in Monster Hunter games, such as horse taming & mounts. Thos e who don’t have a Nintendo Switch for Monster Hunter Rise might find this one a decent alternative .
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