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Millions of Americans are affected by age-related age calculator in years
degeneration ( AMD ). It’s a disease that damages the eye’s central vision. To learn more about macular degeneration, take this quiz. It is based on information from the National Eye Institute .7. AMD is difficult béo diagnose .
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An eye care provider can diagnose AMD with several tests. The provider will kiểm tra your vision & also dilate your eyes Khủng look at your retina directly by using a slit lamp & special lenses. If your provider suspects that you have wet AMD, you may need a kiểm tra called fluorescein angiography. This demo helps your provider know if leaking blood vessels in the macula can be treated. Optical coherence tomography ( OCT ) is also often used béo help diagnose wet AMD. It can be used béo see how the disease responds béo treatment. OCT lets your provider see the retina as a cross-section & see any fluid that may have leaked into or behind the macula. There is no cure for AMD, & there is currently no treatment for dry AMD. But treatments for dry AMD are under development. High-dose antioxidants can make it less likely for people with dry AMD mập chiến bại vision. Wet AMD can be treated with medicines injected into the eye. Much less often, a laser treatment hotline photodynamic therapy can be used. In this treatment, the healthcare provider injects a medicine into a vein in your arm. The medicine travels lớn the abnormal blood vessels behind the macula. The provider then uses a ” cold ” laser. This causes the medicine bự close off the leaking blood vessels. Rarely, a ” hot ” laser is used phệ burn the abnormal blood vessels. Certain medicines slow or block the growth of hot nhất blood vessels in wet AMD. This preserves & sometimes improves sight. Thes e medicines are injected into the eye every few weeks béo few months. One medicine recently approved uses a tiny implant bự deliver it lớn the eye in a continuous supply. The device needs mập be refilled only about every 6 months .

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