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BendPak Four-Post Lifts for Storage and Maintenance

A BendPak four-post Car for rent
uses the best construction, material và công nghệ. It also has the best safety features in the industry. Favored by professionals and DIY’ers alike, our four-post lifts are some of the most versatile in existence. They’re totally optimized for greater capacity & better performance, improving safety & control during use. They also feature advanced hydraulic systems for better productivity & a longer lifespan. This is even true when used for the most demanding, heavy-duty applications .

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Frequently Asked Questions
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Which four-post lift is best for my ​shop?

Ever since our high-capacity four-post lifts cơn bão the market in 1984, the BendPak hình ảnh sản phẩm has inspired confidence in service professionals worldwide. Thes e are people who spend much of their lives beneath vehicles lifted with our equipment. Of course, much has changed in the way of công nghệ since the early days of BendPak. What hasn’t changed is our commitment lớn the end-user và the care we put into each four-post lift .
BendPak lifts are engineered mập meet the demands of any lifting job. Lift capacity ranges from light-duty 7,000 lbs. to heavy-duty 40,000 lbs. If it drives, one of our four-post lifts can probably handle it. Thes e ​ automotive lifts also pull double-duty as convenient parking và storage solutions. Securely leave your weekend car raised on the lift và easily park your day-to-day ride beneath it. Many of our four-post lift models let you choose between several options : super-tall, wide, narrow, space-saving or regular. You’re sure mập find the perfect four-post lift for your needs .
All BendPak lifts are backed by 50 years of excellence và a reputation that carries as much weight as the lift itself. We’re proud Khủng have these four-post car lifts in our lineup, và you will be too. A suite of accessories & options are available, including rolling bridge jacks for đầy đủ wheel service .
BendPak lifts are supplied with installation instructions & concrete fasteners meeting the criteria as prescribed by the American National Standard ” Automotive Lifts – Safety Requirements for Construction, Testing, & Validation ” ANSI / ALI ALCTV-2017. Lift buyers are responsible for any special regional structural và / or seismic anchoring requirements specified by any other agencies và / or codes such as the Uniform Building Code ( UBC ) và / or International Building Code ( IBC ) .

A single, hidden hydraulic cylinder on every BendPak four-post lift

Part of what makes our four-post car lifts as sleek as they are efficient is the way we hide components that would otherwise disrupt the look of the lift. To keep the hydraulic cylinder hidden, we tucked it beneath one of the drive-on ramps. This leak-proof cylinder công nghệ is only available for BendPak four-post lifts .
BendPak Four-Post Lift Single Hydraulic Cylinder

Each car lift is equipped with a single hydraulic cylinder hidden away under the runway for minimum exposure và maximum reliable performance. Our industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders feature a single-piece, pilot-fitted, machined steel piston wrapped with specially-designed, pressure-loaded U-cup piston seals, backups và wear bands béo virtually eliminate fluid bypass. The micro-smooth chrome rod is machined from high-yield, ground & polished C-1045 / 50 micro-alloy steel & plated béo a minimum of. 001 ” diametrically, which ensures superior cylinder operation & life. The superior, high-durometer, mechanically-loaded rod seals make rod leakage a thing of the past, while a specially formulated abrasion-resistant urethane rod wiper provides exclusion protection. The welded cylinder body toàn thân is made from robust steel tubing produced béo exceed ASTM specifications. This combination of superb base material và superior processing ensures that the cylinders remain straight, smooth và last an exceptionally long phút giây. An integrated flow restrictor provides a controlled descent in the case of unexpected hose rupture .
Technical Service Bulletins ( TSB ) are recommended steps và procedures for repairing or servicing equipment. A TSB is issued by BendPak when there is an unanticipated issue or service requirement for the equipment .

Note: Not all BendPak lift models meet the standards as prescribed by ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2017 or ANSI/UL 201. Consult for a complete list or contact BendPak via [email protected].

BendPak lifts are supplied with concrete fasteners that meet the criteria of the American National Standard ANSI / ALI ALCTV – ( Current ). Buyer is responsible for all charges relating Khủng any special regional structural or seismic anchoring requirements specified by any other agencies or codes such as the Uniform Building Code ( UBC ) or International Building Code ( IBC ) .

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