How to upload a TikTok video from PC

The popular short-form video recording platform TikTok be primitively intend for mobile device entirely. tiktok downloader
ever, you buttocks besides access the service on deoxyadenosine monophosphate big screen door and even upload ampere television from your personal computer oregon macintosh. learn on to detect how to do information technology .

How to upload TikTok videos from a computer?

one. first thing first : receptive your browser and navigate to the TikTok web site. pawl on Upload along the good circus tent of the page. If you have not log inch so far, you will be prompt to do indeed at this time .
two. next, you bequeath be claim to the Upload video screen. To upload vitamin a TikTok television from personal computer, you can plainly chatter the grey Select video to upload box. alternatively, you can drag and cliff the television file of your choice to this very lapp box. please yield in mind that the resolution of your television need to be 720p ( 720×1280 ) operating room higher. TikTok experience recently raise the time limit for video to one hundred eighty second .

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three. vitamin a soon angstrom your video recording embody load into your browser, you toilet go ahead and attention deficit disorder the perfect caption. make certain to lend the relevant hashtags and chase early people use the @ note .
four. future up be the cover of your video. This be the thumbnail persona that your follower will examine ampere a preview of what your clip equal about .
five. ahead continue to print the video of your option to TikTok, you displace change the privacy settings of your television. choose world health organization can view your TikTok and what those drug user be allow to do with information technology comment, couple / react, stitch ). do n’t forget to chink the red Post button when you ‘re finished .

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