You can phối this page as a homework task for a nhóm of students ; doing so sánh will give you a record of who has completed the task. Visit the teacher’s section for more information .
In the teacher’s section you can also alter the sets of nội dung, so sánh that only some of the images appear. Additionally, you can get embed code Khủng add this winbet999
béo a blog or website page và you can create direct link béo the game with nội dung pre-selected. As an example, the liên kết below will start the game with the jobs nội dung automatically loaded .

Alternatively, this links will start the game with the food nội dung automatically selected và loaded .

Use the teacher’s section béo create more link or embed code .


This is phiên bản of the classic letter guessing game called Hangman. You are shown a mix of blank letters that match a thế giới or phrase và you have Khủng guess what these letters are bự reveal the hidden thế giới. You guess by picking letters from those displayed on the sides. If you pick a letter that is in the địa cầu, a sound is played và that letter is revealed from the blank letters ; however, if you pick a letter that is not in the trái đất, then a stickman is slowly drawn. With each wrong letter guess, the man is drawn more & more. When the man is finished, he is hung ác và the game is lost. This is why the game is called ‘ Hangman ‘. If you can reveal all the letters in the địa cầu before the man is độc ác then you are successful và the đầy đủ trái đất is revealed along with an image showing the meaning of the thế giới. An audio clip should also play if it has been loaded .
The letters are in 2 sets : vowels appear on the left & the consonants on the right. In order lớn make the game easier, wrong guesses from vowels bởi not count as mistakes & bởi not draw the man. So it is advisable Khủng nhấp chuột on all the vowels first. If you prefer lớn make thing harder, you can change this setting by clicking on the settings button .
As with other games you can choose the nội dung that you wish Khủng use. There is a nội dung selection màn hình hiển thị just before the game starts. It has 30 different sets of nội dung, including things lượt thích food, jobs và sports. Some nội dung sets are easier than others – the colors và numbers are really quite simple mập guess ; alternatively, jobs và garden items are longer và difficult. While each mix of nội dung has about 25 items, only 16 are used in any one game. This is Khủng keep the game from getting too long / boring và also mập exclude some of the more uncommon items .
There is also an option Khủng đánh giá the vocabulary items. At the first màn hình hiển thị, if you nhấp chuột on the ‘ Review ‘ button, then you can select any mix of nội dung và scroll through béo see each image & see how it is spelt. It is quite hard lớn learn how béo spell a địa cầu just from guessing letters & so sánh perhaps it is a good idea lớn đánh giá the items from a phối before trying the game .

I hope you have fun playing this game và that you can learn or improve your English at the same phút giây. Leave any comments below .

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