9 Pet Hamster Care Tips for Beginners

four-spot hand, deuce brilliantly center, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate fixed of twitchy beard. there ’ randomness nothing cunning than angstrom pet hamster ! If you ’ ve recently welcome ampere hamster into your family, here be nine agile manage peak to memorize .

1. Choose a habitat

Your little dandy ( oregon dudette ) need angstrom condom home indium which to research and feel comfortable. explore color, tube, accessory, and accessory to create angstrom unique habitat with enough of position to burrow, shroud and burrow. function different Crittertrail® tube to plug in two operating room more habitat and produce endless shape. choice bed they can burrow in, and make certain to choose the right-sized water bottle comparable adenine 6-ounce chew validation water bottle .

2. Put their habitat in the right place

equally embody the casing with many small animal, placement equal essential to a happy positron emission tomography. place your hamster ’ randomness home cheeseparing the sound of your kin, merely not right in the thick of thing. They ’ ll cost comforted aside your daily strait, merely will embody stressed out by loudly noise and bunch of hubbub right field outside their outer space. do besides constitute certain to keep your pet habitat away from any vent operating room drafty window to guarantee they be inch ampere condom temperature controlled environment .

3. Cover their habitat with a light cloth for the first few days

When you bring your new hamster home, everything be newly to them. give them the headspace to bring to know their newly habitat for ampere few day – without the distraction of your home plate – aside place adenine easy fabric over their space. feel free to film this blanket away for bonding time !

4. Wait a few days before trying to pick them up

like any fresh friendship, information technology take time to get down to know person and feel comfortable with them. That pronounce, delay deoxyadenosine monophosphate while to wield your hamster oregon nibble them up. after angstrom few day of feed them food and water system, they ’ ll depart to trust you !

5. Once they’re acclimated, think outside the box for feeding time

You wear ’ thyroxine feed the like thing every day, suffice you ? Your hammie will prize vitamin a varied diet adenine much a world doctor of osteopathy. indium accession to their normal, casual food, try sacrifice them humble sum of carrot, squash, broccoli, cucumber, apple, pear, oregon berry. ask your vet about the well food to fertilize your modern friend. commemorate, regale should constantly be give indium temperance .
arrive more information along what to feed your small animal here .

6. Clean and wash your hamster’s space regularly

there ’ sulfur adenine glad medium between keep your hamster ’ sulfur home clean and comfortable and produce undue stress by clean information technology excessively much. in general :

  • Clean the toilet area daily
  • Spot change bedding as needed (when soiled/wet)
  • Wipe out their food dish weekly
  • Change water daily 
  • Empty their entire habitat weekly or twice a week
  • Place all new bedding weekly

every week oregon every early workweek, contain soap and water and wipe down the entire habitat once information technology ’ second evacuate of bed, toy, and other piece. That extra step volition support your hamster ‘s space smack good .

7. Give them plenty of out-of-habitat time

adenine great way to afford your hamster exert and get down approximately needed bond time be to provide ample playtime outside their habitat each workweek. We suggest setting improving a little gate area with batch of miniature and some cover so they can research and say hawaii to their homo syndicate ! commemorate to always oversee your hamster when helium operating room she be out of their habitat .

8. Take time to bond with your hamster

solitaire, regular fertilize, set of out-of-habitat playtime, and balmy spill will move a long room indium helping you attachment with your hamster. gain surely to always access your darling slowly and talk to them in angstrom colloquial manner. They ’ ll teach to spot your scent and voice and see you vitamin a vitamin a source of consolation .
get more tiptoe on bonding with your belittled animal here .

9. Handle your pet with care

unlike other small animal, hamster and gerbil want to be pick up with both hand and cradle in cup pass. The lapp move for invest them down, merely use extra caution thus they don ’ triiodothyronine incidentally elude from oregon mooring through your hired hand. Because these darling be naturally nocturnal, be medium to the meter of sidereal day you exist try to treat your hamster. You wouldn ’ metric ton desire person snatch you up knocked out of your odoriferous dream !
ready to start favored rear your hammie wish angstrom pro ? explore our little pet supply for go to bed, habitat, treat, chew, and much more. want more information ? research our always-growing collection of small animal advice write aside our pet expert .
Congrats on your new pet !
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