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2030 FIFA World Cup
FIFA World Cup 2030
Tournament details
Host country TBD
Dates 2030
Teams 48 (from 6 confederations)
Venue(s) TBD
2026 2034

International football competition

The 2030 FIFA World Cup will be the 24th FIFA World Cup, a quadrennial international football tournament contested by the men’s national teams of the member associations of FIFA. The event will mark the centenary of the first World Cup.

Host selection[edit]

The first proposed bid for the 2030 World Cup was by joint bid from the Argentine Football Association và Uruguayan Football Association. The second was by The Football Association of England. On tám October 2020, the Royal Spanish Football Federation & the Portuguese Football Federation confirmed that the two countries would be putting forward a joint Iberian bid lớn host the World Cup. It was officially presented on bốn June 2021. Under kubet
rules as of 2017, the 2030 World Cup cannot be held in Asia ( AFC ) or in North America ( CONCACAF ), following the selection of Qatar for 2022, và Canada, Mexico và the United States for 2026. [ 2 ] [ tam ]

The joint bid by Argentina and Uruguay was announced on 29 July 2017.[4] Before a match between Uruguay and Argentina in Montevideo four weeks later, Uruguay’s Luis Suárez and Argentina’s Lionel Messi – then teammates at FC Barcelona – promoted the bid with commemorative shirts.[5] On 31 August, it was suggested that Paraguay would join as a third host.[6] CONMEBOL, the South American confederation, confirmed the joint three-way bid in September.[7] The Uruguay–Argentina–Paraguay bid would coincide with the centennial anniversary of the first FIFA World Cup final hosted by Uruguay as well as the bicentennial of the first Constitution of Uruguay. On 14 February 2019, Chile revealed their plans to join the three confirmed countries in hosting the tournament.[citation needed] Chile was accepted in the bid and will become the first-ever quartet to bid for the World Cup.

In năm ngoái, vice-chairman of England’s Football Association David Gill stated that his country could potentially bid for 2030, provided that the bidding process was made more transparent. [ tám ] Journalist Ben Rumsby wrote, ” England is one of few countries that could stage even a 48 – nation sự kiện [ 9 ] in its entirety, while Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn made it clear earlier that year bidding for 2030 was an option. ” [ ba ] In June 2017, UEFA ‘ s president Aleksander Čeferin stated that Europe ( UEFA ) would definitely fight for its ” turn ” Khủng host the World Cup in 2030. [ 10 ] The same month, UEFA stated that ” it would tư vấn a pan-British bid for 2030 or even a single bid from England. ” [ 11 ]The bidding timeline was announced by the FIFA Council at their meeting in Shanghai, Trung Quốc, on 24 October 2019. [ 12 ] The bidding process was launched in 2022 with bid regulations for approval in June 2023 và the host bự be chosen by the FIFA Congress in the third quarter of 2024. [ 13 ] [ 14 ]

Potential bids[edit]

African bids[edit]

On 13 June 2018, the Algerian Football Federation announced its co-bidding for the 2030 World Cup bids [ 15 ]On 10 July, Egypt ‘ s Sports Minister expressed interest in bidding béo host. [ 16 ]On 29 September, the executive board of the Union of North African Football Federations ( UNAF ) announced its interest in submitting a joint North African bid for the 2030 World Cup. [ 17 ] [ 18 ]In July 2019, Egyptian Football Association president Hany Abo Rida said Egypt would be ready bự host a 48 – nhóm World Cup. [ 19 ]Cameroonian then-presidential candidate Joshua Osih ‘ s political program included nominating his country along with two sub-Saharan African countries phệ host the 2030 World Cup. Interest had been thought bự be high among many sub-Saharan African countries with the most likely being the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, the Central African Republic, Nigeria or Angola béo join Cameroon in bidding for the 2030 World Cup. [ 20 ] At the 2018 Cameroonian presidential election, Osih lost phệ re-elected long-time incumbent Paul Biya. [ 21 ]In March 2023, King Mohammed VI announced Morocco would be partnering with Spain & Portugal as bidding béo host the FIFA World Cup 2030 at CAF President Outstanding Achievement Awards Ceremony in Kigali, Rwanda. On 6 April 2023 Confédération Africaine de Football Executive Committee unanimously agreed on behalf of African Football lớn tư vấn Morocco’s FIFA World Cup 2030 bid. [ 22 ]

European bids[edit]

Southeastern Europe[edit]

On 2 November 2018, the leaders of Bulgaria, Greece, Romania & Serbia confirmed their intention béo compete lớn host the tournament considering a combined bid. [ 23 ] On 25 February 2019, it was officially confirmed that Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia & Greece would submit joint candidacy for the organisation of the UEFA Euro 2028 và the 2030 World Cup. [ 24 ] [ 25 ] [ 26 ] The ministers signed a memorandum of understanding on 10 April. [ 27 ] The project has been quietly abandoned, mainly due phệ Greece bidding with Egypt & Saudi Arabia. [ 28 ]

United Kingdom & Ireland joint bid[edit]

On 17 June 2018, England’s The Football Association announced that they were in talks with home page nations end a UK-wide bid bự host the 2030 World Cup. [ 29 ] On một August, it was reported that the FA was preparing a bid for England bự host the World Cup in 2030. A decision was expected Khủng be made in 2019, after the FA conducted a feasibility study on a potential bid. [ 30 ] UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin wanted only one European bid mập host the World Cup. He also considered the British bid as the wisest idea. [ 31 ] There are also talks about the Football Association of Ireland joining a possible British bid. [ 32 ] The Scottish Football Association considered the potential British bid as a great opportunity phệ get funds mập renovate & redevelop Hampden Park in Glasgow, the Scotland national football đội ‘ s trang chính stadium. [ 33 ] On 19 September, the Football Association of Ireland confirmed it joined the feasibility study for co-hosting the 2030 World Cup with England, Scotland, Wales và Northern Ireland. [ 34 ] On 28 September, the then British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the British Government would back any British và Irish FIFA World Cup bid. Furthermore, The Football Association và the Football Association of Wales confirmed that the five national governing bodies were in discussions about the feasibility of bidding bự host the World Cup. [ 35 ]On 15 July, deputy leader of the UK Labour Party, Tom Watson, earlier said that he và his tiệc nhỏ backed a 2030 World Cup bid for the UK. [ 36 ] On 16 July, the then British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her tư vấn for the bid. [ 37 ] [ 38 ] Although there had been no prior discussion with the Football Association, the Scottish FA also expressed an interest in joining a Home Nations bid. [ 39 ] Former Scottish First Minister Henry McLeish called on the Scottish government và the Scottish Football Association mập bid for the 2030 World Cup with the other British nations. [ 40 ]On một March 2021, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, expressed interest in the United Kingdom và the Republic of Ireland hosting this World Cup, with the Treasury expected Khủng pump £ 2.8 million into a bid for 2030. Feasibility studies by the Irish government & the UK government ( including the devolved governments of Northern Ireland, Scotland, và Wales ) have subsequently been initiated. [ 41 ] [ 42 ] Johnson added ” We are very, very keen lớn bring football trang chủ in 2030. ” [ 42 ] The football associations of the bidding nations issued a joint statement saying that they were delighted with the government’s commitment bự the bid. [ 43 ] Following scenes of crowd disorder at the UEFA Euro 2020 final between England và Italy held on 11 July 2021 at Wembley Stadium Boris Johnson reiterated his hope that the UK và Ireland could still host the 2030 World Cup. [ 44 ]On 5 January 2022, the five football associations announced a joint United Kingdom and Ireland bid for the Euro 2028, which made their own World Cup bid ” unlikely béo succeed ” & rendered it doubtful. [ 45 ] [ 46 ] On 7 February, it was also announced that the 2030 bid would be abandoned & that the UK & Ireland would instead focus on a bid phệ host Euro 2028. [ 47 ]

South American bids[edit]

On 7 September 2019, the president of Ecuador Lenín Moreno proposed a joint bid for organising the 2030 World Cup alongside Colombia & Peru. [ 48 ] On 14 September, the president of Colombia Iván Duque confirmed that Colombia would bid phệ host the World Cup along with Ecuador và Peru. He also claimed the president of Peru Martín Vizcarra said this World Cup was important. [ 49 ]None of the three were able lớn come phệ an agreement lớn bid for the tournament và chưa bao giờ was official. All countries have political instabilty which would hamper hosting an sự kiện of this kích thước, a situation that is happening with the Uruguay – Argentina – Chile – Paraguay bid. Peru on the other hand, has had slight intrest in hosting the tournament on their own, with their large economic boom & changes with infastructure around the country along with the decrease of protests after Pedro Castillo ‘ s attempt béo dissolve the Peruvian congress which led Khủng the Peruvian protests of 2022 và 2023 .
The intended bid had initially been shared between only Uruguay & Argentina. [ 50 ] [ 51 ] The intended bid followed an earlier website movement claiming that FIFA should give Uruguay hosting rights for the 100 th anniversary of the first World Cup, which was held in Uruguay .The Uruguay – Argentina intention Khủng bid was officially confirmed on 29 July 2017 before Paraguay was confirmed as the third host on bốn October 2017. Chile confirmed their bid béo host with the nhóm on 14 February 2019 as a joint communique from the confirmed nations. [ 52 ]

Asian bids[edit]

Current FIFA rules prevent Asian Football Confederation nations from hosting any World Cup until 2034, following the selection of Qatar for the 2022 sự kiện. [ tam ] Nevertheless, South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in suggested in June 2017 that the 2030 World Cup be hosted by a Northeast Asian block including both South Korea & North Korea, saying it would improve relations in the region. [ 53 ] Chung Mong-gyu, the head of the Korea Football Association, renewed the offer mập the DPR Korea Football Association, the Chinese Football Association, & the Nhật Bản Football Association at the FIFA Congress in June 2018. [ 54 ] President Moon discussed the proposal again with Infantino during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. [ 55 ]On 5 June 2019, FIFA President Gianni Infantino referred mập the FIFA Council meeting in October 2019 when he was asked for an cập nhật on the rules & timeline for the bidding process adding ” We’ll also see if there can be a bid from Nước Trung Hoa “. [ 56 ]On 12 August 2021, it was reported that Football nước Australia had begun preliminary discussions with state-based major events officials, with Sydney 2.000 Olympics bid chief Rod McGeoch beginning work on a bid. [ 57 ] Brisbane will already host the 2032 Summer Olympics. [ 58 ]

Possible cross-confederation bids[edit]

Egypt – Greece – Saudi Arabia bid[edit]

Saudi Arabia ( an AFC thành viên ) has been linked with a bid béo host the 2030 World Cup. Saudi Arabia has không bao giờ hosted a World Cup before, however they will host the Asian Cup in 2027. It has been thought Saudi Arabia’s bid would involve a co-host, with rumored possibilities including Morocco or Egypt ( both CAF members who also have không bao giờ hosted a World Cup before ) or Italy ( a UEFA thành viên which previously hosted the World Cup in 1934 và 1990 ). [ 59 ] However, recent rumours have suggested that Saudi Arabia would bid béo host the World Cup with Egypt và Greece as co-hosts. [ 60 ] In April 2023 Egyptian Sports Minister Ashraf Sobhy told Sada El-Balad that the country is not planning phệ submit any application Khủng stage the 2030 World Cup. [ 61 ]
On 13 September 2018, Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez discussed the possibility of Spain bidding for the 2030 World Cup with FIFA President Gianni Infantino & Royal Spanish Football Federation ( RFEF ) President Luis Rubiales. [ 62 ]On tám June 2019, Spain & Portugal expressed an interest about co-hosting the World Cup. [ 63 ] [ 64 ] On tám October 2020, Spain và Portugal confirmed that the two countries would be putting forward a joint bid phệ host the World Cup. [ 65 ]The RFEF và the Portuguese Football Federation ( FPF ) jointly announced their intentions lớn bid for the tournament during a goalless friendly match between the two countries ‘ national teams on 7 October. [ 66 ] Before another goalless friendly between the two teams on bốn June 2021 ( which also marked the centenary of Portugal ‘ s first international fixture, against Spain [ 67 ] ) the agreement Khủng jointly tư vấn a bid was formalised. The respective presidents of the RFEF và FPF, Luis Rubiales & Fernando Gomes, ratified the agreement on behalf of their respective federations. Also in attendance béo tư vấn the bid were King of Spain Felipe VI, President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Portugal António Costa, và multiple government ministers và officials from both countries. [ 67 ] [ 69 ]On 5 October 2022, it was announced that Ukraine would join the co-host bid with Spain & Portugal. [ 70 ] The bid was endorsed by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the President of Ukraine. It was expected that if the bid was successful, Ukraine would host some of the nhóm stage games. This would have been the second major football tournament had Ukraine co-hosted, the first being UEFA Euro 2012, which was co-hosted with Poland. [ 71 ]On 14 March 2023, Morocco, which shares a maritime border with Spain, also joined the bid. Like Ukraine, Morocco has previously hosted a major football tournament, that being the 1988 Africa Cup of Nations, as well as several installments of the 7 – nhóm FIFA Club World Cup. Despite being rumored that Morocco had replaced Ukraine in the bid, Prime Minister of Portugal António Costa confirmed that Ukraine was still included in their World Cup bid. [ 72 ]

Confirmed bids[edit]



Abandoned bids[edit]





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