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EA Sports Has Revealed the Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack

From Blur to Glass Animals, the world has nominated their ultimate FIFA anthem with KODE and 20Something

EA Sports Has Revealed the Ultimate FIFA SoundtrackHarnessing the hype around the upcoming EA SPORTS nhà cái shbet lừa đảo
23 World Cup 2022 cập nhật, London based production studio KODE & creative company trăng tròn something came together again mập help EA SPORTS launch the tìm kiếm for the Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack .Since its introduction in the EA SPORTS FIFA 98 Road To The World Cup edition, the EA SPORTS FIFA soundtrack has defined the game và player experience. Reaching beyond the game, the soundtracks have become a defining sound of broader football culture. The inevitable phrase, “ That’s a FIFA song ” has become part of our everyday vocabulary. The impact of EA SPORTS FIFA Soundtracks can be seen in the careers và popularity of artists featured in the game ; FIFA 21 saw a meteoric rise for band Glass Animals, whose tuy nhiên Heat Waves recently rocketed Khủng end 2 billion plays on Spotify .

“ For the past quarter century, EA SPORTS FIFA has been a destination for new âm nhạc from up-and-coming artists và superstars alike. Every người hâm mộ has their favourite FIFA tracks, và this playlist is the ultimate celebration of the âm nhạc that has defined discovery, diversity, & excellence for generations of gamers, ” said Steve Schnur, president, âm thanh at EA. “ Originally, FIFA soundtracks reflected global culture. Then they began bự influence culture. The Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack proves how và why they’ve become culture. ”

EA SPORTS asked players Khủng choose their FIFA anthem, the tuy nhiên that béo them most represents everything they love about the game. With the creative conceptualised & led by EA SPORTS and trăng tròn something, và produced through KODE by director Harry Cauty, the films are a call-to-action for players worldwide phệ crown the most iconic FIFA songs, béo create the Ultimate FIFA Soundtrack .The first of two films launched last week, with a taste of EA SPORTS FIFA nostalgia spanning the past 25 years. The film featured throwbacks mập old in-game FIFA graphics. Fans messaged & called into a pirate radio station ‘ 23FM ’ lớn battle it out on behalf of their favourite tracks from end the years. The film features iconic songs such as Glass Animals ’ “ Heat Waves ”, Sofi Tukker’s “ Best Friend ”, Muse’s “ Supermassive Black Hole ” và Ceasers ’ “ Jerk It Out ”. Fans were invited phệ ‘ back their track ‘ by streaming it on Spotify via a personalised playlist experience & nominate it with the # UltimateFIFAsoundtrack across mạng xã hội truyền thông. Today the nominations are in & the second film in the chiến dịch launches, revealing the selected 40 artists who will be returning in the EA SPORTS FIFA 23 World Cup cập nhật. Appropriately Blur ‘ Song 2 ‘ where it all began in 1998 was the first tuy nhiên revealed .Cathryn Carey, creative, đôi mươi something, says : “ Once we got this brief we knew we had lớn put fans at the centre of this chiến dịch và recreate the banter & debate we knew was inevitable with the kick off of the Ultimate Soundtrack. The pirate radio station gave us the perfect platform bự capture this buzz & was a natural way Khủng celebrate the nostalgic tracks that remind us of FIFA. ”Harry Cauty, director, KODE, said : “ We had a mad vision for these films in which Julie hosts a global debate from her top floor pirate radio HQ, with people dialling in from all end. I wanted lớn create a world that felt independent và uncensored, with a cấp độ of detail that meant Julie could really embody the role. Oian Arteta took an abandoned flat và turned it into a purist paradise, with mix dressing that nods bự years of âm thanh và football. Music is what drives this chiến dịch, but we see cameos from gaming, sports, âm nhạc và animation. I’ve always been a big Jamie Hewlett người yêu thích so speaking with his đội & using a Gorillaz animation in the film feels lượt thích a thắng in itself. The cast really gave it their all on mix, và the energy that Julie put into bringing her role Khủng life was infectious. ”


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