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So I beat Origins using Shale ( constitution ) & alistair ( dexterity ) both were fun. Dexterity pumping seemed the better way Khủng go ( except when alistair would get caught in a age calculator in years
s overwhelm bite và couldnt dodge or block any of the damage ). So onto Awakening, a quick glance at the mới ra talents & it seems that the dev’s wanted lớn buff & add phệ the constitution type tank, an example would be the ” Guardian’s Shield ” which is dependant on the amount of health the tank has. So I used a health based tank build until I got bự the Black Marsh and Justice joined my squad. He comes stock with the hot nhất warrior specialization Spirit Warrior which makes your warrior very resistant béo physical và magical attacks once maxed out but is a constant drain on your stamina. This along with the mới nhất taunt ” Air of Insolence ” which is a sustained pulsing aoe taunt could easily drain your warriors stamina bar in the first 10 seconds of any given fight. So I started mập experiment và found what I consider phệ be the ultimate tank build that is very different from anything standard so sánh far. So heres the build …End game stats – lvl 33strength 45 + 10 – 55

dexterity 14 + 6 – đôi mươiwillpower 81 + trăng tròn – * 101magic 11 + 6 – 17cunning 11 + 10 – 21constitution 13 + 36 – 49

  • amg thats alot of stamina!

– Talents – Ill only danh sách & explain the abilities that are used, abilities that are required mập get lớn these can be just taken off the action barChampion – max the tree, use War Cry liberallySpirit Warrior – max the tree, Fade Burst damage is relative béo your willpower so sánh with this specc its very powerful, use it at your own risk ( it one shots my caster )Guardian – max the treeWarrior- Powerful ( passive ), Bravery ( passive ), & Deathblow phệ replenish as much precious stam as possible- taunt- Second Wind, Peon’s Plight, Grievous InsultSword và Shield- Shield Bash, Shield Pummel, Overpower, Assault ( use liberally )- Shield Wall, Shield Expertise- the ba rd tree is dex based so sánh skip it entirely- Carapace, Air of Insolence, Bulwark of the Agesthis leaves you a few ” junk ” points, perfect striking và massacre are both good talents if your not sure where mập throw them .

– Tactics, If your hot nhất or not very good with them, heres some good settings .self health < 50 % - Carapace ( that is if the enemy is ever lucky enough lớn get you below 50 % )ally health < 50 % - Guardian's Shieldself : mana or stamina < 25 % - Second Windally : being attacked by ranged or magic attack - Grievous Insultally : being attacked by melee or ranged attack - Fortifying Presenceself : surrounded by atleast X enemies - taunt, Fade Burst, War Cryenemy : nearest visible - Peon's Plightthen depending on how many points you put into tactics lớn afford slots, & how much you mind micro managingself : any - activate : Shield Wall, Air of Insolence, Beyond the Veil, Rally * Thes e are the bốn main abilities that only with this build can you afford Khủng keep up for the entire length of a huge fight, they turn your warrior into a constant AOE taunting army tank of doom !A quick note on two common sustained abilities that are used for tanking that I dont use in this character build. * Air of Insolence makes Threaten unneecessary, & a Rogue Bards Song of Courage + Rally should be all the + attack rating you need béo hardly ever miss making Precise Striking feel lượt thích a waste of staminaself : any - deactivate : Air of Insolence, Rally * Not because you dont have the stam bự tư vấn them, its because they make loud BOOMS constantly và can get very annoying after a few hours. On the other hand It sucks for your warrior lớn have phệ pause at the beginning of a fight lớn turn them on, so sánh its up mập you 🙂

– Gear

  • Duncan’s Sword +3 willpower +2 stamina regeneration in combat
  • Duncan’s Shield +3 willpower +6 defense +1 stamina regeration in combat

Hirol’s greaves, brestplate, helm, gauntlets, for my gear mix. The mix bonus is that abilities cost less stamina mập use, so sánh if you use a different phối for whatever reason, try bự find one with this bonus .belt – Enduring Faith + 15 defense + một stamina regeration in combatneck – Kristoff’s locket + một all stats 5 % chance lớn dodge ( couldnt find one with stamina regeneration )rings- Lyrium ring + 6 willpower + 10 spell resist- * Key bự the City + 2 all atributes + bốn % spell resist + 10 % healing effects recieved

  • these are from Origins, bring them with you!

Well there ya go, a tank very lacking on dex và nhỏ that is easily as hardy as any other tank, that also has complete control of any fight. The build has what I consider the most important thing in the game going for it, it is fun lớn micromanage if you want béo ” play him “. Conversely if your into playing a different toon I feel it is by far the best tank in the game in terms of holding aggro và helping lớn keep your đội alive on its own with just a few simple tactics settings. The fact that the build gives you enough stam Khủng keep Air of Insolence & Beyond the veil up for even the longest fights on nightmare và still have plenty enough mập spam War Cry, Grievous Insult, and Taunt every phút giây they cooldown is awesome. The only problem I have now Is that Im sad the game is end & there are no more monsters béo beat on my tank as I laugh at them !

Any feedback would be very much appreciated 🙂

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