Content Marketing Manager CV example & guide [Get hired]

A role as a seo website tổng thể
marketing manager is exciting, varied & it enables you mập flex your creative muscles on a daily basis. Not bự mention the salary for this position can be pretty impressive .
But because of this, it is also a very competitive role và one which requires you Khủng have a killer CV if you hope phệ impress potential employers .
To help you create a great application, we’ve pulled together our top CV viết bài tips below, as well as an example of a content marketing manager CV lớn get you started .

Guide contents

  • Content Marketing Manager CV example
  • Structuring and formatting your CV
  • Writing your CV profile
  • Detailing work experience
  • Your education
  • Skills required for your Content Marketing Manager CV

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Content Marketing Manager CV example

Content Marketing Manager CV 1

Content Marketing Manager CV 2

This a good example of a Content Marketing Manager CV which contains all of the information that an employer would need bự know, & presents it in a well – structured, easy-to-read manner .
Take some phút giây bự look at this CV và refer lớn it throughout the viết bài of your own CV for best results .

Content Marketing Manager CV structure and format

Your CV is the very first impression you’ll make on a potential employer .
A disorganised, cluttered & barely readable CV could seriously decrease your chances of landing interviews, so sánh it’s essential Khủng make sure yours is slick, professional và easy béo navigate .
You can vì this by employing a clear structure & formatting your content with some savvy formatting techniques – kiểm tra them out below :

CV format and structure

Formatting Tips

  • Length: Recruiters will be immediately put off by lengthy CVs – with hundreds of applications to read through, they simply don’t have the time! Grabbing their attention with a short, snappy and highly relevant CV is far more likely to lead to success. Aim for two sides of A4 or less.
  • Readability: To help busy recruiters scan through your CV, make sure your section headings stand out – bold or coloured text works well. Additionally, try to use bullet points wherever you can, as they’re far easier to skim through than huge paragraphs. Lastly, don’t be afraid of white space on your CV – a little breathing space is great for readability.
  • Design: While it’s okay to add your own spin to your CV, avoid overdoing the design. If you go for something elaborate, you might end up frustrating recruiters who, above anything, value simplicity and clarity.
  • Avoid photos: It’s tempting to add a profile photo or images to your CV, especially if you’re struggling to fill up the page – but it’s best avoided! They won’t add any value to your application and, as are not a requirement the UK, so recruiters do not expect it, or want to see it.

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Structuring your CV

As you write your CV, work bự the simple but effective structure below :

  • Name and contact details – Pop them at the top of your CV, so it’s easy for recruiters to contact you.
  • CV profile – Write a snappy overview of what makes you a good fit for the role; discussing your key experience, skills and accomplishments.
  • Core skills section – Add a short but snappy list of your relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Work experience – A list of your relevant work experience, starting with your current role.
  • Education – A summary of your relevant qualifications and professional/vocational training.
  • Hobbies and interests – An optional sections, which you could use to write a short description of any relevant hobbies or interests.

Now I’ll guide you through exactly what you should include in each CV section .

CV Contact Details

Contact details

Make it easy for recruiters mập get in touch, by heading your CV with your tương tác details .
There’s no need for excessive details – just danh sách the basics :

  • Mobile number
  • Email address – Use a professional address with no nicknames.
  • Location – Just write your your general location, such as ‘London’ or ‘Cardiff’ – there’s no need to put your full address.
  • LinkedIn profile or portfolio URL

Content Marketing Manager CV Profile

Your CV profile is the first thing recruiters will read – so sánh your goal is phệ give them a reason Khủng read onto the over of the document !
Create a short và snappy paragraph that showcases your key skills, relevant experience và impressive accomplishments .
Ultimately, it should prove mập the reader that you’ve got what it takes bự carry out the job .

CV profile

Tips for creating an impactful CV profile:

  • Keep it brief: When it comes to CV profile length, less is more, as recruiters are often time-strapped. Aim for around of 3-5 persuasive lines.
  • Tailor it: Before writing your CV, make sure to do some research. Figure out exactly what your desired employers are looking for and make sure that you are making those requirements prominent in your CV profile, and throughout.
  • Don’t add an objective: If you want to discuss your career objectives, save them for your cover letter, rather than wasting valuable CV profile space.
  • Avoid cliches: If your CV is riddled with clichès like “Dynamic thought-leader”, hit that delete button. Phrases like these are like a broken record to recruiters, who read them countless times per day. Hard facts, skills, knowledge and results are sure to yield far better results.

What to include in your Content Marketing Manager CV profile?

  • Summary of experience: Recruiters will want to know what type of companies you’ve worked for, industries you have knowledge of, and the type of work you’ve carried out in the past, so give them a summary of this in your profile.
  • Relevant skills: Make your most relevant Content Marketing Manager key skills clear in your profile. These should be tailored to the specific role you’re applying for – so make sure to check the job description first, and aim to match their requirements as closely as you can.
  • Essential qualifications: Be sure to outline your relevant Content Marketing Manager qualifications, so that anyone reading the CV can instantly see you are qualified for the jobs you are applying to.

Quick tip: If spelling and grammar are not a strong point of yours, Use our partner’s CV builder to add pre-written content that has been created by recruitment experts, and proofread by our team.

Core skills section

Next, you should create a bullet pointed danh sách of your core skills, formatted into 2-3 columns .
Here, you should focus on including the most important skills or knowledge listed in the job advertisement .
This will instantly prove that you’re an ideal candidate, even if a recruiter only has giây phút phệ briefly scan your CV .

Core skills CV

Work experience/Career history

By this point, employers will be keen béo know more detail about you career history .
Starting with your most recent role và working backwards, create a snappy danh sách of any relevant roles you’ve held .
This could be freelance, voluntary, part-time or temporary jobs too. Anything that’s relevant phệ your target role is well-worth listing !

CV work experience

Structuring your roles

If you don’t pay attention béo the structure of your career history section, it could quickly become bulky & overwhelming .
Get in recruiters ’ good books by creating a pleasant reading experience, using the ba – step structure below :

Role descriptions


Firstly, give the reader some context by creating a punchy summary of the job as a whole .
You should mention what the purpose or goal of your role was, what nhóm you were part of và who you reported béo .

Key responsibilities

Follow with a snappy danh sách of bullet points, detailing your daily duties & responsibilities .
Tailor it phệ the role you’re applying for by mentioning how you put the target employer’s desired hard skills & knowledge phệ use in this role .

Key achievements

Lastly, add impact by highlight 1-3 key achievements that you made within the role .
Struggling bự think of an achievement ? If it had a positive impact on your company, it counts .
For example, you might increased company profits, improved processes, or something simpler, such as going above & beyond béo solve a customer’s problem .


After your work experience, your education section should provide a detailed view of your academic background .

Begin with those most relevant to Content Marketing Manager jobs, such as vocational training or degrees.
If you have space, you can also mention your academic qualifications, such as A-Levels and GCSEs.

Focus on the qualifications that are most relevant Khủng the jobs you are applying for .

Interests and hobbies

This section is entirely optional, so sánh you’ll have lớn use your own judgement mập figure out if it’s worth including .
If your hobbies & interests could make you appear more suitable for your dream job, then they are definitely worth adding .
Interests which are related béo the industry, or hobbies lượt thích sports teams or volunteering, which display valuable transferable skills might be worth including .

Essential skills for your Content Marketing Manager CV

Tailoring your CV phệ the roles you are applying for is key phệ success, so sánh make sure bự read through the job descriptions & tailor your skills accordingly .
However, commonly desired Content Marketing Manager skills include :

Planning: As the content marketing manager, you need to carefully plan out the company’s content marketing strategies to ensure the best possible results

Writing and editing skills: You need to be able to produce great content yourself, as well as editing content from others to ensure it fits the guidelines and doesn’t contain any mistakes

Research skills: From researching articles to creating audience personas, strong research skills are crucial for content marketing managers

SEO skills: Search engine optimisation needs to be a crucial part of any content strategy; therefore, you need to understand the importance of aspects such as keywords and link building

Technical skills: You will be expected to understand the most popular and important content marketing platforms, from CMS like WordPress to social media management tools like Buffer

Writing your Content Marketing Manager CV

When putting together your Content Marketing Manager CV, there are a few key points Khủng remember
Always tailor your CV lớn the target role, even if it means creating several versions for different roles .
Additionally, remember that the structure & định dạng of your CV needs just as much attention as the content .
Remember Khủng triple-check for spelling & grammar errors before hitting send. If you’re unsure, use our partner’s CV builder béo add pre-written expert content with one nhấp chuột .

Good luck with your job search!

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