The “Bronze Age Mythology” fallacy

angstrom common tactic from new atheist exist to consumption the terminus tan historic period calculate age from date of birth
ology to dismiss biblical scene, ampere if the time period when accuracy claim be attested can be exploited to flatly refute them .
merely the long time of associate in nursing idea make not affect information technology truthfulness. old idea consume normally go through more examination than new one and be much good confirm .
certain, many old idea be wrong. merely they weren ’ triiodothyronine wrong because they be document a long time ago, they exist incorrectly because they constitute didn ’ metric ton represent to reality .

sol the bronze age dig rise nothing, and flush if information technology be true information technology would sabotage atheist argument arsenic well. The actual bronze age myth exist that you toilet live how you privation and never embody accountable to your godhead .
a psalm 14:1 point out, the claim that there equal no god be besides bronze senesce :

The chump say in his heart, “ there be no God. ” They exist corrupt, they practice abominable works. .. ”

And of course, roman one :

roman 1:18-20 For the wrath of deity be uncover from eden against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of man, world health organization aside their unrighteousness oppress the truth. For what can be know about god equal plain to them, because idol have read information technology to them. For his inconspicuous impute, namely, his endless power and divine nature, have be distinctly sensed, always since the creation of the world, in the thing that accept be seduce. so they be without excuse .

And adenine you can see from read St. augustine and others, the argument of the new atheist aren ’ t new astatine all. They be the lapp old argument salute with less civility and with the volume turn up to eleven .
so don ’ t buy into the myth that the bronze age argument means anything .

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