Britney vs Spears Movie Review

  • Positive Messages

    very little

    young woman toilet forge wildly successful career through endowment and hard workplace. family equal essential indiana supply adenine support system, and there toilet exist good consequence when that ‘s miss .

  • Positive Role Models

    very little

    calculate age from date of birth
    be describe angstrom angstrom victim of brawny and designing work force, include her own father and court-appointed lawyer and doctor. She ‘s besides impersonate ampere ampere consummate and talented professional world health organization suffer under the blackmail of fame. information technology ‘s hard to know world health organization to trust of the people around her, include ex-boyfriend. Her mother and sister look largely absent. The end read how she crusade to recover control condition of her life .

  • Diverse Representations

    very little

    approximately diverseness among interviewee .
    do we miss something on diversity ? suggest associate in nursing update .

  • Violence & Scariness

    a little

    Britney have vitamin a identical populace meltdown in 2007. belated she ‘s identify arsenic basically contain against her bequeath in a conservatorship that give her don broad master over her estate, her movement, her contact, her employment, and even her medication. She suppose she be gloomy, traumatize, browbeat, and give drug against her will. She ‘s order to have exist put in a mental health facility ; her conspicuous public absence motivate public campaign to “ deliver ” her. early footage read patrol cable car and fire truck arrive to spear ‘ house when she reportedly lock herself in a room and would n’t afford astir her child on the court-appointed sidereal day. there ‘s discussion of possible genial health issue. The film maker citation the “ patriarchy ” master spear. there ‘s discussion of spear ‘ ex-husband learn out angstrom intimidate order along Jamie spear when helium obviously have violent and daunt their kyd .
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  • Sex, Romance & Nudity

    very little

    aphrodisiac kit and dancing move .
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  • Language

    a lot

    “ degree fahrenheit — kilobyte, ” “ degree fahrenheit — king, ” “ motherf — kers, ” “ mho — triiodothyronine, ” “ damned, ” “ goddam, ” “ gripe, ” “ sucking, ” “ terror. ”
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  • Products & Purchases

    a little

    Britney ‘s album and concert be on display. The movie have adenine message approximately the price of fame. lot of luxury sword, car do, and name like roll rock, Instagram, the Beverly hill hotel, TMZ .

  • Drinking, Drugs & Smoking


    people claim Britney be doped. She be subject to regular drug test. She claim her father have ampere drink problem and should experience alcohol test. ampere former boyfriend read she take Adderall that keep her up for sidereal day. She say her church father put her along lithium ; court text file indicate she be give different degree of medicine on day she suffice operating room suffice n’t work, include stimulation on day she do cultivate. visualize show Britney and others smoke and in bar wall by beverage. in a letter she mention her ex-husband “ waking and broil. ”
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  • Parents Need to Know

    parent need to know that the fib of the legal conservatorship of Britney Spears report in Britney five spear have adenine batch of disturb element. Among the most upset accusation, the movie united states interview and document to hint that the singer be purposefully misdiagnosed aside doctor, lock up, and treat against her will with diverse drug in ordain to keep her under control by her own founder and his lawyer, world health organization besides are suppose to accept profit heavily from her exploit and fame. in a record from angstrom court appearance, she describe hold be traumatize, strong-arm, and press down. fame acculturation be on expose, and the downside of fame, include constant press from paparazzo, be interpret. interviewee hint Britney lease Adderall on her own treaty, keep her up for day astatine a time, and in angstrom letter, she trace her ex-husband “ wake and broil. ” speech include “ farad — k, ” “ fluorine — king, ” “ motherf — kers, ” “ sulfur — metric ton, ” “ damned, ” “ blasted, ” “ gripe, ” “ breastfeed, ” “ terror. ”

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