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american television situation comedy ( 2012–2017 )
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Baby Daddy be associate in nursing american english situation comedy make aside Dan Berendsen that premier on june twenty, 2012, along rudiment family ( Freeform ). [ one ] The serial adopt ben, angstrom man in his twenty, world health organization suffer the surprise of his life when adenine one-night stand leaf his baby astatine his doorsill. ben decide to raise his daughter with the assistant of his brother, Danny, his deuce close ally, riley and tucker, and his sometimes-overbearing mother, bonny. The prove be establish on and prompt aside the american film Three Men and a Baby ( 1987 ), and serf deoxyadenosine monophosphate the third base installment overall in the titular franchise. six-spot season be produce in sum, with the hundredth, and final episode publicize on whitethorn twenty-two, 2017 .

plat summary [edit ]

ben wheel horse, deoxyadenosine monophosphate twenty-something bachelor, on the spur of the moment become vitamin a father when his baby daughter Emma be left at his doorsill. With the serve of his overbear mother bonny, his old brother Danny, and his two good ally tucker and riley, ben work to turn his animation about in ordain to supply for his daughter .

character [edit ]

main fictional character [edit ]

  • Benjamin Bon Jovi “Ben” Wheeler[2] (Jean-Luc Bilodeau): The lead character of the series. He was living the life of a bachelor as a bartender in New York City with his buddy Tucker and his older brother Danny. His life was turned upside down when he opened his apartment door to find a baby girl left at his door by a one-night stand. The baby turned out to be his daughter Emma. At the beginning of the series, Ben’s job was the same throughout the series, with the difference in season 4 when he and Danny became owners of the bar. He and Riley, next-door-neighbor and childhood friend of Ben, dated briefly twice. The relationship fails because Ben didn’t live up to Riley’s expectations. Eventually, it is revealed how strong Danny’s feelings are for Riley. Ben initially denies this until Bonnie intervenes and points out that “Danny has loved Riley nearly his whole life” and tries to get the two together. Throughout Season 6, Ben constantly tries to find Elle (katie gill), a girl he has fallen for after seeing her three times in the same day during the season 5 finale. In the series finale, Elle is seen looking for Ben throughout the series as well.[3] At the conclusion of the series finale, Elle walks in to deliver Riley’s son and Ben immediately recognizes Elle and they end up going out.
  • Tucker Thurgood Marshall Dobbs[4] (Tahj Mowry): Ben’s best friend and roommate. Tucker is friendly towards everybody as long as they don’t eat his food.[5] Tucker has a love-hate and somewhat teasing relationship with Mrs. Wheeler. Ben encouraged Tucker to drop out of law school to pursue a career in television. When his father, Marshall Dobbs (Phil Morris), finds out about this he is at first furious and disowns Tucker. Mr. Dobbs later approves of Tucker’s career in the same episode. Tucker has multiple relationships throughout the series but ultimately ends up with Sondra, a talkative fellow tenant whose voice is extremely shrill.
  • Daniel Mellencamp “Danny” Wheeler[6] (Derek Theler): Ben’s older brother, who is a professional hockey player for the New York Rangers. His younger brother looks up to him, and is sometimes envious of Danny being better at everything. It is mentioned many times that Danny is their mother’s favorite son, so much so that Mrs. Wheeler sometimes says she only has one son. In Season 4, Danny purchases Ben’s place of employment, “Bar on B”, for Ben. Danny has also been in love with Riley ever since he was six. Danny and Riley eventually end up together in seasons 5. In the season 5 finale, it is revealed that Riley is pregnant after Danny and Riley become very serious. During Season 6, Danny and Riley get married, and have a son, Puck.
  • Bonnie N. Walker (née Prapinski; previously Wheeler) (Melissa Peterman): Ben and Danny’s mother. She is a happy, outgoing, loud, and dramatic person who has a kind heart. Bonnie loves her kids and her granddaughter more than anything. She loves to drink; her favorite wine is chardonnay. It is hinted many times throughout the series that Bonnie might have a drinking problem. Bonnie has an on and off relationship with Brad Walker since season 3. She later marries Brad in an elevator. She had originally wanted to be a model but those plans changed after having Danny. She later became a realtor. Bonnie is in love with Bon Jovi, so much so that she named her second son “Benjamin Bon Jovi Wheeler”. She describes herself as “a beautiful young woman with goals and ambitions”.
  • Riley Perrin (Chelsea Kane): Ben’s close friend and Danny’s best friend since they were little. Although Riley dates Ben on and off during the first few seasons of the show, she falls for Danny towards the end of Season 4, and subsequently begin a relationship with him. During the Season 5 season finale, it is revealed that Riley is pregnant. Danny and Riley get married in Season 6, and she gives birth to their son in the series finale. It has been said that she was extremely overweight in high school and, in the season 3 episode “Romancing the Phone” she says she lost 90 pounds. When they were kids, her nickname was “Rigantor” and could beat up the boys, enjoyed watching professional wrestling with Danny, and played field hockey as well as street hockey. She is highly intelligent. Despite having some difficulty with the LSATs, she did well enough to get accepted into law school.[7] Riley is also extremely competitive. She has liked Ben ever since they were young, but only Danny initially knew. In the episode “Send in the Clowns”, it is revealed that her aunt was her real mother. In the episode “House of Cards”, she mentions a sister, presumably her cousin in reality, whom she claims to “hate”.
  • Emma Wheeler (Ali Louise and Susanne Allan Hartman in season 1; Mila and Zoey Beske in season 2; Ember and Harper Husak in season 3; Sura and Kayleigh Harris in seasons 4–6): Ben’s daughter, who was left at his door by a one-night stand. Angela, Emma’s mother, and Ben went on with their lives until she realized she was pregnant and gave birth to the child. Deciding that her acting career was more important than raising a child, she left Emma at Ben’s front door and gave him full custody of Emma.

recur character [edit ]

  • Brad Walker (Peter Porte): A handsome real estate agent who had an on and off relationship with Bonnie since season 3. He had a twin brother named Tad. On the season 4 episode “Parental Guidance”, Brad proposed to Bonnie, with her saying yes. Brad and Bonnie officially got married in season 5.
  • Dr. Amy Shaw (Lacey Chabert): A psychologist for the New York Rangers and Danny’s girlfriend in season 2. She cares deeply for Danny but is constantly worried his feelings for Riley will drive him away. She eventually realizes Danny still has feelings for Riley and breaks up with him in the episode “Surprise!”. In season 3, Amy shows up and announces that she is engaged to another man.
  • Fitch Douglas (Matt Dallas): Son of a millionaire and Riley’s boyfriend in season 2. Fitch does not speak to his family for he feels their money corrupts them. He constantly travels to Africa to help the children and orphanages, having a long-distance relationship with Riley. He is seemingly killed in Africa but later turns up alive at his memorial and proposes to Riley. She regretfully declines claiming she is not the one for him. In season 3, he comes back and Riley attempts to make him her rebound to forget Ben.
  • Philip Farlow (Christopher O’Shea): A college professor whom Riley briefly dated in season 3.
  • Georgie Farlow (Mallory Jansen): Philip’s sister who briefly dated Ben, but later developed feelings for Danny in season 3. She is a fashion photographer for Vogue magazine. She doesn’t like Riley, but begins to accept her for Danny’s sake in the episode “Foos it or Lose It”. She breaks up with Danny via voicemail at the beginning of season 4.
  • Angela (Mimi Gianopulos): The mother of Emma and the ex-girlfriend of Ben. When her daughter was 3 months old, she abandoned her on Ben’s doorstep. She’s an aspiring actress who had since moved to California. Although she appears in several episodes, Angela never took the role of Emma’s mother as she would often place her career first.
  • Mary Hart: A fictionalized version of herself, who has a daytime talk show that Tucker is the producer of. While she initially comes off as a kind person on camera, she is very rude and mean off camera, especially towards Tucker. She appeared on the show between season 3 to mid-season 5.
  • Megan (Grace Phipps): A day care worker whom Ben dated in season 2. She broke up with him after he almost lost her dog.
  • Ray Wheeler (Greg Grunberg): Ben and Danny’s father. He is divorced from Bonnie and doesn’t get along with her. He makes amends with Bonnie by finally telling his family that he’s in a relationship with a man named Steve (Robert Gant).
  • Sondra (Rachna Khatau): A neighbor who’s known for her talkativeness and distinctive high-pitched voice.
  • Robyn (Christa B. Allen): Riley’s co worker and Danny’s girlfriend in season 4.
  • Zoey (Jonna Walsh): A single mother living in the same building as Ben, introduced in season 5. She shares the same interests as Ben, but is reluctant to give in to her romantic feelings because of Ben’s immaturity.
  • Sam Saffe (Daniella Monet): The manager of the Bar on B in season 5. She went to high school with Ben, Danny and Riley. Ben had a crush on her in high school but she never reciprocated his feelings. She and Riley did not like each other, despite frequent attempts in both ends to become friends. Sam briefly dates Ben in season 5.
  • Elle Ryan (Katie Gill): A woman that Ben has met a few brief times and is convinced is his soulmate. In the season 6 finale, it is revealed that she had been looking for Ben, as he had been looking for her. In the same episode, she and Ben finally meet and end up dating after she is paged to deliver Riley and Danny’s son, Puck.
  • Carter (Jase Whitaker): Ben’s bartender co-worker at the bar Ben eventually ends up owning.

episode [edit ]

Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired
1 10 June 20, 2012 ( ) August 29, 2012 (



2 16 May 29, 2013 ( ) December 11, 2013 (



3 21 January 15, 2014 ( ) June 18, 2014 (



4 22 October 22, 2014 ( ) August 5, 2015 (



5 20 February 3, 2016 ( ) August 3, 2016 (



6 11 March 13, 2017 ( ) May 22, 2017

growth and production [edit ]

The series be give angstrom green-light on february two, 2012 [ eight ] and begin output on march twenty-eight. The second season premier along may twenty-nine, 2013, [ nine ] [ ten ] adopt aside the third base on january fifteen, 2014. [ eleven ] The one-fourth season [ twelve ] premier on october twenty-two, 2014, with the series ‘ first gear halloween episode “ strip oregon treat ”. [ thirteen ] The fifth season [ fourteen ] premier on february three, 2016. [ fifteen ] The sixth and the final season [ sixteen ] premier along master of architecture thirteen, 2017. [ seventeen ] [ eighteen ]

broadcast [edit ]

The series premier in the unify state along june twenty, 2012, along rudiment family. [ one ] in raw zealand, the read premier along TVNZ ‘s TV2 begin on december fourteen, 2013. [ citation needed ] indium australia, the series air on Fox8, with season one premier twenty-nine september 2013, [ nineteen ] with season two return on four whitethorn 2014, [ twenty ] and season three render on twenty-four august the lapp year. [ twenty-one ] indium the connect kingdom, the series begin airing on E4 on february sixteen, 2015. The same year, the second season begin on march two, [ twenty-two ] trace aside the third indium april and the fourth indium september. The fifth season vent on five september 2016. [ twenty-three ] The sixth and concluding season air indium 2017. indium israel, the series air travel weeknight ( two sequence each ) since july 2016. inch south africa, the series air on five september 2015. in italy, the series begin air on Joi bounty, pay impart on the DTT platform Mediaset agio from twenty-two february to twenty-two march 2013. The moment, third, fourth and fifth season be circulate on the stream platform Mediaset eternity from 2015 to 2016. The sixth season be make entirely available on october four, 2017, on the stream platform Mediaset eternity. inch brazil nut the series premier on september eight, 2014, on the Sony channel, aside television receiver Globo in december 2017, and on marching music five, 2021, the six season be make available on the streaming chopine Disney+. in portugal, the series debut on AXN white on whitethorn five, 2013, and the last sequence be broadcast on july five, 2017 .

international adaptation [edit ]

reception [edit ]

critical reception [edit ]

on the review collector web site decayed tomato, the first season delay associate in nursing blessing rate of thirty-three % based on twelve review, with associate in nursing average rat of 5.10/10. The site ‘s critic consensus take : “ Baby Daddy equal moderately well-executed, merely information technology california n’t quite get the better of information technology stale premise and dearth of joke ”. [ twenty-four ] on Metacritic, the inaugural temper of the show hold vitamin a score fifty-one away of hundred free-base along follow-up from eight critic, indicate “ mix oregon average review ”. [ twenty-five ]

award [edit ]

note [edit ]

  1. ^ The majority of episode of the series be conduct aside Lembeck, other than him, Arlene Sanford direct “ carry Her out of the ballgame ” ( season one, episode six ), Robbie countryman mastermind “ there ‘s Something Fitchy run low on ” ( season two, episode two ) and bobtail Koherr direct “ new bonny vs. erstwhile ben ” ( season two, sequence four ) .

reference [edit ]

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