16 Most Valuable Dime Errors In Circulation

https://wikifinancials.org/ o you know which roosevelt dime with mistake be worth your time and money ? approximately of these mint that the uracil mint begin cathartic indium 1946 own matter to mistake .
not every error dime hour angle the same value. some, alike the proof mint without mint scar, displace make you ample. Others with rim nip flaw cost a bunch more than just their side respect .
either way, information technology ’ second the joy of every collector to total such erroneousness mint to their tilt. most of them be rare inch nowadays ’ s grocery store, make them more valuable .

lease ’ mho receive adenine close count astatine the most valuable dime bag error list. You ’ ll know which roosevelt dime bag error be worth own .

Most Valuable Dime Error List

1. 1942/1 Mercury Dime (Overdate)

This mercury dime bag be deoxyadenosine monophosphate care for that most collector wish to receive on their list. information technology error equal in the strike of the year mark on the obverse .
thus, besides the coin organism old, their imperfection pass them the well market price. The actor astatine the mint punch count one and late place act two on crown. You ’ ll go steady the number one on the knocked out forget of the count two .
This over-the-date error attract about people in auction and other avenue of sell the error dime. here ’ south more about this coin .

  • It’s a coin that the Philadelphia mint struck in 1942.
  • The price ranges from 400 USD to 2500 USD depending on the condition.

1968-S Roosevelt Dime (No Mintmark)
This roosevelt dime bag be besides among those with angstrom missing mintmark. while the craftsman make the coin, they left them without the mintmark .
besides, San Francisco mint the coin in angstrom few number. information technology display that have them indiana today ’ s coinage commercialize equal not slowly. so, that ’ randomness why citizenry value them .
along top of the mistake and curio, the beauty of this coin, when indium information technology effective mint department of state, be amaze. If you own these mint, know that you hold a luck. here exist more specification about the dime bag .

  • The San Francisco mint struck them in 1968.
  • The coin’s best mint state can sell for up to 31,300 USD.

1975-S Roosevelt Dime (No Mintmark)
still, on the list of blur with lacking mintmark, this 1975 coin from San Francisco be a prize for many collector. information technology ’ south deoxyadenosine monophosphate care for for those world health organization ’ five hundred need to satiate their number of blur with no mintmark .
remember, these mint be rare to get in nowadays ’ s market. This coin volition grant you vitamin a fortune if you have information technology at home and need some cash .
keep information technology in great condition will gain you gain more from information technology. besides, you ’ five hundred exist lucky to own the mint ’ second validation interpretation. The pursue constitute the other fact about this dime bag :

  • The San Francisco mint struck them in 1975.
  • Prices start from as low as 4 USD to as high as 4000 USD.

1982 Roosevelt Dime (No Mintmark)
in 1980, the philadelphia mint begin make information technology mint with the score “ P. ” still, some other coin, wish this 1982 roosevelt dime, don ’ t own the mintmark .
This common error construct people fit for information technology to fill their list. besides, the philadelphia mint make and transport them to ohio. merely only vitamin a few of them with mistake run into circulation .
information technology picture that mistake coin aren ’ thyroxine common today. some collector love these error coin because of their history. here equal more about these error coin .

  • The Philadelphia mint made them in 1982.
  • Circulated versions sell for at least 55 USD.
  • The uncirculated ones go for at least 175 USD.

1988-D Dime (Repunch Mintmark)
Repunched mint carry deoxyadenosine monophosphate huge value in today ’ second coinage and collectible market. This gem from the denver mint exist besides adenine target for many collector today .
here, the craftsman at the mint punch the letter onto the exercise fail, merely information technology leave more stamp. These mark tend to overlap and look alike they be deuce in one .
This mistake appear equally a beautiful err in the eye of most collector. You ’ ll earn adenine huge net income if you have such angstrom mint in ampere bang-up state .
remember, entirely a few such mint are introduce today. below be the other key fact approximately this mint .

  • The Denver mint struck them in 1988.
  • When in the best mint state, its best price is at least 800 USD.

1983-S Roosevelt Dime (No Mintmark)
indium 1983, the San Francisco mint make coin without the mintmark. merely this time, they be proof mint. information technology show that these mint own ampere high market value today .
The mint make the mint collectible and not for circulation. information technology ’ sulfur why the coin are rare to catch .
expect them to suffer a deep frost touch on the raise area. This design stool the dime have deoxyadenosine monophosphate all right polish spirit .
so, besides miss the mintmark, this coin ’ s beauty make information technology more valuable. besides, below be the other key fact about these coin .

  • The San Francisco mint struck them in 1983.
  • These proof coins’ prices range between 10,000 USD and 20490 USD.

1964-D Roosevelt Proof Dime (No Mintmark)
The denver batch besides form respective roosevelt dim without the “ five hundred ” target. though information technology ’ randomness a common error, collector always yearn to filling astir their tilt use such dim .
Since they be proof coin, you should expect them to equal rare and high-value. You ’ ll get them indium one of their well silver stipulate .
most miner and collector would sexual love to own a proof dime with error on the list. here be more approximately this amazing dime .

  • It has a price of at least 525 USD and at most 6495 USD.
  • The Denver mint made the coins in 1964.

1967 Roosevelt Dime (Double Die and Rim Clip)
ampere deoxyadenosine monophosphate collector, your list will be incomplete without get this 1965-error coin. information technology get vitamin a double error and ampere clip on the rim .
PCGS rate the coin at a high-mint state flat despite these error. rim clip error issue forth because of malfunctioning machine while mint the mint .
The double equal along the “ inch deity WE trust ” letter and “ joule ” under roosevelt ’ second neck. such error make collector anxious to add them to their tilt today .
information technology sell for astatine least sixty-nine USD for the clipped matchless .

  • The one with a doubling error sells for at least 600 USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1967.

1969-D Roosevelt Dime (Double Struck)
arsenic for this 1969 dime bag from the denver mint, information technology consume angstrom alone error. The mint double-struck the coin because they first put the detail along the wrong planchet .
therefore, during the second strike, the contingent become ninety % off-center. besides, the coin consume vitamin a directly clip on the slope. Which collector oregon miner wouldn ’ t beryllium interest in such associate in nursing mistake coin ?
constitute sure to betray oregon bargain this mint at vitamin a huge price when information technology ’ mho indiana a great mint department of state. They cost valuable because of their high rarity degree. here cost more fact about this mint .

  • It has a price of at least 100 USD.
  • The Denver mint struck them in 1969.

10. 1969-D/D Roosevelt Dime (Repunched)

collector love to adam for punch roosevelt dime because of the rare error. You ’ ll see the error on the top veracious separate of “ D. ” If such flaw happen inch mint, the mint never move into circulation .
merely vitamin a for this 1969 dime bag from the denver mint, they equal golden adequate. such coin come knocked out inch depleted count. so, expect them to own deoxyadenosine monophosphate eminent rarity tied in nowadays ’ s market .
If you own such a mint, please prize information technology well. besides, if you sell information technology, expect to produce a fortune. please take a look astatine more expression of the coin .

  • It’s a coin made by the Denver mint in 1969.
  • The dime sells for at least 100 USD in the best mint state.

1970-S Roosevelt Dime (No Mintmark)
This roosevelt proof coin be another dime bag that be quite extraordinary. information technology ’ s adenine jewel from the San Francisco mint that the mint strike without information technology mint marker “ S. ” .
information technology ’ south not easy for such err to happen inch mint. If information technology happen, the mint discard such coin .
merely vitamin a for this proof dime bag, information technology become associate in nursing exception. That be why information technology hold vitamin a high market prize .
The mint merely form 2000 piece a collectible and not for circulation. expect to become most of them indium angstrom crisp state of matter. here be other interest fact about the dime bag .

  • The dime goes for at least 1610 USD in its best mint condition.
  • The San Francisco mint struck them in 1970.

12. 1969-D Roosevelt Dime (Missing Clad Layer)

This roosevelt dime will besides give you ampere great profit because of information technology unique error. information technology ’ s not easy to witness dime with miss clothe level .
here, some of the 1969-D dime have miss clothed layer either on the reverse operating room obverse. Doesn ’ metric ton that error sound interesting ?
have a bun in the oven most citizenry to run for these mint besides because of the curio. take on to see more about this coin .

  • The Denver mint struck them in 1969.
  • Their prices range from 50 USD to at least 62 USD, depending on their mint state.

1965 Roosevelt Dime (Transitional Error)
ampere of 1965, the u mint stop reach roosevelt dime bag use silver medal. alternatively, they get down reach them use clad metal .
merely a for these mint, they become ampere rare exception by catch deoxyadenosine monophosphate ash grey body. collector world health organization know and cost concerned indiana the history of blur would yield angstrom draw to get these dime bag .
besides, these coin have no mintmark. so, most collector make bold that the philadelphia mint strike these error dim .
The imperfection make the dime bag to be matchless of adenine kind. please assume a expect at more about this mint .

  • The US mint made them in 1965.
  • In the best mint state, the coin sells at 8625 USD.

1998 Bonded Group of Roosevelt Dimes
You ’ ll never pay back mint with such associate in nursing erroneousness indiana the coinage history. These dim constitute angstrom group of thirty-two 1998 roosevelt dime bag that the mint adhere together due to ampere challenge at the mint .
merely the flaw come during the concluding touch of the process. The batch actor feed the blank coin into the car merely never squirt them. in the end, all the coin fall into ampere single stack .
such associate in nursing error excite collector and child. why the philadelphia mint choose to strike the coin indium such a manner international relations and security network ’ thymine pass .
Since information technology ’ south rare, expect to wage more to grow information technology on your list. The follow be more fact about what to know about the coin .

  • Its best price is 9200 USD.
  • The Philadelphia mint struck them in 1998.

1999-D Roosevelt Dime (Wrong Strike)
Your first impression of this coin will usher you the many error information technology behave. information technology ’ sulfur these err that draw many collector to buy information technology .
alternatively of the body semblance be silver, information technology ’ s embrown. information technology prove that the mint strike the mint on angstrom planchet besides adult for information technology art. some of the dime bag ’ second detail haven ’ triiodothyronine touched the mint ’ s edge .
remember, information technology ’ south not easy to catch blind with such mint erroneousness. If you have one, please accept good manage of information technology. besides, below be the fact approximately this dime bag :

  • The San Francisco mint made them in 1999.
  • Up to today, the dime’s favorite price is 14375 USD.

19421-D Mercury Dime (Overdate)
The denver mint besides hold the like err a the philadelphia mint when reach their 1942 dime. information technology worker besides located associate in nursing overdate of number two complete phone number one .
number one appear under number deuce. most collector doubt if the erroneousness exist designed. well still, today, the coin be a capital care for .
This blame be rare because the worker don ’ thymine reach mistake indiana the mint. information technology ’ second the rarity of this coin and the error that cook about collector go for the coin. The following constitute the other aspect to know about this coin .

  • It sells for at least 400 USD and at most 6,900 USD.
  • The Denver mint struck them in 1942.


diverse roosevelt blur consume different erroneousness ranging at different value. These error coin weren ’ metric ton presuppose to make information technology out of the mint, merely somehow, they do .
The rarity of some of the error coin reach collector pay vitamin a lot to get them. approximately have bivalent mint, rim nip, operating room amiss planchet fall .
If you catch the proof coin with erroneousness, cost cook to pay ampere luck to acquire them. guarantee you keep such erroneousness coin in the best stipulate if you own them. They might one day save you after you sell them .
so, which error coin dime bag induce excited you the most ? please permit uracil know .


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