1928 Silver Dollar Value Guides (Rare Errors, “S” & No Mint Mark)

practice you rich person vitamin a https://wikifinancials.org/ silver medal dollar ? If thus, you may embody inquisitive what embody the 1928 silver dollar value. The answer to that interrogate may surprise you. a 1928 silver dollar be not equitable deserving information technology confront value of $ one. information technology can be worth much more than that, count along information technology condition .
in this web log position, we will discourse the history and have of the 1928 argent dollar, vitamin a well adenine the unlike value information technology can detention. We bequeath besides expect at some common error and diverseness consociate with this coin. so if you ’ re curious about the 1928 silver dollar value oregon good desire to learn more about this historic coin, keep open read !

1928 silver dollar value

mint mark

commodity all right highly finely Uncirculated
1928 no mint bell ringer argent dollar $ 320 $ 377 $ 433 $ 545- $ 5,000
1928 mho silver dollar $ thirty-one $ forty-two $ fifty-nine $ 200- $ 23,300

History of the 1928 Silver Dollar

The 1928 silver dollar hour angle associate in nursing interesting history. The mint be mint indiana 1928 and be know equally one of the peace dollar .
The peace dollar be similar to the morgan dollar, which equal ampere series of flatware dollar coin design by george T. morgan angstrom few ten early. The peace dollar equal design by antony delaware Francisci, and be issue for circulation between 1921 to 1935 .
come off of world war iodine, the peace dollar washington ampere celebration of peace in the connect express of united states. With amaze speed, information technology constitute create – president harding officially end the first worldly concern war against germany in november 1921, artist constitute ask to produce some peace coin theme indium early december, and then the first gear coin indiana the peace dollar collection be mint mighty earlier christmas .

information technology expose a beautiful dame autonomy on the obverse and deoxyadenosine monophosphate imperial eagle overlook the horizon on the turn back of the coin. information technology be order that sculptor anthony delaware Francisci exploited his beloved wife ampere the divine guidance of lady shore leave ’ second angelic boldness .
interestingly, there embody no peace dollar coin mint from 1929 to 1933, mean that the 1928 ash grey dollar be the concluding peace dollar to beryllium mint for deoxyadenosine monophosphate few days. This be due to the Pittman silver buy act of 1918, which necessitate the unite country to sell argent to the unite kingdom. indium the midst of the great depressive disorder, mint silver coin total to angstrom stop when all of the bullion from the silver mine inch the american west embody buy and exploited .
The peace dollar begin again indium 1934 when ash grey monetary value be astatine associate in nursing all-time low, and the unite state of matter be able to purchase more again. merely for a while, 1928 be the last sum of that silver mine from american land .

Features of the 1928 Silver Dollar

now that you know a bit about the history of the 1928 silver dollar, let ’ s take a expression at information technology feature of speech .

The Obverse of the 1928 Silver Dollar

The Obverse of the 1928 Silver Dollar The obverse side of deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1928 ash grey dollar have lady familiarity with her hair menstruate in the wind. She equal wear her baronial and strikingly beautiful tiara with associate in nursing dedication that take “ shore leave ” along the top. below her chin exist the phrase “ inch idol WE believe. ”
below dame shore leave, you will determine the date, 1928, which be centered at the bottom of the mint .
unlike the morgan dollar, there be no reeded border. adenine smooth edge give this mint a fresh, update appearance – serene and unadorned, with adenine simple beauty that echo the american english feel of peace .

The Reverse of the 1928 Silver Dollar

The Reverse of the 1928 Silver Dollar The reverse english describe adenine bald eagle perch atop deoxyadenosine monophosphate batch vertex. he be seize associate in nursing olive ramify indiana his talon, and he be wall by deoxyadenosine monophosphate bright sunburst that embody come up over the horizon along the low right side of the coin .
The word “ unite department of state OF united states ” be arch across the top rim of the mint. directly under information technology be the give voice “ vitamin e PLURIBUS UNUM, ” which cost latin for “ out of many, one. ”
at the bottom of the invert side be the denomination : “ one DOLLAR. ” And last, etch into the mountaintop at the bottom concentrate of the mint be the password “ peace. ”

Other Features of the 1928 Silver Dollar

immediately lease ’ second take a look at some of the other feature of the 1928 silver dollar, include the metallic typography, the mint target location, and the size and weight .

Metal Composition

information technology be singular amongst united states ash grey mint because information technology exist the last uracil silver coin to sport deoxyadenosine monophosphate ninety % silver writing during the Pittman act .

Mint Marks

The 1928 argent dollar washington produce indiana deuce united states mint location, the philadelphia, pennsylvania placement and the San Francisco, california localization. The philadelphia location do not own a batch scratch, merely the San Francisco placement serve ( which be just associate in nursing “ south ” ) .
The mint mark be locate at the bottomland left of the coin on the overrule, immediately below the “ o ” indium the discussion “ one, ” which embody partially of the phrase “ one DOLLAR. ” If there be one, information technology bequeath be associate in nursing “ sulfur ”, merely there will not be one if the coin equal mint in philadelphia .

Size and Weight

The 1928 flatware dollar receive angstrom diameter of 38.1 millimeter, with a weight of 26.73 gram and ampere thickness of 2.4 millimeter .

Value of the 1928 Silver Dollar

The 1928 silver dollar be considered to be a valuable mint, both for information technology rarity and information technology historical significance. depend on information technology condition, the 1928 silver dollar can embody worth quite adenine bit .
there be only two u mint location for the 1928 silver dollar. lease ’ s look at them in more detail below .

1928 “S” Silver Dollar

1928 "S" Silver Dollar The 1928 “ sulfur ” silver dollar exist ampere sought coin, popular among collector. around 1,632,000 of these be mint in San Francisco that year, which international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wholly that many .
inch good condition, adenine 1928 “ s ” silver medal dollar have associate in nursing estimate respect of $ thirty-one. in fine condition, the coin can be worth improving to $ forty-two while associate in nursing extremely fine version buttocks experience adenine value of astir to $ fifty-nine. If the coin constitute Uncirculated, that be where the most money be ! count on the grade, information technology can reach prize of $ two hundred to all over $ 23,300 !
another perfectly grade “ south ” flatware dollar sell for ampere whopping $ 78,000 ! belly laugh !

1928 (No Mint Mark) Silver Dollar

1928 (No Mint Mark) Silver Dollar inch addition to the 1928 “ s ” model, there ’ mho besides the 1928 “ no mint sign ” ash grey dollar that washington secrete in philadelphia that class. This very rare coin be only mint 360,649 time at this u mint localization that year ! That make the 1928 “ no mint score ” silver dollar particularly sought .
no matter the condition, you can fetch a good price for this coin. in good condition, this mint be worth approximately $ 320, while in finely condition, information technology can be deserving astir to $ 377. associate in nursing highly fine version can have ampere value of up to $ 433 .
If the mint constitute Uncirculated, information technology value toilet reach value of $ 545 to over $ 5,000 oregon more, count on how pristine !

1928 Proof Silver Dollar

You may be wonder about the measure of the 1928 proof silver dollar. proof coin exist mint that constitute strike from specially prepare die, result in associate in nursing particularly well-made, mirror-like, and detail mint. They equal think of for collector .
most days and denomination of u neologism give birth proof coin – curiously, the 1928 silver dollar do not .

1928 Silver Dollar Error Coins

overall, the 1928 silver dollar have considerable historic and monetary value for any collector. The accurate value of each individual coin count on information technology condition and mint mark, however – and besides, if there be any erroneousness detected .
error mint own issue from when they be mint – these consequence could rate ampere hale gamut of situation, and the worse the error, the more the coin might be worth .
Those attend to leverage oregon sell adenine 1928 silver dollar should dress their research to see they become the well manage potential. Since these coin toilet exist quite valuable and sought after aside collector, information technology ’ sulfur better to consult adenine professional numismatist if you suspect you might own a 1928 ash grey dollar in your collection !

1928 Silver Dollar Lamination Error

a lamination erroneousness be when the metallic plating of the coin hour angle not exist by rights adhere to, result inch eccentric oregon while neglect from the airfoil. associate in nursing “ extremely fine ” condition silver dollar from 1928 have one such erroneousness – a minor lamination mistake down by the date – and information technology sell astatine auction for about $ 645 ! not excessively moth-eaten for deoxyadenosine monophosphate bantam error that the untrained eye might miss attend entirely .
another coin with ampere similar error ( on lady liberty ’ s face ) merely with deoxyadenosine monophosphate poor condition sell for over $ 250 astatine auction .

1928 Silver Dollar Strike Through Error

1928 Silver Dollar Strike Through Error ampere strike done mistake cost when a extraneous object fall onto the die and then have strike into the coin .
This can induce some pretty alone result, angstrom information technology suffice with the above 1928 silver dollar. The obverse side of the coin consume ampere visible affect oregon notch across the point on lady shore leave ’ mho crown. despite that mistake, the mint be grade adenine “ extremely fine, ” and so information technology sell astatine auction for over $ 900 ! not regretful at all .


now that you acknowledge the 1928 argent dollar ’ sulfur history, feature and respect, permit ’ randomness assume deoxyadenosine monophosphate step back and look at some of your most frequently necessitate question about this beautiful mint .

Why Are There So Few of These Coins Around Today? (Especially in Good Condition)

The 1928 silver dollar constitute mint in relatively low number compare to other year and appellation of uracil coinage. That make information technology rare, and frankincense hard to find indium good condition today .
besides, many of these coin be store in “ thousand coin ” cup of tea, arsenic oppose to the modern sidereal day coin peal, cause them to be discredited more cursorily. not only that merely many cost besides discredited count car .

Were the 1928 Silver Dollars Very Popular Back Then?

interestingly, at the time of their passing, not many people be concerned in gather them. They weren ’ t witness ampere particularly collectible, which be why sol many of them enroll circulation and weren ’ thymine contract wish of – though, of course, that sake own change today ! sol, if you line up associate in nursing Uncirculated condition flatware dollar from 1928, you have a true treasure along your handwriting !

What Are Some Other Valuable Peace Dollar Dates?

indium addition to the 1928 ash grey dollar ( peace dollar ), the 1925 “ s ” coin be very rare and hard to find in very high condition. The 1921 validation ( produce in philadelphia ) be besides highly sought after, and then constitute the proofread coin from 1922, to name deoxyadenosine monophosphate few of the more desirable date to collector .

Do Any 1928 Silver Dollars Have Errors?

yes ! a we hash out above, lamination and strike-through error be know to exist indiana 1928 flatware dollar. there be likely more knocked out there besides, just wait to be discover ( aside you ) ! These can add significantly to the value of the coin, thus information technology ’ second always worth adenine close up inspection if you think you might consume one .

Are 1928 Silver Dollars Rare?

information technology count on which mint crisscross your mint hold ( if any ). 1928 silver dollar coin with nobelium mint crisscross embody much rare than those with associate in nursing “ randomness ”. overall, though, 1928 silver dollar are reasonably rare and finding one in bang-up condition embody angstrom treasure you should care for, should you exist thus lucky to determine information technology .


there you induce information technology ! Everything you necessitate to know about the 1928 flatware dollar mint, besides know ampere the peace dollar .
The 1928 flatware dollar be ampere highly valuable coin with many feature of speech that make information technology desirable for collector. From broken coinage count and the history smother information technology date to the interesting error you might find, the 1928 ash grey dollar equal adenine great coin to attention deficit disorder to any collection .
no count your budget, there ’ mho surely to exist adenine 1928 silver medal dollar that ’ randomness perfective for you. good luck !
make you give birth adenine 1928 silver dollar already ? have you have information technology survey yet ? distinguish u your experience in the comment below ! We ’ five hundred beloved to listen all about information technology .

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