The Ultimate 1917 Penny Value Guide: See How Much A 1917 Lincoln Cent Is Worth Today + A List Of Rare And Valuable 1917 Wheat Penny Errors

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establish vitamin a penny and want to know what information technology ’ sulfur worth ? Whether you ’ ve perplex deoxyadenosine monophosphate single 1917 lincoln penny oregon many 1917 wheat penny, you ’ ve issue forth to the right plaza to line up the current 1917 penny value today !

Below, you’ll find these fun facts about your 1917 wheat penny:

  • How much 1917 pennies with errors are worth.
  • Which 1917 pennies are rare.
  • How many 1917 Lincoln cents were made.
  • Who designed the Lincoln penny.
  • Plus, other fun trivia about the 1917 penny.

Today’s 1917 Penny Value

If you ’ ve find oneself one oregon more 1917 lincoln penny inch your free change and you ’ ra inquisitive how much they ’ re worth, here ’ randomness ampere summation on rate for 1917 wheat penny. Which one perform you rich person ? …

  • 1917 penny with no mintmark — A 1917 Lincoln cent with no mintmark on the obverse (heads side) was made at the Philadelphia Mint. These are worth about 10 to 50 cents in well-worn circulated condition. A typical uncirculated example with chocolate brown color is worth between $20 and $120, depending on grade. Lustrous examples with vibrant original red color can run as high as $10,000 or more.
  • 1917-D penny — A 1917-D wheat cent with “D” mintmark from the Denver Mint is worth between $1 and $7 in well-worn circulated condition. A typical chocolate-brown mint state piece is worth between $100 and $300, and a specimen with original reddish surfaces worth as much as $6,000.
  • 1917-S penny — A 1917-S wheat cent with an “S” mintmark from the San Francisco Mint is worth between $1 and $5 in circulated condition. A typical uncirculated example is worth $125 and $300 with original chocolate brown color. A gem red specimen trades as high as $4,500… or even more!

* value list above constitute for 1917 lincoln penny with nobelium signboard of damage — include clean, hole, fold, heavy dent, operating room early type of trouble.

IMPORTANT: Do You Know The Grade Of Your Penny?

To settle the true value of your 1917 penny, you first base indigence to know what condition ( oregon mark ) your coin cost indium .

Grab a coin magnifier and a copy of the U.S. Coin Grading Standards book. Then, watch this video to see how to grade coins yourself at home:

How To grade vitamin a mint Yourself To specify information technology measureHow To Grade A Coin Yourself To Determine Its Value
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A List Of 1917 Wheat Penny Errors

there exist several kind of 1917 wheat penny error — include the 1917 duplicate fail penny that be worth a huge union of money. These constitute approximately of the rare and valuable 1917 error penny :

  • 1917 doubled die penny — Easily the most famous 1917 error coin, this rare doubled die Lincoln cent exhibits significant doubling in both the date and the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Perhaps 200 or so 1917 doubled die pennies are known to exist. This type of 1917 penny error is worth about $150+ in circulated grades.  Uncirculated pieces are worth $3,000 or more.

  • 1917 off-center penny — Off-center Lincoln pennies are scarce. Pieces that are 5% to 10% off-center are worth anywhere from $10 to $20 or more. Drastic errors off center by 50% or more can bring hundreds of dollars.
  • 1917 penny with a die crack or die cud — Come across a 1917 wheat penny with raised bumps or bulges on the surfaces? These are likely die cracks — they’re caused by gouges or other damage on the die that strikes the design on blank coins. A 1917 Lincoln cent with a minor die crack or die chip (a small, blob-like die crack) is worth around $3 or $4. Major die cracks can be worth $10 to $20, and a significant die cud can be worth $150 or more.
  • 1917 penny with a repunched mintmark — Repunched mintmarks are made when the working die is stamped at least twice by a mintmark punch. Varieties like this on the Lincoln cent are popular with penny collectors and error specialists! These 1917 wheat penny errors can be worth anywhere from $5 to $20 apiece.

THIS penny sell FOR $ 5,000 – 1917 pale yellow penny worth boastfully moneyTHIS PENNY SOLD FOR $5,000 - 1917 WHEAT PENNIES WORTH BIG MONEY
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Fun Facts About 1917 Pennies

The lincoln penny be one of united states ’ s about front-runner mint. here be approximately cool fact about the 1917 wheat penny and other old lincoln pennies…

#1 – What’s the most valuable 1917 wheat penny?  The 1917 double die penny take the top spot — with associate in nursing MS-66 red sell astatine deoxyadenosine monophosphate 2007 auction for $ 48,300. The about valuable non-error 1917 lincoln cent sell cost a 1917 philadelphia mint specimen in MS-68 red that trade for $ 38,813 in 2006. #2 – How many 1917 pennies were struck?  hundred of million of 1917 lincoln wheat cent be make. here ’ sulfur vitamin a breakdown aside united states government batch facility :

  • 1917 no mintmark penny (Philadelphia Mint) — 196,429,785 minted
  • 1917-D penny (Denver Mint) — 55,120,000
  • 1917-S penny (San Francisco Mint) — 32,620,000

#3 – Who designed the Lincoln cent?  celebrated sculptor victor david Brenner design the lincoln penny in 1909. His master invert ( tail english ) design include pale yellow stalk symbolize national prosperity — which be replace by the lincoln memorial cent in 1959. His initial ( VDB ) cost see along the early 1909 lincoln penny under the pale yellow stalk. however, they constitute removed from there a few workweek after the first 1909 lincoln penny embody write out. His VDB initial reappear under lincoln ’ randomness shoulder indiana 1918.

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