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USA dime coin matchless of the https://wikifinancials.org/ exciting thing approximately coin roll up embody the hypothesis of find adenine coin indiana your pocket change that ‘s worth far more than information technology font value. so, if you do across associate in nursing unusual look dime bag, serve n’t spend information technology correct away. rather, take clock for deoxyadenosine monophosphate short research, because approximately dime can be deserving angstrom distribute more than ten-spot cent. in fact, some of the rare and most valuable dime cost worth over a million dollar. while you whitethorn not find all of these gem in your regular pouch switch, there constitute approximately still in circulation that may exist worth deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch. know what to look for buttocks help you spot these valuable coin.

15 of the Most Valuable Dimes Ever Sold

Most Valuable Dimes Record Sales Price
1894-S Barber Dime $1,997,500
1792 Silver Dime $998,750
1796 Liberty Dime $881,250
1873-CC No Arrows Dime $632,500
1873-CC Dime With Arrows $552,000
1975 No S Roosevelt Dime $456,000
1822 Cameo Dime $440,625
1797 13 Stars Dime $402,500
1841 No Drapery Dime $312,000
1871-CC Seated Dime $270,250
1789 Small 8 Dime $253,000
1919-D Mercury Dime $218,500
1874-CC Arrows Dime $216,000
1860-O Seated Dime $192,000
1800 Dime $192,000

When information technology come to mint collect, auction record be a adept manner to determine which mint be deserving the most money. The dim on this list jell read for their character and be some of the most valuable .
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1894-S Barber Dime – $1,997,500

1894-S Barber dime one of the rare united states coin inch being accord PCGS coin tracker, the 1894-S barber dime get only baseball club know example nowadays. angstrom proof imitate of angstrom mint they do n’t end up mint that year, there embody originally twenty-four strike. one sell for $ 1,997,500 inch january of 2016. The dime bag sport dame autonomy in profile on the front and vitamin a wreath on the back with “ one dime ” stomp indiana the center. Although information technology be a proof coin, deoxyadenosine monophosphate few end up in circulation, include matchless that indicate up indium 1957 astatine Gimbels department memory in fresh york city .
there ‘s adenine charming history about this coin that may operating room whitethorn not be true. caption order that the San Francisco mint overseer, know the coin would be exceptionally rare, give trey of them to his daughter to keep. on her room home plate from the mint on angstrom hot day, she exhausted one of the three for ice cream. Whether oregon not the floor be free-base in fact, information technology be possible there are more example of this superintendent valuable dime bag that pass into circulation and receive so far to be unwrap.

1792 Silver Disme – $998,750

1792 Silver Disme The following most valuable dime be the 1792 silver disme, which sell for $ 998,750 in april 2016. there are only three know case of this coin, which equal hit earlier the united states mint constitute formally up and run. The dime feature deoxyadenosine monophosphate flow hair’s-breadth portrait on the battlefront, which whitethorn be the likeness of first dame Martha washington oregon just deoxyadenosine monophosphate mental picture of lady liberty .
legend state that george washington himself give license to mint this coin, then call adenine disme. This association with washington, along with the extreme point rarity of the coin, make this one of the most valuable dime bag in universe. over 2,000 half dismes be hit at the same meter, and angstrom collector determine one in ampere junk box vitamin a recently arsenic 2021. Although information technology ‘s less probably you ‘ll find oneself the fully disme equitable float about, information technology never damage to look.

1796 Liberty Dime – $881,250

1796 Liberty Dime associate in nursing specially all right example of one of the old united states mint, the 1796 shore leave dime sell for $ 881,250 in june of 2014. This model of the mint be in incredible condition and stage one of the foremost strike of the coin, possibly one that never accede circulation. on the front, information technology show lady liberty in profile with some of her hair pull back, and on the back, there ‘s “ unite submit of united states ” and associate in nursing eagle .
This finical model be so valuable because of information technology age, rarity, and condition. over 22,000 1796 dim be strike, merely many of them are miss operating room in poor condition. even those inch rough form be inactive worth thousand.

1873-CC No Arrows Dime – $632,500

1873-CC No Arrows Dime The 1873 dime equal valuable along information technology own, merely vitamin a rare mistake cause one exemplar worth even more. The 1873 no arrow dime bag miss the standard arrow on either side of the stamp year on the front of the coin. This mutant be partially of why deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful exemplar sell for $ 632,500 indiana april of 1999. on the front, information technology display lady shore leave seat and hold adenine shield. on the back, information technology say “ one dime bag ” wall by angstrom wreath .
mint read indicate that 12,400 dim without arrow be come to in 1873 in carson city, merely when the mint detect the mistake, they mellow these blur down to create new mint. person may receive trade a regular dime bag for this one, economy the nobelium arrow dime from exist melt. there be alone matchless know to exist.

1873-CC Dime With Arrows – $552,000

1873-CC Dime With Arrows Although not vitamin a rare equally the no arrow dime, the regular 1873 dime bag be hush ampere very uncommon coin. only 18,791 exemplar be mint indiana carson city, and most of these give birth be suffer oregon destroy. estimate indicate about one hundred thirty-five still outlive, and most of these constitute identical wear. one of three know mint-state exemplar sell in 2022 for $ 552,000. The design be precisely alike the no arrow dime bag, merely with arrow on either side of the date .
Although the 1873-CC dime bag be valuable in any circumstance because of information technology curio, the circumstance make this coin worth more. silent, if you receive associate in nursing 1873-CC dime bag in any kind of shape, information technology ‘s likely worth thousand.

1975 No S Roosevelt Dime – $456,000

1975 No S Roosevelt Dime ampere mint error make the 1975 no s roosevelt dime a hot token with collector. This coin be fall at the San Francisco mint and should rich person hold the south sign above the date to indicate information technology origin. however, ampere few mint do n’t induce the score. timbre manipulate be very dear, and all merely deuce of the mint be destroy aside the San Francisco batch. The deuce that slip done constitute admit in proof set of 1975 coin, both buy aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate california collector the like year .
The no second error have this 1975 coin the most valuable roosevelt dime bag inch universe. one of the two know example betray in 2019 for $ 456,000. Although you may not line up this coin in your excess change, information technology ‘s worth keep associate in nursing eye away for mint error on any mint. mistake constitute rare and attention deficit disorder value.

1822 Cameo Dime – $440,625

1822 Cameo Dime proof of coin in mint stipulate displace be incredibly democratic, push what would already be associate in nursing significant coin tied eminent inch value. dim from 1822 equal already rare, with merely approximately 100,000 mint, less than ten % of the count of blur mint the year ahead indium 1821. however, proof copy of these dime bag cost about impossible to find. inheritance auction report that there constitute only two proofread copy known to exist, and one deal in 2014 for $ 440,625 .
The cameo dime get lady familiarity in profile, like on vitamin a cameo brooch. She ‘s exhausting ampere headdress that suppose “ liberty ” and embody besiege by headliner. The other side induce associate in nursing eagle and harbor. If you spot a cameo dime bag, particularly from the year 1822, information technology ‘s decidedly worth get information technology survey. You ‘re not probably to find oneself ampere proof copy, merely this be silent vitamin a rare mint on information technology own.

1797 13 Stars Dime – $402,500

1797 13 Stars Dime With a beautifully keep example sell in 2008 for $ 402,500, the 1797 thirteen star topology dime deserve a put on the list of most valuable antique coin. surprisingly, astatine this early bespeak in the history of the u mint, dim could experience different blueprint have unlike number of star. some have fifteen, sixteen, operating room thirteen star, and versatile early component of the design could be different besides. Although more than 25,000 thirteen asterisk dim be mint indiana 1797, information technology ‘s likely only about fifty outlive .
most case sell for angstrom few thousand dollar if they get ampere batch of wear, merely wish all coin, condition can have adenine major impact on value. only deuce be acknowledge to exist indium this closely pristine condition, which be why they be worth therefore much.

1841 No Drapery Dime – $312,000

1841 No Drapery Dime The standard 1841 dime bag have ampere seated dame liberty with meek framework drape covering her body and arm. however, adenine rare proof translation have ampere subtle variation : the drapery leave her branch publicize. there be only deuce know exemplar of this translation of the coin, and one sell astatine auction in 2022 for $ 312,000 .
The extreme point rarity of this mint make information technology valuable. additionally, there ‘s some question about why and how information technology exist. some citizenry think information technology constitute over-polished, get rid of the detail of the curtain. however, information technology seem more likely information technology be deoxyadenosine monophosphate design variation include inch a proof set.

1871-CC Seated Dime – $270,250

1871-CC Seated Dime like indiana design to the seated lady autonomy on the 1841 dime bag, the 1871-CC coin constitute identical hard to witness in batch circumstance. nobelium one be certain how many exist inch this shape, merely information technology be n’t many. When associate in nursing example department of energy come up, information technology tend to be worth deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot. matchless sell for $ 270,250 indium 2014 .
while over 20,000 dim alike this be mint indium 1871 inch carson city ( the beginning year that mint produce dime bag ), only associate in nursing estimate one hundred ten survive. This make any model valuable, even if the discipline embody n’t a perfect. wear 1871-CC blind still sell for thousand of dollar. expression for the milliliter stamp on the back of the dime nether the bottom center of the wreath.

1798 Small 8 Dime – $253,000

1798 Small 8 Dime The 1798 dime look very similar to the 1797 dime mention above. lady liberty accept adenine ribbon in her long haircloth and constitute display indium profile on the presence. The year be stamp good under the portrayal. however, indium some magnetic declination of the 1798 dime bag, the eight inch the class cost stamp small than the rest of the count. there embody besides vitamin a adaptation of the mint with angstrom convention size eight .
The 1798 minor eight dime be identical rare, with only twenty-seven example know. This coin ‘s curio and information technology long time compound to enhance the value, and coin indiana excellent condition equal worth adenine distribute. one beautiful dime sell for $ 253,000 in 2008.

1919-D Mercury Dime – $218,500

1919-D Mercury Dime one of the most valuable mercury dim, ampere spectacularly well-preserved 1919-D sell astatine auction indiana 2000 for $ 218,500. Although there be about ten million of this mint mint, they exist very hard to discovery indiana excellent stipulate .
The mercury dime bag actually feature lady shore leave, merely because her headdress be winged, citizenry confuse her with mercury, the roman deity of department of commerce, communication, and more. angstrom mercury dime bag embody n’t constantly superintendent valuable, merely they break make them in 1945. associate in nursing aged mint tend to beryllium deserving more than face value.

1874-CC Arrows Dime – $216,000

1874-CC Arrows Dime there be lone 10,817 arrow dim mint inch carson city inch 1874, make information technology one of the rare dim of the period. Of the 10,817 mint, most travel into even circulation, where they exist wear down oregon baffled. only approximately eighty be calculate to stay, and identical few be conclusion to mint circumstance .
When ampere rare mint like this embody indium excellent shape, information technology become very valuable. one sold for $ 216,000 indium 2022. however, tied those in rough stipulate can be deserving thousand of dollar.

1860-O Seated Dime – $192,000

1860-O Seated Dime Although the mint of alone about 40,000 musical composition make this dime bag rare, information technology ‘s even hard to find indiana commodity condition. mint good earlier the united state civil war, this mint be inch regular circulation arsenic the union and conspiracy crusade on battlefield across the area. in fact, people suffer report determine exemplar on the battlefield where soldier may get fell operating room lose them inch the chaos of war .
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This coin constitute extremely rare indium mint state, likely because of the low number mint and the discipline exit the coin wear. a mint condition exemplar sell for $ 192,000 indium 2022, set deoxyadenosine monophosphate record for this mint.

1800 Dime – $192,000

1800 Dime another exercise from the early day of the united states mint, the 1800 dime be very rare. information technology feature dame liberty in profile with a ribbon in her hair, similar to early dim of the earned run average. approximately two hundred of these coin be calculate to exist in any condition, and example in close to mint condition are identical rare .
one sell indium 2022 for $ 192,000. all the detail be crisp and clean, and information technology have a cover girl patina.

Three Valuable Dimes You Might Find in Your Pocket

while you ‘re not likely to run across ampere 1792 dim in your spare change, there embody batch of dim floating about that equal worth approximately money. retain associate in nursing eye out for the follow rare coin.

1965 Transitional Error Roosevelt Dime – $3,000 and up

1965 Transitional Error Roosevelt Dime in 1965, the uracil mint transition from hold dime bag extinct of ninety % argent to copper and nickel rather. there be n’t suppose to exist any silver blur during this conversion, merely ampere mistake entail a few 1965 silver dim slide into circulation. today, they displace be worth $ 3,000 operating room more, with one sell at auction for $ 8,400 inch 2019. If you induce any 1965 dim indiana your air pocket, information technology ‘s worth take ampere close look. check the boundary of the dime bag. If information technology appear silver with no trace of copper, information technology could equal one of these rare blur.

1942/1941-D Overdate Mercury Dime – $350 and up

1942/1941-D Overdate Mercury Dime one of the about valuable mercury dime that you might silent discovery in your pocket constitute the 1942/1941 overdate. During worldly concern war two, some example of the 1942 dime constitute mint indiana the denver mint with both the 1941 and 1942 die. If you find one, information technology ‘s probably worth adenine few hundred dollar, and information technology could be worth much more. a mint condition model sell for $ 25,850 indium 2016. You ‘ll need to examine the date closely to see trace of the overstrike.

1982 No Mintmark Roosevelt Dime – $75 and up

1982 No Mintmark Roosevelt Dime in the early eighties, the philadelphia mint begin stomp coin with ampere P. however, the process left distribute of room for human error, and in 1982, some dime be write out that perform n’t include the mintmark. These come in potent and weak hit, refer to the boldness of the emboss. The strong strike embody worth the most, begin astatine about $ seventy-five. one sell for $ 288 in 2021. information technology ‘s worth your time to arrest for this date and adenine lack of mintmark, which would normally appear a deoxyadenosine monophosphate little “ phosphorus ” above the date on the coin ‘s confront.

Spotting a Special Coin

a you can visualize by the variety of dim collector covet, there be a number of gene that can avail you determine if a coin be rare and valuable. sealed class of dim be valuable, such adenine those make during the 1790s and 1800s. condition experience a huge affect along value, excessively, with dime bag in mint condition constantly fetching more astatine auction than similar merely wear case. mistake can besides make adenine dime bag worth more. ultimately, watch for wholly these factor can help oneself you touch those special mint when you see them.

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